10 Simple Everyday Actions To Help The Planet

“The future depends on what you do today.” 
Mahatma Gandhi


I know, I know. Sometimes it seems positively overwhelming, the state of our Planet – how big the mess is and how small we can feel as just one person.

But as one person we CAN make a difference.

Here are ten simple everyday actions you can take that will add up over time and help create lasting change:

  1. Give single use takeaway containers a miss. Drink your coffee from a keepcup or other washable and reusable container OR have it at the cafe from a proper cup.
  2. Use your own water bottle, and refill it yourself. Stop buying single-use plastic bottles of water.
  3. Have a shorter shower. This saves water and electricity.
  4. Walk or ride your bike instead of jumping in a car for short trips. This is also great for your health. (And maintain your bike or car with good tyre pressure and mechanicals to help conserve fuel.)
  5. Carry a small portable shopping bag in your handbag or satchel. Use it instead of single-use bags when you make a purchase. These little bags make great gifts too!
  6. Say no to plastic drinking straws when you order a cold beverage. Ask your local cafes and bars to stop using them too.
  7. Stop using party balloons and cheap plastic decorations. Use paper, flowers and other natural things that can decompose when you are done. Reuse existing decorations and take care of them well.
  8. Think about the gifts you buy. Stop choosing things that have no purpose or that will be quickly thrown away. Support local artisans, bakers and farmers. Wrap with paper and string or cloth and fabric ribbon.
  9. Consider wearing clothes again if they are not dirty and only wash when you have a full load.
  10. Turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them.

With everything you do think about how you can reduce, re-use, re-purpose or recycle.

All of our collective efforts can make a difference!

What are your favourite ways to help the planet? Share them in the comments below.
Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xx

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9 thoughts on “10 Simple Everyday Actions To Help The Planet

  1. My 2 favorites are using a washable cotton hand towel in the restroom at my office instead of the provided paper towels. And using a compostable bag for scooping my cat’s litter boxes instead of reusing the plastic grocery bags. Now my groceries come home in reuseable bags!

  2. Thanks for this list and great reminder, Nicole. I thought I was just being lazy and wanting my clothes to last longer by wearing them more than once… but now I can say I’m being kind to the planet 🙂 I also wash in cold water – curtails shrinkage and wear and tear. In keeping with the clothing theme: I buy mostly from Vinnies or second hand stores. You’d be surprised how often I get compliments on my choices and no one else is wearing what I’m wearing that season/year – and that includes shoes and handbags. It’s not only great for recycling, but it’s wonderful on the hip pocket.

    On the gifts front (no.8): a few of my girlfriends (there are four of us) have decided that instead of buying each other another “thing” for birthdays or xmas- that we have an experience together – that can be anything from doing a class together or having a meal together at a restaurant. It creates memories – not landfill.

  3. A timely reminder. Thank you. On my last trip we, as a ship, collected about 100kgs of plastics and fishing detritus. Sadly I contributed as my re-fillable water bottle went overboard somewhere between shore and ship. I was very upset as that means someone else has to pick up MY rubbish

    1. Oh Mary, I can feel your upset from here! But at least your ship contributed to the cleanup. Big hugs xx

  4. Putting the fruit and veggie scraps in the worm farm then using the worm juice to water my herbs. Reducing waste in the process ❤🌎🧚‍♀️

    1. We do that too. I always fret now when I am in the city or away and I have to waste fruit scraps that could have been composted!

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