Calling All Crafters – Australia’s Injured Wildlife Need You!

“The hour has arrived to abandon theories and go directly to what is practical.”

Samael Aun Weor

Hey, Lovelies,

Today I’m calling on any crafters who feel called to make things to give practical assistance to those on the ground caring for burned and injured wildlife affected by the current Australian bushfire crisis.

People around the world have been making and sending Koala Mittens, and thanks to this generosity there are plenty of these in supply right now. But we need lots of other specialised wildlife care parcels.

Picture courtesy of Australian Rescue Collective Craft Guild – This picture is Nicole Blums from the Rescue Collective in front of one of many many loads she and the team have personally packed and gotten to people in need.

As of today, 8 January 2020, what is needed are the following:

  • bat wraps
  • joey pouches
  • hanging joey pouches
  • crocheted nests for birds and small rodents
  • crocheted blankets
  • knitted blankets and jumpers for joeys, lambs, penguins and other animals

You can get more information and patterns for making these items through the Animal Rescue Craft Guild on Facebook – link here

or from the Animal Link Foundation on Facebook – link here

If you’re not a crafter but would still like to help donations are welcome to cover supplies and postage costs. Make a tax deductible donation here:

Thanks in advance for being part of the global movement of support and care for Australia’s injured wildlife.
Much love, Nicole xx

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