A Spell For Bad Martha

“There are two things in life you cannot choose. The first is your enemies; the second your family. Sometimes the difference between them is hard to see, but in the end time will show you that the cards you have been dealt could always have been worse.”

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Hey Lovelies,

I received an email yesterday from the 8 year-old daughter of a friend. To put this in perspective, her mum told Jessie that I am a good witch, thinking that was easier to explain than telling her I am a psychic.

Hmmm. Maybe this was not wise, given that Jessie is a total Harry Potter fan, and has a strong opinion about what witches can do.

Dear Nicol,

Can I plees haf a spell for bad Martha to turn her into a rat?

She bites me and eats my lunsh.

Mum says I haf to be nice to her and be her friend.

Martha is mean so I want to turn her into a rat. Can you help me?

Love Jessie

I thought perhaps Martha was a girl Jessie goes to school with.

On further investigation I found out that Martha is a mature-age boxer rescue dog who has just been adopted by Jessie’s mum and dad. Martha doesn’t actually bite. She mouths people, which Jessie says is gross and ‘too slobbery’ although it doesn’t hurt.

The bit about Martha eating Jessie’s lunch? That bit’s true. She sneaks it out of Jessie’s school bag, or steals it from the kitchen bench.

Unfortunately I am all out of spells for turning bad Martha into a rat. But I did promise to teach Jessie how to make chocolate cake with beetroot, and share my recipe for stickjaw toffee.

I’m sure it won’t take long for Jessie and Martha to work things out and become the best of friends!

Hugs, and toffee kisses, Nicole xx

PS – Don’t you sometimes wish that you could turn someone into a rat?!

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10 thoughts on “A Spell For Bad Martha

  1. I do wish I could turn someone into to a rat….for just a short time. But the chocolate cake sounds like a keeper. Where would I find the recipe please?
    Have a beautiful day, mine has started well with a smile reading Jessie’s letter.

  2. Yep I so wish I could turn someone into a rat 🐀 sometimes, interesting timing for this blog . I’ve always thought about writing children’s stories ( worked in Early childhood industry many years) and woke up this morning thinking about the stories I’ve told children and how I could. Bring the magic of life to adults 🧚🏾 . The magic of turning someone into a rat appeals to me. Thanks for sharing .

  3. I love a sweet interlude that brings one back to the innocence of a child. Smilin’ ear to ear. Can’t wait to try your choc/beetroot cake. Holding you, Ben & the pups close to my heart…always…XOXO

    1. Made me smile too – and an update on Jessie and Martha – Jessie let Martha sleep on her bed last night to ‘practice being friends’. LOL Hugs and love to you from all of us xx

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