Death, Rebirth and New Life – Monday Oracle 19 October 2020

In the oddity or maybe the miracle of life, the roots of something new frequently lie in the decaying husks of something old.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

Hello, Lovelies!

October energies support sustainability, and finding healing for, and solutions to, our problems.

Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that this oracle card from the  CELTIC LENORMAND brings us this week. The CELTIC LENORMAND, with its beautiful Pagan and Celtic themes, is written by Chloe McCracken and the artwork is by Will Worthington.

The Gifts Of The Week Ahead

This week’s energies ask you to stand, hand on heart, eyes closed, and to feel in to what is happening for you right now.

It’s a time for deep healing, for forgiveness, for finding the energy to tackle long-standing problems, or to take on challenges that you may not have been up to until now. New beginnings are on their way, but some things may need to be put to rest first.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I need to finally let go?
  • What is it time to put behind me?
  • What projects or ideas that I had shelved do I need to bring back out and look at with fresh eyes?
  • Is there something I have been putting off or procrastinating on that needs my attention now?
  • What have I been scared to start, or scared to end? Can I find the courage to act now, or put a plan in place to act soon?
  • Is there anywhere I need to pivot, or to change direction?

When you let things go you may also need time to grieve, or to process your feelings. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help, or to open up to a trusted friend, mentor or family member.

Your intuition will be heightened this week, so pay attention to your instincts and trust your gut!

Need a supportive community and help to grown into your best and most intuitive self? Come join our Journeymaker Circle – Details here

Supportive crystals this week

Smoky Quartz keeps you grounded, gifting inner strength and the ability to listen deeply to your own needs. Labradorite encourages self-care, supports empathy and intuition, and is a gentle and reassuring stone for developing psychic ability. Sodalite will help you express your truth in thoughts, words and actions.  Chrysocolla (pictured) helps you to release negative energy and old patterns, bringing love, light and healing into your world. It is a gently positive and reassuring stone that promotes self care. 

Helpful Essential Oils

Want to create a supportive blend for the week ahead?
This is an essential oil blend we use on our retreats to help participants let go of emotional trauma, negative thoughts and beliefs, and old energies and emotions that have become stuck. I love it. It’s like an energetic broom to sweep away the dust and cobwebs.

The blend is 1 drop of Rose, 1 drop of Lemon, 2 drops of Jasmine, 2 drops of Geranium, 2 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Cypress and 2 drops of Sandalwood. Mix this with 30 ml of base oil.

Apply it to your pulse points at wrist, neck and over heart like a perfume. Place a few drops in your bath water. Diffuse it. One of my favourite uses is as a centering and reconnecting pick-me-up. Put a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then inhale the aroma.

You can also use any of these oils on their own too for good support this week. If I were to choose just one oil it would be Rose!

This week I’ll be working on some big creative projects, getting ready for the end of the year, and I’ll be busy with my membership group and my mastermind. I’ll also be counting birds for the Birds in Backyards survey using this Bird Survey App. If you live in Australia, why not think about joining me!

It’s also that time of year where I will be getting my fruit ready for my Christmas cake and Christmas plum pudding!

I hope you take some time this week for your own wellbeing and the things that matter most to you.

Even amid all of the crazy we can actively work to create peace, calm and greater love.

Hugs and chirpy birds (like the gorgeous Eastern Yellow Robin in the pic below!), Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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8 thoughts on “Death, Rebirth and New Life – Monday Oracle 19 October 2020

  1. At first when I saw this card I found it scaring. But the grave is open, right? It is not that we get into it, but we found a way out of it. Or somebody else put the big stone away so we can step into the light. There is a new moon, a new beginning. And the light indicates that it is early in the morning.

    1. Yes, it’s open, and it reminds me of the story of Jesus and his resurrection, when then stone was rolled away that sealed his tomb and he emerged, alive.

  2. Thank you for your service Nicole – some peoples lives are never destined to be fully their own – but to be one of service.
    Thank you for writing your blog and all the other work you do quietly on the side.
    And yes I will take time to enjoy my garden and birds today.

    1. Sue, thank you. I feel honoured and humbled to walk this path, although it can be hard, and I appreciate your kind words and encouragement xx

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