The Kinds Of Questions I Get Asked…

Image by Charles Shulz
Image by Charles Schulz

“There is a misleading, unwritten rule that states if a quote giving advice comes from someone famous, very old, or Greek, then it must be good advice.”Bo Bennett


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I live and work as a psychic. In my spare time I write, cook, garden, and live on a farm. I thought I’d give you a snapshot of the kind of questions I field every day. From people I’ve never met, friends, clients and students.

This is a pretty typical assortment taken from facebook messages and text messages last Friday while I’ve been on Retreat. I have answered them all personally, but some of the answers may also apply to you…


“I have this lump. Do you think it’s cancer?” Followed by many, many, many photos of a wart. Nicole says: If you have a lump, or anything else strange or worrying, please see a doctor or trained medical/health professional!

“My child is talking to someone who isn’t there. Should I put them in therapy or is this normal? They are three.” Followed by cute pics of adorable normal child with magnificent capacity for play and imagination. Nicole says: Small children have wonderful imaginations, and are often much more spiritually and psychically perceptive than we are. Ask them about the people they are talking to. Please be supportive and speak kindly to your child. Don’t make them feel ashamed or embarrassed. You might like to read about one such little girl here.

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Image from

“Hey lovely – how many head of cattle could three blokes drive? Maximum XO” Nicole says: Carls, if you are reading this, do they have dogs, and how good a rider are they? Do they have a support vehicle? Are they on a stock route?

“Sorry to bother you. How can I attract fairies to my yard and would they stop the neighbour’s cat from pooping in my kids’ sandbox?” Nicole says: Yay that you love fairies too! I’ll have an online course out soon to help you communicate better with fairies, but I’m not sure about the pooping problem!

“I made your ginger cake recipe but I didn’t have some of the ingredients so I substituted. It sank in the middle. What did I do wrong?” Followed by many, many photos of cake disaster. Nicole says: Following a recipe always leads to a better chance of success. Cooking is based on science, and a few things need to happen for things to go right. Thanks for following my blog, and I hope your cake still tasted okay. Too much bicarbonate of soda will make any cake taste awful. Cake fails often can be made good in a bowl with icecream on the top, turned into a hot pudding with some kind of sauce, made into cake pops or rum balls, or placed at the bottom of a trifle. There are some good baking tips here.

Image from
Image from

“Nicol I have writ a book about my life and the dreams I have about the future and my husband says it’s pretty good and I have about one hunderd pages maybe even more. Some pages are larger than others as I have writ in a few difrent notebooks. Can I send it to you and can you give me a good review so I can send it to Hay House? I think the world needs this book. It could save many lives. What is your postal address? They have a competion I want to win, so a fast turnaround is appreseeated. Also, can you see success in my aura? I know you do that sort of thing and I would drive to see you but our pickup is out of action. You’re in the midwest too I think. That is how urgent this is.”  Followed by contact details and then many photos of lady I do not know, starting from her as a teenager up until the present as a woman in late middle age holding a very fat cat. This lady lives in America. I live in Australia. Nicole says: Congratulations on writing a book. That’s no mean feat! But writing a book is only the first step on your path to publication. You’ll need to format and edit your manuscript, and then submit to meet the guidelines of a publishing house, or find a good agent. Many places have Writing Centres or Associations that run online or face-to-face courses in how to do this. I see you’re in America so you could try this website for starters: Writer’s Digest. You can also find submission guidelines on the websites of publishers. I’m sorry. I just don’t have time to read your manuscript just now. Please don’t send it to me, and don’t ever send someone your only copy in case it gets misplaced or lost. Good luck with it all.

Image from google images
Image from google images

“My dog is dying. I have spent all day crying. Nicole, I am heartbroken and there is no-one else to ask. Can you please send us some healing energy, and ask the fairies and angels to help my dog pass over easily? Also, do you think I will meet my life partner soon? Thank you.” Nicole says: I’m so sorry about your dog. To lose a beloved animal is always a difficult thing. Of course I will add you and your pet to my healing meditations and prayers. You can also help your dog by giving him some energy. It’s easy to do. I wrote a blog post here about how to do it. Just concentrate on helping your dog and looking after yourself right now.  I understand that you are lonely. You might find this post on attracting soul mates helpful too, or you can always book in for a session with me down the track.

“Hey Nic, do you know what this owl is?” Followed by very grainy pics of bird shape in tree at night. ” Do you think this has spiritual significance or something? I know you know a lot about owls.” Nicole says: Hmmm. Not sure about the owl variety, but how cool to have such a beautiful visitor. Owls have been very significant for me. Let’s hope this one is for you too!

Image by ForestWander
Image by ForestWander


Lovelies, I am still on Retreat. We finish up today, after which I shall pack up, head home to my little farm, and collapse in a heap for a few days of rest, family time and sunshine.

If there are any urgent calamities please call the relevant emergency responder or seek medical attention. From this afternoon my wonderful PA Dana and I are having a few days off. You’ll all still be in my prayers and meditations but my team and I need a big rest so my inbox, phones and office will be unattended. We promise to get back to you just as soon as we have caught our breath.

Much love, Nicole <3 xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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9 thoughts on “The Kinds Of Questions I Get Asked…

  1. Re: the sandbox and neighborhood cat. They need to cover the sandbox when not in use with either a tarp that is weighted down or a cover (such as a wood slide over cover). That will prevent many animals, not only the cat, from using it.

  2. Your answer to the mother who was concerned about her psychic child was.very tactful. Id like to see more such children encouraged with their gifts rather than shuffled off to a psychiatrist because their parents dont believe in a spiritual world. I loved the angel story too. Especially that the depressed father wasnt judged for his condition.

  3. Some people ask silly questions just my thought, I think you show a lot of patience by not telling them they are silly but have to say reading this made me giggle and shake my head and wonder what the hell at times

  4. HA!! Nearly wet myself reading this. But to answer your question, tongue firmly planted in cheek, the (excellent) stockmen are on a stock route with a couple of dogs. Not sure about the support vehicle yet 😉 Love yew!!!!! XOXO

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