Mum’s Priority!

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“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey


Dear Peoples,

There’s no blog today. It’s my fault. I had a bad night. My leg was sore so I was crying. Mum had to come and sit with me. She gave me some healing and it made me feel a bit better. But that happened about six times in the night.

And then there was the poo accident.

It was a very, very bad scene.

So there’s no blog post today.

I’m real sorry.

Lots of love from Nurse Bert xoxo

18 thoughts on “Mum’s Priority!

  1. My heart breaks for Bert…He must be so so uncomfortable and confused by all this. Love to the both of you today and always

  2. Oh Bertie!!! That just breaks my heart. 😔Sending love and healing light and soft smooches and tender hugs 😘😘💓💓

  3. Bless his big old heart and yours too for sitting all night with him. I pray he is better soon. And you as well. Those things are more important than a blog. You have summoned virtual support.

  4. Bert honey, those poo problems happen to lots of us after anesthesia. Don’t you worry your little head about it. You’re mom understands I’m sure. It’s also not fun when the pain meds aren’t doing the trick. It’ll get better a little each day.

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