Big Relationship Shifts Ahead!

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“The real question is, can you love the real me? Not the perfect person you want me to be, not that image you had of me, but who I really am.”
~ Christine Feehan


There’s change in the air, and I thought you’d like to know!

Yesterday I wrote that, among other things, 2016 is a year of bringing what is hidden into the light. A year about owning our shadow, and the unclaimed and rejected parts of ourselves, our families, our societies. About honouring our deepest feelings and longings and intuitions. About needing things to heal or change or mend or end.

Which of course brings us to relationships.

There’s change in the air.

This year, expect that change to be evident in every area of your life, including relationships. Your relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others. Work, friendship, love, family, habits, choices – all of these relationships will be affected.

2016 is a fabulous year for bringing relationships that have developed discord or distance back into better connection and communication.

It’s a year for finding or rediscovering love. For reconnection and healing. For coming together. For finding your tribe.

It’s a year for exiting relationships that can’t meet your needs.

No matter what the year has in store for you, remember that this shift is about positioning you in greater authenticity. You need relationships that are honest and real. Relationships that work. Relationships where you can be loved and accepted for yourself. Relationships that allow growth and deepening and change.

2016 is a fabulous year for relationships. Which means some will need help and attention, and this year is the year for that. Understand that in 2016 some of your relationships might end, to allow better ones to take their place. Be okay with that.

Don’t hang on tight to what’s not working.

Remind yourself, this is a year for love. Love is possible. Love is probable. If it’s truly broken, or finished, let it go. Let go of the hurt too. Open your arms and your heart wide again. Embrace life. Embrace the year.

Image by Jessica Ames
Image by Jessica Ames

I know some of you are growing and shining and life is expanding for you and at the same time you are also struggling with partners who are in difficult places – illness, depression, unemployment, low self-esteem – I’ll blog tomorrow about what you can do in that situation.

Be kind to yourself today!

Much love, Nicole xx

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11 thoughts on “Big Relationship Shifts Ahead!

  1. Yes this is very true. Communication and honesty seems to be the key . Am in this position right now and we are working on this all of the title. Part of me really wants it to work but, part of me is very tired and feeling a little stagnant .

  2. Have been floored by the presence of this shift in our all but few days into 2016. Very thankful for it, as it seems quite powerful. I’m just floored by it…it’s catching me a little off guard, but in such a nice way. Going to embrace all that’s happening. Thank you for sharing, as always.

    Blessings. All the love,

  3. Ohhhh so this is why my tarot reading I gave myself 2 days ago had Death, The Tower and 10 of Swords, then leading to better things. Makes sense!

  4. Be kind to myself what the hell how do I do that, I have no idea, I know how to be kind to others but myself sorry that does not compute…………………

    In other news Jessica is on hold to Centrelink and I thought it would be funny to say “find and kill someone” when they kept saying I don’t understand please state the reason for your call……….just to see what they would say…………yeah I an disturbed or in a strange mood I will let you decide which

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