It’s A BIG Day Here At The Treehouse

I cooked dinner!
~ Ben Phillips
* Note from Nicole: Ben did not actually buy the food, prep the food, or prepare all of the sides. But he did light the barbeque, add the prepared food to barbeque, and turn that food once or twice.

Hey, Lovelies!
There is great excitement at the Treehouse today.
Our new outdoor barbeque is finally being installed on the deck. (Well, crossed fingers that this is still true…)
When we bought this house it did have a barbeque, but that barbeque was as old as the hills and it only had two speeds, raw and charcoaled simultaneously or incinerated. Need less to say we used it twice.
When we lived at the farm we barbequed two or three times a week, sometimes more in summer. And Ben cooked! So, I’m missing that.

We bought a Weber barbeque earlier this year – the kind that gets built into a structure rather than freestanding. Our tradie rang yesterday to say he’d be here today! Tradespeople are hard to get right now, and we have been on his books for months. So I’m very excited.
And on top of that, the new stove we have been waiting on arrives today too. Not sure if that will be installed by Christmas, but I am quietly hopeful.
Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime Ben and I have to go move all of the potplants and outdoor furniture so that our tradie can access the place where the barbeque will go.
Love, and dreams of grilling, Nicole xx

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    1. Hi Priyadarshini, I am so glad to hear that! I promise to begin sharing photos from my life once more. Much love, Nicole xx

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