A Big Few Days…

General Hottie Hospital by Foxy Belle
General Hottie Hospital by Foxy Belle

“It never rains, but it pours.” ~ Old English Proverb


Forgive me. This post is late in coming. Or early. Depending on how you look at it.

You see, we had just returned home to the farm to catch our breath when Ben became unwell. Unwell gave way to a difficult night, a worsening of symptoms and a dash to hospital back in the city again. At three o-clock in the morning.

I’ve had four hours sleep in the past two days. So I’m a bit wrecked. Too many family ill and occupying my thoughts and care right now.

Although I did get an awful lot of colouring done while sitting in hospital waiting rooms.

2015-06-12 10.01.51

Ben’s finally home, with a raft of drugs, and under the watchful attention of myself and Nurse Bert. At the first sign of any worsening he’ll be straight back in hospital, so he’d better behave!  Harry, of course, is also glued to Ben’s side, and has not chewed up a single thing. So far…

So I’m giving myself the weekend off, to catch up on some sleep and to look after my family. See you on Monday.

All my love, Nicole <3 xoxo

PS – I had to laugh. When I looked up the General Hottie Hospital images, I found out that the male doll’s name is Ben. He’d love that. Especially this next shot, which of course, bore NO resemblance to his actual hospital stay!

General Hottie Hospital by Foxy Belle
General Hottie Hospital by Foxy Belle
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25 thoughts on “A Big Few Days…

  1. Look after that lovely husband of yours . That means nurse Burt is on the case again . Love to you and all your family .

  2. So glad you can maintain a sense of humour under such stressful times! Take good care of yourselves and sending lots of get well wishes!

  3. oohh sounds very worrying. Hope Ben is on the mend soon and you have a nice restful weekend. Thinking of you and your family xxxx

  4. Oh no, get well soon Ben, at least he has the best nudging team ever looking after him. Take care of you too. Much love xxx

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