Trying Not To Be Bummed


Tears are words that need to be written.
― Paulo Coelho

Hey, Lovelies.

Well, the news around here is still boring.

I’m sick.

Over the decades, living with chronic illness, I have become a master of working when unwell. Working when dying even. But this time I just can’t do it.

This RSV infection that went down onto my chest has become complicated and more nasty. My lungs are burning and I can’t catch my breath, and it feels like I have a steel band around my chest. I’m exhausted, and everything is hard and my cognitive function has tanked. Please don’t worry – I have great docs and great drugs. I’m just bummed, because when I get sick on top of all of my usual chronic illnesses it hits me hard. And this time I’m staying down.

I’m sad because I took my mask off in a hospital (I needed to for the tests I was doing) and caught an infection after years of having been free of any kind of communicable disease.

I’m sad because I had become used to feeling better, having more energy, and not having to deal with this sort of thing.

I’m sad because this current illness is making me miserable and stealing precious time from me.

So, yeah, I’m having a bit of a pity party here.

That’s the thing with being immunocompromised. When I get sick, what takes healthy people a week or two to get over can take me months and months.

Bleurgh! So bummed!

Anyway, at least I can blog from bed. And Ben’s taking great care of me. And I have some great audiobooks and a beautiful view of blossoming trees filled with lorikeets. So, it’s not all bad. But I just want to be back at work!!!

If you’ve got some to spare, send me healing vibes!
Love, tiny violins, sad faces and mugs of herbs, Nicole xx

Flight of the Concords says it so well…




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20 thoughts on “Trying Not To Be Bummed

  1. No small violin playing for you…a huge one because that is so sad and big. Sending all of my love and oodles of determination for your weary body to get on top of this again. ❤️‍🩹Simone

  2. Sweetheart .. close your eyes, breathe in gently that expansive greenness outside your bedroom window .. breathe out those *%#¥##€ bugs … repeat and know I am holding you close to my heart .. XO

  3. Oops, you getting an infection was not supposed to happen……..! I am searching for supportive words for you, as you give so much support to others, just by your example and how you respond to adversities!! Anyway, enjoy the downtime – I have just finished the book “UFO of God” by Chris Bledsoe – very interesting!! love ya! Paul

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