WooHoo and Eeep!

Sometimes I’m in a mood like a Maths problem such as “If you have 4 pencils and 7 apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? Purple, because aliens don’t wear hats”.


Hey, Lovelies!

What a strange and funny day for me…

I’m all excited, because today is the launch of our free 30 Day Planner Challenge, where in just five to ten minutes a day I am guiding you to connect to your Planner, your cards and crystal, so you can create a regular daily spiritual practice and start to really trust your intuition. Woohoo!

(It’s not too late to join. You can do that here: ENROL HERE and if you need a Planner you can get an immediate discounted digital download or a hard copy from my ETSY store access my sale here – or an undiscounted copy from Amazon USA  – free shipping if you are a PRIME member)

Also… Eeeep!!!!!!!!!

Today I get my booster vaccination, on advisement from my medical team. I’m a little apprehensive, given how exciting (not really, it was actually quite scary ) my last two Pfizer jabs were. (You can read about that here.) But I’m getting Moderna today, and fingers crossed it will all go smoothly and with few adverse affects.

My cardiologist has instructed me to clear my calendar and have three weeks of rest. Which I will be doing, because you don’t muck around when it comes to your heart!

So, woohoo and eeeep and I’m looking forward to lying in bed, resting in front of TV, reading books, napping and doing the free challenge with you all.

Wish me luck today, and I’ll see you on the 30 Day Challenge!
Love, a teensy bit of apprehension, and a modicum of concern at having Ben doing the catering for the next little while, Nicole xx

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9 thoughts on “WooHoo and Eeep!

  1. ooh congrats on the booster, or whatever the accepted wording is! is lol. It’s worrying and a relief at the same time. Hope you get away with as few side effects as possible. I’m joining you on the thirty day challenge, but gotta wait tilll about the 9th for my Amazon ordered journal to arrive – unfortunately digital is not an option as I don’t have anything to read it on where I’m going to be working on it – so I’ll join in as much as I can and catch up properly once it arrives. Can’t wait. It looks amazing and hoping I won’t let you down with the challenge. Brightest blessings for what you do, and warm and hope the booster goes as well as it can.

  2. All the best with your booster, Nic. Hoping your awesome body and immune system grabs hold of it and rides it through without any major complications or interruptions to your well being. It’s so great to know that you’re in good hands with doctors who care. Please rest (and I mean really rest) when they ask you to.
    You have the most amazing heart – and we want you to be well. Sending you all the love xoxoxo

  3. Sending you oodles of love & 3 weeks of rest as prescribed by your team 🤗🙏💗 I’m pretty sure your freezer will be getting emptied over the next few weeks + who doesn’t love a good vegemite toastie & dippy eggs. XOXO

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