My Lazy Sunday

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

~ Proverb

I had intended to come up with something fabulous for today’s blog. But the truth is all I can think about is making a pot of tea, cracking my knuckles, and sitting down to work on my pirates and fairies story.

It’s one of my favourite things to do – to wander off into my imagination and see what unfolds as I greet my characters and find out what they’ve been up to in my absence.

And I know they’ve been busy!

So this morning I’m giving myself the gift of a few hours of uninterrupted writing. I hope you understand…

Don’t forget to meet me back here tomorrow – ready for the first installment of my Working To Create Positive Change program. It’s going to be wonderful. 🙂

But until then, I hope you find a little time to work towards your own dreams, or to simply kick back, relax and laze away the day.  Lazy Sundays are good for the Soul. ♥ Bless xx


7 thoughts on “My Lazy Sunday

  1. Ooooh! so excited, so looking forward to commencement to morrow….Perfect timing! I’m ready! I feel great things coming my way. This is one of them..Thank you for the gift of your love caring and sharing! Much love care and share to you. Lyn Xxxxxx
    Happy Sunday. X

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