Do you prefer Tarot or Oracle Cards?

“The tarot is an outer oracle of which the inner oracle is the source” 
~ Philippe St Genoux

I’m interested to know if you use Tarot cards or an Oracle deck, and if you have a preference for one over the other?

Is there a reason you would choose to use Oracle Cards rather than a Tarot deck? Why?

I’d be thrilled if you could help me out with research for a future project by letting me know your thoughts in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or by emailing Chelsi at

Which one do you prefer? Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards?

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Much love to you, Nicole ❤ xx

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22 thoughts on “Do you prefer Tarot or Oracle Cards?

  1. I have a couple oracle decks and several tarot decks. I don’t really know how to use oracle cards, but bought them from a thrift store I was working in. They weren’t allowed to sell them, so I gave a donation in exchange to save these decks.

  2. When I began reading, it was with Oracle cards, but my guides lead me to the more traditional Tarot decks. I own several decks in both Oracle and Tarot. Do I prefer one over the other? Not really. What leads me to use one over the other is the amount of time needed and the complexity of the question.

  3. I prefer Tarot because I appreciate its uniform structure. I appreciate the consistency of the system, and to me, tarot is stable and dependable. I am not drawn to oracle decks because of the lack of uniformity and because of how incredibly open-ended they are.

  4. I have not worked with Tarot cards. I find I get more info from oracle cards and they are easier to use. My favorites are the Mystical Shaman Oracle cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle cards (Doreen Virtue), and Enchanted Map Oracle cards (in that order). I have also done spreads with oracles as well as selecting one card for New and Full Moon readings.

  5. Hi,
    I’m unfamiliar with oracle cards and only recent start working with tarot.
    Would like to know the difference and learn (more) about both.

  6. I only use Oracle cards because they are only positive. Tarot intimates me, I will have anxiety for days whenever I get anything negative like the Death card!

  7. Even though I use cards in the intuitive sense using the image taught by you Nicole, I tend towards Oracle cards. This is because I’m not familiar with the meanings of Tarot cards and those cards are purely for the image, whereas Oracle cards tend to have a word or theme which may help with my interpretation.
    That said, there are the numerous Oracle cards that keep to a specific theme (angels, animals etc) and I would select the Tarot over them if it meant the images could be intuitively interpreted.
    Also, although I have tended towards Oracle cards until now I’ve selected Tarot cards for 2019 YOM (Silver Witchcraft Tarot) because new energies so I thought I’d try giving them a proper go. I still selected them for their images however (nice earthy ones for 2019).

  8. I’ve had a look at the decks I both own and use. I own more oracle decks than tarot decks. I have always used multiple decks regardless of spreads/methods and it can be a mix of both.

    I know for the more intuitive level of reading, especially in the earlier years, I found oracle decks easier as they are, imho, not quite so hampered by having the constructs of the tarot (major/minor, court, suites etc).

    Could not say if it’s either getting stronger in my intuitive use (aka not the book or “system” attached) or I know my tarot decks well enough I have an underlying “knowing” of their reprsentation or even the fact new decks (ie post 2012 creation/publication) tend to throw out what has been “traditional” tarot means (ie new terms for suites or changing terminology eg world = awakening or one deck which has merged the major into the minor) means they are not so “rigid”.

    Oracle decks, more flexibility in their use imho. Of course, I also own a rune card deck which is neither lol.

  9. My true love is Tarot, but there are so many nice oracle decks out there! I often use an oracle card to complete a tarot reading – it usually complements the reading very well and binds it all together! Also, many oracle decks can be used in spreads these days, as opposed to the ones where you just pull one card either as an affirmation for the day or about a specific topic. If you don’t want to learn a whole system like Tarot or Lenormand, you can use the latter. Oracle decks are usually easier, you are MEANT to use the guidebooks (not that you CAN’T use them intuitively!).

    1. Tarot is based on a specific structure – you can swap between decks and you will find the same structure/amount of cards/card names/meanings, although the artwork varies and can influence your personal interpretation. Oracle decks can have any number of cards, themes, card names, meanings etc. the artist chooses and are usually not used in a spread (although you CAN) but just one card pulled from the deck for the day or to give advice on a particular situation.

  10. I use both, but prefer the Oracle a bit more as it isn’t based on a system like Tarot and more easily open to use and interpret.

  11. If I am reading for me, I find that I get better answers with oracle cards, they are less open to interpretation. However, when reading for others, tarot gives me a much better overall picture and opens up the line of communication with spirit.

  12. I prefer oracle cards mainly because I’m not as familiar with tarot and I feel more connected with oracle cards as they feel more personal.

  13. Hi Nic, I use both and my preference is for Tarot, with Tarot there is a connectedness with the cards. The meaning/outcome of the spread changes with different cards. There is a depth to the Tarot that has been past down from long ago – the modern day Tarot (Rider-Waite and Crowley) have only been around since the early 1920’s – and yet even those cards have symbolism that has been past down from generations before them.

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