The ‘Best Path’ Magical Oracle

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“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”
~ J.K. Rowling


Feel in need of a little guidance?

Every so often I like to create an oracle for you. The very first one I ever posted was The Healing Power of Flowers and Fairy Blessings.  We offered a selection of flowers for you to choose from, and each flower came with a message – a mini-reading if you will. It was so well received that I’ve been creating oracles for you ever since.

Today I’m so pleased to offer you another of my Magical Oracles! This time, I’ve chosen paths – paths that can symbolically connect you to the wisdom, guidance and support you might need right now.

Instructions for using today’s post

Scroll down through the following images and then let yourself come back to the one you are most drawn to.

When you have chosen your path, scroll further down for your oracle message. Trust that what you most need to know is exactly what you shall choose.

Love and Light,

Nicole  xx

Let the Best Path Blessings Begin…

1.  Light Spirals

Image by Jason D Page
Image by Jason D Page

2.  Signed Trail

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3.  Nightfall Path 

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Image from

4.  Magical Maze

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5.  Forest Convergence

Image from wikipedia
Image from wikipedia

6. ♥ Expressway

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Image from

7. ♥ Golden Glade

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8. Well Trodden Track

Image from Beautiful Animals
Image from Beautiful Animals

Your Path’s Message ♥

Each Best Path has a message for you. I have also selected a crystal to support the message and energies of your chosen path.  You could wear or hold this crystal, pop it in your pocket, under your pillow or beside your bed. (If you’d like to know more about working with crystals click here) The Power Word is a word to remind yourself of the quality you most need and that you are strongly attracting right now.  You can turn it into your own personal mantra by saying “I choose ___________ ” (insert your Power Word). Your Magical Healing Environment is a place or activity you’ll find supportive and healing.


1.  Light Spirals There is a beautiful energy of freshness, change and growth coming into your world. It’s time to embrace playfulness, to take yourself less seriously and to engage a sense of curiosity and wonder. Cynicism and judgement won’t help you – instead choose to be open to possibility and new directions. Seek new angles and opportunities. Ideas, inspiration and Divine Guidance – that’s what this path is all about, so trust. Expect magic!  ♥ Best Crystal – CITRINE  ♥ Power Word – INSPIRED  ♥ Magical Healing Environment – Time in nature and places that inspire and uplift you. Let your soul be moved by art, music, books, movies, natural beauty and the rhythms of life.

2.  Signed Trail Honey, why do you make it so hard for yourself? There’s really no need to re-invent the wheel. Know that you have courage to spare, and plenty of fuel in the tank, but right now you’re better spent using that energy for creation the way that only you can do. There are experts, courses and well-worn paths that will get you where you want to go. OR maybe it’s time for YOU to be the leader and help other people get their feet firmly on the path you’ve been walking. Either which way the power is in the well signposted path. No need to be breaking new ground. Do what you do best, and get help for the rest.  Best Crystal – CLEAR QUARTZ  Power Word – SIMPLIFY  Magical Healing Environment – Looking to leaders and mentors, or stepping up to be one yourself. You need time for thinking, planning and creating. Find or create a space that lets you immerse yourself in mastery. Get a team together, or at least a map and some proven resources. Copy people whose systems work! No need to start from scratch.

3.  Nightfall Path  What is needed for you, more than anything right now, is time for yourself and your dreams. Pull back. Create a sacred retreat. Determine your path and your goals and then put them front and centre in your life. Your priorities before the priorities of others! You can be all things to all people later, if you still even want that… But for now make it all about you. It’s long overdue, don’t you agree? It’s not selfish – it’s self care and self development!  Best Crystal – AMETHYST   Power Word – FOCUS  Magical Healing Environment – Anywhere that supports your consolidation, healing and dreams becoming reality. Surround yourself with time, space and the things that deeply matter to you. Start to tackle the things you know you need to do to change your life. Rest deeply. Think deeply. Create. Build. Reinvent yourself.

4.  Magical Maze You’re like a giant cauldron right now – there are so many great ideas and concepts bubbling away inside you. But none of them are done yet – they all need more cooking time. It’s okay to give your dreams and projects time – time for research, time for synchronicity, time for more work, more attention to detail, time to become something bigger and stronger and brighter than they currently are. Don’t push things, don’t try to force success or results. Your moment is coming. Have a little patience and then trust in good outcomes.  Best Crystal – FLUORITE   Power Word –VISION   Magical Healing Environment – Time for relaxing, exploring and stepping back a little, or for plugging away for the joy of it, rather than as forced labour. Make time to dream. Make time to work on your dreams for the joy of the journey rather than the pressure of an outcome. Take time to reconnect to your passions, and to remember WHY you loved this idea or journey so much when you first started out. Once you reconnect to the emotion, everything else will fall into place.

5.  Forest Convergence Sometimes the veil between this life and the ones we’ve lived previously, or the ones that lie before us, becomes very thin. If we still our minds and open our hearts we can step into an energy that enlightens us, and that guides our every footfall as we break new ground in a certain aspect of our lives. A time for courage, for new horizons, endings and beginnings of great significance. A time to embrace ourselves more fully, and with deeper understanding.  Best Crystal – MOSS AGATE or RUTILATED QUARTZ   Power Word – TRANSFORMATION  Magical Healing Environment –Meditation, journalling and self work. Find activities and head space that allows room for introspection, reflection and connection. Make art, make music, make love. Write. Sing. Create. Practice ritual and magic. Speak to God, your guides and elders, your ancestors and your own wise soul. Be open to this deepening within you. A time of great power and magic.

6. ♥ Expressway It’s time for major decisions that only you can make. This path reminds you to weigh up your options carefully, to take advice if necessary, but to trust your heart and intuition in guiding you to make the best choices for yourself and your future. Research, analyse, do whatever you have to do to get clarity – but use this time to get to a place of action, where you allow decisions to be the springboard to a better life . It is not enough just to think – you are being called to make choices that create movement, that pull you out of stuckness and back into flow.  Best Crystal – BLUE LACE AGATE  ♥  Power Word – CHOICES  Magical Healing Environment – Time that allows you to weigh up your life, your goals and relationships. Take yourself away  – to a coffee shop, a motel, a shack by the beach. Work out what to embrace and what to let go. Give yourself the gift of thinking time. Speak with people who know and support you.  Celebrate your individuality and your best life. Give yourself permission to shine.

7. ♥ Golden Glade This magical path is all about healing. The Universe is inviting you to step into a place of better alignment, allowing for long-standing physical or emotional issues or major limitations and blockages to finally drop away. You will find the right healers, the right methods, the right tools, medicines, relationships and opportunities will come your way. Some of you may also have a calling to step into your own power as a healer and facilitator for the positive transformation of others. This path is so clear for you. Embrace it, and all the goodness it entails.  Best Crystal – GOLDEN CALCITE ♥ Power Word – HEALING  ♥ Magical Healing Environment – People, places, methods and products that nourish, nurture and realign you. Invest in your own well being. Choose for vitality, health and performance. Rest. Move. Learn. Grow. Discard what shrinks you or leaves you weak. Welcome the things that strengthen and energise you. Get ready for major changes and breakthroughs.

8. Well Trodden Track Your power right now comes from the heart. Heart-based relationships, heart-centred business and investment, following the calling of your heart. Owning your talents and gifts, so that you can honestly say “I am this thing” and say it with love and humility, knowing it as your truth. This is not a solitary path. It’s a path where you will attract friends and lovers, mentors and comrades. It’s a path that allows you to radiate joy and purpose. It’s a path that encourages others to join you as you dance through life. Family, community, tribe. That’s what this path is all about.  Best Crystal – ROSE QUARTZ    Power Word – LOVE ♥ Magical Healing Environment – Sitting in your heart, rather than your mind  Honouring your intuition. Living from a place of kindness, compassion and good humour. Practicing spiritual and emotional connection, acceptance, forgiveness and grace. Welcoming love and friendship.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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24 thoughts on “The ‘Best Path’ Magical Oracle

  1. Nicole, can these oracles ever have two messages for us? I honestly felt all happy ad excited in my heart and belly when I was looking at the light spirals, but also deeply calm and drawn in (I found myself leaning into the computer screen) when looking at the Golden Glade. Both messages apply and have meaning. Is the glade golden by day and spiralling with light by night? 🙂 Thank you x

  2. I am always drawn to more than one, but my first was Light Spirals. I have been out all day and spent the time wandering around enjoying the scenery and visited two art galleries, so have been doing what was ‘prescribed’ xxxxx

  3. Thank you Nicole! As always you have a knack for making things simple and fun…..what a wonderful lesson in itself! I have been going through a process of spiritual healing and clearing/releasing a lifetime, or many lifetimes, of early childhood trauma. Number ‘5’ called to me as soon as I saw it……the green of the forest, the mystery of the path ahead, the magic of the tumbling waters ( to which I am always drawn), and the miracle of a bridge provided by those who came before me that I do not know, but that I know I am a part of. Thank you again Nicole.

  4. Thank You Nicole.. on a practical level .Can you recommend a reliable place to get purchase crystals? I live in Brisbane.Hope the two dear dogs are behaving this am! I think I need a lift boat as well as the crystals.I hope you are not being flooded by the NSW rains/storms.

  5. #7 and so amazingly spot on, life has turned upside down this week and lots of changes to be made which I don’t know how to cope with emotionally or physically. This couldn’t have been more perfectly timed reading this today. Thanks Nicole xx

  6. Ah…. the maze. Like always, spot on. I’ve gotten bogged down with renovating my house, it’s become such a chore. I keep telling myself it just needs to be finished. I’ve lost the joy that’s for sure. Time for me to sit in the autumn sun and remember why I fell in love with my house.

    Thanks Nicole. Am so glad you are getting your strength back. All my love always. Xxxx

  7. Perfect Nicole! Thank you, I certainly needed to read that this morning. I knew as soon as I saw No 1 that it was for me. I did look at the others but came back because I found it mesmerising.
    Love & healing to you xxx

  8. With a big decision to make re: work opportunity today, and the passing of my sweet Ruby Dog on Friday, I was just thinking yesterday how much I could use one of your ‘guidance’ posts! And voila!
    Actually two pics really called me – no 1 and no 7 – spot on!! Much love xxx

  9. Thanks Nicole. The one I chose is exactly what I’ve been doing recently, so I know I’m on the right path. Your words are always just right!

  10. My message was perfect. Light spirals – change and growth coming into my world…bring it on! My word is also spot on I AM INSPIRED! I have been told this is my word a few months ago and I completely forgot. It was a nice reminder. Time to embrace playfulness-which I have not being doing. I tend to take life seriously and want structure. This is the change I need. Thank you!! What a great way to start the day (with my little Citrine in my bra as a reminder). I love your emails. I look forward to them each morning.

  11. Oh Nicole… The Oracle spoke and is spot-on! When I saw #7, I felt an instant flow of warm energy. And now, after reading the text, I’m sitting here with a great big smile, knowing that I’m on the right path. Thank you, thank you, merci beaucoup. i LOVE you xox

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