Unfolding The Gifts Of Your Year – Monday Oracle 16 January 2023


Regular maps have few surprises: their contour lines reveal where the Andes are, and are reasonably clear. More precious, though, are the unpublished maps we make ourselves, of our city, our place, our daily world, our life; those maps of our private world we use every day; here I was happy, in that place I left my coat behind after a party, that is where I met my love; I cried there once, I was heartsore; but felt better round the corner once I saw the hills of Fife across the Forth, things of that sort, our personal memories, that make the private tapestry of our lives.
― Alexander McCall Smith


Hello, Lovelies!

This Quarter I am using Queen Of The Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco for my weekly oracle readings.

Our card to guide us for the week ahead is 6. THE PATH. 


6. THE PATH brings a message of hope. This week you will begin to sense whispers of direction for the year ahead. For most people it won’t be glaring, obvious or demanding. This energy is gentle, but it will begin to create a map for you.

As you walk stiff-limbed you’ll think I really need to do some stretches. Later, you might see an ad for a yoga class, or recall a five-minute routine your physio gave you years ago, or remember how good you used to feel when you went swimming in the mornings. Yes, you’ll think. I’ll do that. The actioning will be equally easy. You’ll simply try it, and see how it goes. You’ll find yourself moving towards stretching, and away from stiffness with not much more thought or drama than that. Later this year you will look back and realise how much has changed and opened out from this quite beginning.

Perhaps you will look around your home and think for the first time that you would prefer to live somewhere else – a place with more light, something smaller, a house with a garden, an apartment in a foreign city. Something will take hold in you, and you’ll think about this spark of an idea on and off until it fans itself into a flame that lights the way forward for you.

For some people a long-forgotten dream or project will float back into your consciousness. Yes, you’ll think to yourself, this feels like better timing for me. Before long you will be dusting off old files, resources or versions, or creating new ones. It will be the beginning of easing back into flow with something you may have struggled with or abandoned. But it won’t be a big or a hard decision – it will just feel natural and right.

Or you’ll think, God, I’m so tired. I can’t keep doing this. And just like that you’ll begin to simplify, or delegate, or make the changes you have procrastinated about for years.
For a very few people this week will bring a lightning bolt of realisation – the kind of deep awareness and understanding that will upend your current life and change everything. If that’s you, embrace it, and know that it’s time!
Above all, the energies of this week will illuminate the gifts available to you in the year ahead, supporting you to begin your adventure with 2023 – a different kind of year, done your way. 

My Top Tip For The Week Ahead: 

This week give thought to  relationships, activities and places that nourish and nurture you. Think about how you can incorporate these into your life on a more regular basis. This kind of self-care can be life-changing as it moves you back into energetic flow and aligns you with what matters most to you.

Most importantly, don’t just think about it. ACT ON IT! Make a deliberate effort to nurture your heart space this week. DO things that fill you up. Make time for yourself and your dreams, and for doing what you love. This is especially important if your life has been stressful and demanding. Remember too that what you focus on, multiplies. So focus on what makes you happy and what helps you to feel good about your life. Take your focus away from your problems and look to solutions or something that can bring an energy of gratitude to your life.

Stuck with creating a satisfying life for yourself or understanding your best direction forward? Maybe you need a session with me to bring some extra clarity and direction. I am booked out for January and I have only a few availabilities in February while March stull has some space, so please act quickly if you want to secure an appointment.  Details here

Crystals to support you this week – Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Danburite, Sodalite


This week I’m taking some time to work on a few new projects – courses and books I hope to have available for you soon, and some long-range planning for the next few years of my business.

If you’d like me to teach or create something specific please let me know. I’m so happy creating resources to support you on your journey.

It’s also Ben’s birthday this week, so I will be baking up a birthday storm, and planning some shared adventures in our local area – there’s so much to explore here on the Sunshine Coast, and I’m looking forward to a day with my boy just hanging out and being together.
I also want to remind you that January supports GOING SLOW, so rest, keep things simple and look after yourself. You’ll pick up speed once you heal this burnout – but that make take time, and that’s okay.
Big hugs, birdsong, streaky skies and ocean breezes, Nicole xx


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