Bert’s Amazing Adventure

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“Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always human.”
~ Donald L. Hicks, Look into the stillness


Bert’s been trying to hide it from me for a couple of days.

He has a lump in his neck, and all of a sudden it’s grown from the size of a pea to the size of a golfball. Bigger, perhaps.

Very early this year he developed the same thing. Off we went to the vet who thrust needles into the lump, biopsied it, palpated it and bothered it, diagnosed it as an infected gland and then prescribed antibiotics.

Bert was not happy, although the lump shrank down to almost nothing on the nasty medicine which we took to hiding in cheese or sausage so that we could manage to get it into him. If we hid it in his food he ate around it. If we tried to push it down his throat he clamped his jaws together and pressed his head into a corner so we couldn’t reach his pouty mouth.

This morning I’m bundling him off to the vet again. Hopefully the prognosis and treatment will be the same.

But poor Bert’s feeling blue. And very unimpressed, even though he’ll get his very own car trip and a dog treat or two. He won’t look at me or talk to me. All because I said the word ‘vet’. (That’s Bert below, already in the car. Now he’s in he won’t get out and there’s still at least an hour til our appointment.)

Poor Bert. Let’s hope he’s feeling better soon.

I  love his pouty-mouthed funny face so much! He’s the bestest kind of friend, my Bert.

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16 thoughts on “Bert’s Amazing Adventure

  1. Poor Bert I hope he is getting better – he has the cutest pout. I love the clarity of the wordless communications with us. My little dog is unwell also but adores his vet visits and searches the clinic for the vet then throws himself at the consult door with exuberance- can’t wait to see her.
    It is very entertaining! Mary-Anne

  2. Poor pouty Burt he is so adorable . Pushing tabs in sausage or cheese sounds familiar . bless his little heart …a big sloppy kiss from Oscar

  3. I hope all went well for Bert today, so sad when our fur babies are unwell. Sending lots of love and hugs for a speedy recovery xxoxx

  4. “Oh Bert! I hope it don’t hurt! Now be a pet, and go to the vet. Then put on a grin, and take your medicine!” 🙂 Sending love and well wishes!

  5. Oh, Bertolina! You don’t look happy at all :/ I hope you’re feeling better for our visit tomorrow – lots of love coming your way. Love Auntie Carls XOXO

  6. Hello dear lil Bert, I do love your pouty mouth! Your mum has been telling us about “THE LUMP” – and your trip to the v e t ….Oh dear. I do hope it’s swift and painless and treat-filled and of course lots of smooches from your mum and dad when you get home. Much love xx

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