My Left Eyeball…

Image from flickr
Image from flickr

“What does not kill me, makes me stronger.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I had intended a different post for this morning, but I have an eyeball problem. I’ve been on my Lyme drugs, well the first of them anyway, for a month now, and they are doing strange things to me.

All night, apart from the ‘normal’ sensations of insects crawling on my skin, deep stabbing pains in strange places, and nausea, I have had a feeling not unlike someone stabbing my left eyeball with a toasting fork, and then slowly roasting it over a fire.

My left ear is also on fire, and intermittently stabby.  What joy.

I have devised a three point management plan depending on whether this escalates into totally untolerable. Plan A: Right now I’m sitting with a damp warm cloth tied over the offending eyeball, hiding it from the light and trying to reduce my pain. I shall soon lie in a darkened room and hope it goes away. Plan B: If it stays this painful ring Doctor when their rooms open. Plan C: If I can’t stand it, or it gets any worse get a friend to drive me to the hospital.

These Lyme bacteria invade everywhere. Organs, tissues, cells. They colonise and have parties, they multiply and and they invite their friends. Some of these critters have set up home in my eye, and now they’re unhappy because my drugs have found them.

It’s making me quite grumpy.  Quite grumpy indeed. And stubborn.  As I swill this morning’s drugs I have quite the attitude.

“Die, you miserable pathogens, die!” I want to shout.  I am not shouting though.  My eye is sensitive to noise, I think.

Now I shall lie down and dream of being a fearsome female pirate, sailing a Lyme Green Sea, and killing all the things…

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30 thoughts on “My Left Eyeball…

  1. No wonder you’re feeling grumpy! How long do you have to take these drugs for? I sincerely hope they’re doing you some good with all the side effects you’re having to cope with. I’m sure if you whisper ‘die pathogens, die’ it’ll have as good an effect as shouting at them. Definitely worth a try.

  2. Which plan did you choose?
    Maybe you think it is strange but I would advise don’t fight!!! You fight against yourself.
    Strengthen your body by doing chi kung, eat balanced (no sugar, no dairy products) and put crushed arbi patato, tofu or green leafs on your eyes.
    Wishing you health and strength, I pray for you my friend, lots of love, aloha 🙂 <3 Jetske

  3. Don’t forget to take your garden python on your pirate journey to kill the Lyme suckers. She has fought the ticks and won. No doublt she has much experience and will be able to help you along the way. Best wishes.

  4. Good onya. kill the little bastards. I named my breast cancer Boris and his little testicles that spilled seeds up and down my milk ducts (fortunately still inside) but I am waiting for radiation to nuke what’s left of him. I am so glad you finally got a diagnosis. and pray your drugs work without too many more side effects. Cucumber and wet teabags as poultices over your eyelids may help with the soothing

  5. Ugh! I agree! Flush those suckers out!!!!

    And um, I know this might sound weird, but I was just thinking that you would look pretty darn awesome with a pirate’s eyepatch over your left eye instead of a damp towel.

    You might have to adjust your wardrobe choices accordingly (small floral prints might clash . . .) 🙂

  6. ” healing crisis” , ugh. you know you should be grateful, but it’s hard to be happy when you are miserable.
    I’m so sorry you hurt. Flush the suckers out. Activated charcoal has helped me from getting the intestinal side effects. Maybe have some on hand for the next phase? ( I’ve heard that Deborah’s suggestion of a colonic helps, too, but I’ve never been brave enough to take that step)
    Get well soon!

  7. Nicole a colonic might help, my clients on heavy drugs often feel better after a cleanse
    Especially when killing off bacteria? Hope you
    Find a way through xx

  8. I hope you feel a lot better soon NIcole…..being beligerant and muttering die you miserable patogens (critters) die is just so comicical and fiesty in spite of everything…..Good on you….Obviously the meds are working take care…xxx

  9. A phone call to the doctor to explain your reaction to the medication will not hurt. Sounds dreadful hope they all die soon will send you the courage fairy xxx

    1. look at that… I put two good “i’s” in that wish without even meaning too… that must be a good sign 😉

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