Easy Christmas Food Gifts to Make

Image from Wallpaperstock
Image from Wallpaperstock

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
~ Mother Teresa

Home-made treats can make beautiful gifts for friends and family, and are useful to have sitting in the pantry as an ’emergency’ gift in case one’s required. They are also thoughtful thank-you presents for hosts.

Of course, not everything home-made goes to plan. I had intended a cutesy picture of Bert in Reindeer ears to head up this post, but that didn’t turn out so fabulously…

Bert, totally thrilled to be posing for this pic
Bert, totally thrilled to be posing for this pic

So in light of the ‘Bert Effect’ I do suggest that you make a trial run of things if you really need your gifts to be sensational.

Here are some of my favourite suggestions:


Best Coconut Ice Recipe – a moist, creamy no-bake sweet that can be made up to one month in advance. Do store somewhere cool or refrigerate if you live in a hot climate.

coco-1 (1)

Five Minute Fudge Recipe – This one’s a crowd pleaser and so easy to make, with endless flavour variations. This one can also be made weeks ahead.


No-Bake Yummy Slice – crammed full of oats, apricots, almonds, pepitas and chocolate this delicious melt-and-mix slice will feed a crowd and make more than one good-sized care package. Simple for the kids to make! Will keep for one week, but may not last that long. 🙂


Cherry Ripe Slice – Highly addictive combination of cherries, coconut and chocolate over a crisp chocolate biscuit base. Will keep in fridge or cool pantry for one week.


Heavenly Chocolate Brownies – A dense fudgey brownie that freezes well for up to three months, or that will keep for one week in an airtight tin or fridge. Put some of these aside to leave out for Santa…



Easy Lemon Curd – Lemon Butter – I have a friend who ate TWO jars of this all on her own, in one sitting… Yep, it’s that good. 🙂 The Lemon Curd will store for around a month, and needs to be kept cool.


Easy Peach and Vanilla Jam – This smooth and luscious jam will keep unopened for one year. Once opened use within a month.


Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Jam – A delightful and zesty savoury jam which goes well with crusty fresh breads, meats, cheeses and salads. It will also liven up a pasta dish. A super gift idea, that has a three week shelf life. Keep in fridge.


Sweet Peach and Chilli Chutney – So yummy I can’t stop eating it. Unopened a jar will keep for one year, but once you break the seal use within a month.



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8 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Food Gifts to Make

  1. OH what a stunning pair of antlers Bert. Nicole these goodies look delicious Thank you for some recipies I am tired of making my same old same old. Heres one for you I see your hot pepper jelly…If you have passion fruits over there try making it with the juice and the peppers…mmmmm…sweet and spicy with that killer passion fruit flavor

  2. *high fives* it’s what I’ve done for 20+ years. The list has changed over the years dependent on the recipients and their preferences.

    A mix of fudge, almond/clove biscuits, white Christmas, rum balls, apple relish, tomato chutney, lemon butter, almond bread are all staples. This year I’m road testing your peach chutney (road test regarding the recipients). I also have been known to make Siena cakes too.

    My poor chocoholic husband has learnt to not touch the “cooking” chocolate (I use Lindt brand for my fudge) or the products….until Dec 27 (friends and family have ensured he does this so they have their fix lol).

    Poor Bert, he was expecting star treatment and when the pikelets didn’t manifest….well, as you see 😀

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