Sundays – An Experiment in Me Time

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“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I’m working today.

After a leisurely breakfast with Ben and Cafe Dog and a good friend – at a favourite cafe filled with other friends.

As far as working days go, mine rank right up there as fabulous. I work from home. I do what I love. I have an understanding boss (me!), and a great team. There are many days where I can work in my pyjamas, if that’s what I want or need.

But when I’m working, I am available. Not just to the clients who have booked appointments with me. I am available, full stop. Because I work for Spirit, and this is my calling. I am here to be of service. I am here to help in a crisis. For every paid hour of work I have untold unpaid hours. Every day. Ceaselessly. My inboxes are always full. My phone rings. My computer dings. It never stops.

But today is Sunday.

I’m working today because that was a decision I made months ago. While I’ve been so sick, every day has been much the same. And I have a waiting list for my psychic readings that runs for pages and has me booked up for months. My diary is always filled months ahead.

My workshops and retreats are already planned and booked into 2028. (Yep!)

Sunday has always been pretty much like other days.

Until this year, when suddenly it’s not the same any more.

This year, my Soul is saying STOP.

Nicole, let Sunday be a day of rest.


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So, Sunday is now an experimental day for me. In 2016, Sunday is a day I intend to gift to myself. A day of being unplugged. Of family time and writing time. Of being outdoors, or indoors, or wherever I feel like being. Of journaling and planning and brain-storming. Of adventure. Or rest. I’m thinking lots and lots of rest!

I have three more working Sundays in January, counting today. I’ll honour those days, but already I am letting go of a working Sunday.

This will be my first and last Sunday Blog for the year. If there’s something really important I need to say then I’ll say it Saturday so you don’t miss out!

I hope you’ll understand. And more than that, I hope you’ll follow my lead.

Do you ever give yourself a day off? I mean, properly. Maybe it’s time.

See you Monday.

Much love, Nicole xx

<3 PS – Thanks Cherie, I really did listen! (((HUGS)))

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10 thoughts on “Sundays – An Experiment in Me Time

  1. We all need some me time, I am one of those people who thinks things like Sunday will be a me day then one of my girls ring and need/want me to do stuff watch children or even just want to come over for a visit and me time flies off

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