A Very Sad Tale…

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“Oh, pity the poor glutton
Whose troubles all begin
In struggling on and on to turn
What’s out into what’s in.” 
~ Walter de la Mare


Harry and Bert invented a new game yesterday afternoon. It’s called ‘chase-the-guava’.

There is so much fallen fruit beneath our heavily-bearing guava tree. Even when I pick a full basket in the morning there is fruit on the ground by evening.

2014-03-18 18.40.17

Guavas are a little like tennis balls. They are roundish. You can thrown them. They roll down hills and are good to chase. They are also handy for playing ‘fetch’ and ‘tag’. Harry was delighted to find out how much fun they are. It wasn’t long before he had lured Bert into a game.

But then came the problem. Harry joyfully tossed a guava to Bert. Bert skillfully caught it in his mouth and chomped.

The expression on his face was priceless. “Hmmm…” he seemed to say, ” a ball that tastes juicy and delicious.” Instead of playing nicely and returning the guava to Harry, Bert ate it!

This went on for over an hour. Harry would fetch a new guava, throw it around a few times, toss it to Bert and Bert would eat it.

Eventually Bert cut out the middle man and moved under the guava tree, hoovering up everything in his path. I swear he ate his body-weight in fruit.

And now, of course, he is paying the price.

Party tummy.

We’ve been up half the night, in fact.

Bert is not a happy camper.

2014-03-18 18.38.24

Moral of the story? There really can be too much of a good thing. 🙂

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29 thoughts on “A Very Sad Tale…

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I guess looking at the photo of Bert the phrase ‘hang dog’ is perfectly expressed.
    You know he ate all of those guava’s because they tasted so nice and the tummy pain might have been worth the tummy rubs and cuddles he just knew he was going to get.


  2. So glad to be back into Nicole’s world and poor Harry and Burt’s too …what are they like . When I had Oscar as a puppy I swore I wouldn’t rubbish feed him I wanted him strong and healthy ( all my other king Charles had heart troubles …not my fault, I must add, genetics unfortunately) Oscar was going to be different . So one day, when I was feeding the birds left over cake on the dilapidated food station, lots fell on the floor and guess who hoovered them up .
    Such as life …busy catching up with last weeks posts must go .
    Cherry x

  3. Aaaah poor Bert; lets hope it only lasts 24 hours. But then hey, tomorrow is another play-day so maybe there will be a repeat!! As they say, life’s a pork-chop (er – I mean – guava!!)
    Hugs Bert but glad I am not in the same room as you 🙂

  4. i’m sorry dear bertie, but i am having too much fun laughing at your antics. hope you feel better soon. i wonder how long it will be before you go back to the guava tree?

  5. Oh, Bertle. You’ll never learn, will you? I can just see the look on his face when he sunk his teeth into the guavas! That Scooby-Doo ‘mmmMMMMMmmmmm!!!!!’ Laughing SO hard, but very glad he’s ok xoxo

  6. oh no! my own body is wracked with two emotions at the same time, what a quagmire! LOL…..I’m both feeling sooo sorry for Bert but laughing too much at his face…..Your posts are precious I read them all, lots to learn from you how pain can be poetic, and always a perception changer. Your recipes are wonderful too while I’m at it, and the 24 hour stock has now become a favorite in our home, a favorite as it satisfies immensely so that no cravings for any foods are left after we have a soup made with that stock. I thank you humbly. lady

    1. I feel so sorry for him right now. But he is feeling brighter, and he even just licked his empty food bowl and looked at me with hope in his eyes. I predict Bert shall make a full recovery just in time for breakfast!

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