The Best Thing About Unpacking Boxes

People tend to find books when they are ready for them.

Neil Gaiman

Hey, Lovelies.

So, it’s started. The big unpacking and putting away process that will be my new writing room (I refuse to call it an office!), and the rest of our belongings that need to find a place in our new home.

It’s a daunting task, made even more fun (?) because Ben packed up most of the farm when I was stuck in Brisbane during lockdown, including all of my stuff. Helpfully, Ben did label the boxes. With helpful things like ‘Nic stuff’ or the even more enigmatic ‘N’. There are also a few boxes labelled ‘Assorted Shit’ and ‘Random’.

When I open a box it’s hard to know if it will contain clothes, kitchen equipment, or books. I have taken to shaking the light ones like Christmas presents.

Still, paper and books are HEAVY, so that has been a major clue.

Yesterday I opened a ‘Random’ box, and to my delight, under a beach towel, a fly swat and some fish food (SO random, Ben!) were an assortment of my journals and notebooks. Some of these I have not seen for a few years, after Ben did a tidy-up of the front room of our farm (which I used as a work space) before house sitters came to look after the place when we went on holidays and then took multiple boxes of my stuff and put it in a shipping container.

I spent a few hours with these journals and notebooks yesterday.

There were multiple drawings of tarot spreads and notes about them for a book I had intended to write. Course notes. Retreat notes. Book notes. So many good things. Honestly, I could never write a new thing and there would be enough projects in these notebooks to last me the rest of my life.

Hooray for that!

Now, if only I could find my cookbooks…

Love, and the happiness that only a fellow notebook and journal filler will truly appreciate, Nicole xx

PS – Don’t you just love that Neil Gaiman quote! So appropriate.

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