Easy Barbecued Corn on the Cob Recipe

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We came home to our now flood-free farm last night. Of course I didn’t think to plan dinner, and there were slim pickings when we got here.  Luckily it’s sweet corn season right now in Australia and some had survived the rain and the critters to become a simple meal. Simple is highly under-rated, in my humble opinion…

Cooking your corn on the barbecue is a tasty way to serve it – as a meal on its own, or as a side.

If your corn isn’t fresh picked you may want to soak the whole cob in cold water for an hour or so to stop the husks burning, but if the husks are still moist and tender then omit this step.  Our corn is straight from the garden, so I’m not bothering.

Note: If possible please choose organic non-GMO corn or grow your own. GMO corn is not something I’d be happy feeding to my family, or eating myself. The corn in our vegetable patch is an old heritage variety called True Gold. Easy to grow and the flavour is fantastic. 🙂

Ingredients for four servings:

4 x fresh ears of corn in the husk, 4 x fat cloves of garlic, 2 x tablespoons of butter. If you’re eating dairy-free or are a vegan, substitute olive oil for the butter. You can also omit garlic, or throw in a handful of chopped fresh herbs if you prefer.

Melt the butter and allow to cool a little.

Gently pull the husks back and remove the silk from each ear.

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Crush your garlic and add to the butter.  Then brush each ear of corn liberally and pull the husks back over the cob.

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Place on a hot grill, and turn occasionally.  Cooking should take about ten minutes. You’ll find that some of the corn gets a little charred, imparting a smoky sweetness. Trust me – that’s the most delicious bit!

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We had a little whoosh-ka moment at the end here, with a bright flash of flames as the now dried husks lit up momentarily when I lifted the lid on my barbecue. Don’t panic if that happens. It will last second or two, and you’ll end up with less husk to pull away.

2013-03-06 19.22.44

Carefully pull back or rip off the husks, brush off any remaining husk, add extra garlic butter and salt and pepper if you like, and then devour!

Nom nom nom 🙂

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  1. I love when you post recipes … between the description leading to the recipe, the recipe and the photographs — I imagine myself in the middle of all of it!! YUM! Thank you. I am glad to hear y’all returned to flood free!! 😀

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