Getting Ready for 2014 – Will you join me?

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Image from HDW

“New Year’s eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things that the passage of another twelve months may be noted; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights.”

~ Hamilton Wright Mabie


Just one more sleep until New Year’s Eve. Australia is one of the first countries to see in the New Year, and Byron Bay does know how to throw a party!  But come New Year’s Eve you won’t find me out partying. Instead I’ll be home at my farm, enjoying a quiet dinner with friends and then some journalling and reflection time before I sit down in meditation to welcome in the energies of 2014.

There is such a shift of energies for 2014. Perhaps you can already feel it. The last gasp of 2012 and its buffer year 2013 are falling away.

There’s a change in the air.

Would you like to add some deliberate intention to the birth of 2014? On New Year’s Eve I have a simple fire ceremony. I’d love for you to join with me, adding your energy and presence to my own. I promise it will be an easy thing for you to do.

Each year I offer up a wish for myself, and a wish for the world.  I write each of them on separate pieces of paper, and the messages I write then hold some of the shape of my meditation.  Before midnight I will burn each wish, letting the energy of my hopes and prayers be carried up into the atmosphere in the heat and smoke of the fire. I will then retire and meditate upon the wishes (intentions) I have created.

It’s a powerful practice. And you can be a part of it too. There’s time to think about what you want. And then when you’re ready simply add your wish for yourself and your wish for the world as a comment at the bottom of this post.

Do it just like this: My wish for myself is……  My wish for the world is…..


If you’d like more privacy you can send me a message on facebook , or email me at

I’ll print out your wishes, and add them to my own. The only person who will see them is me (and the Universe, of course…).  I’ll honour your intentions in my meditations, and I’ll burn your messages in my New Year’s Eve fire. I’ll also hold this space for a full 24 hours, so that those of you in different time zones won’t miss out.

Together, our collective good thoughts, wishes and intentions shall help shape a 2014 that begins with love, well wishes and positive energy.  What can be better than that?

Love and Blessings to you, ♥ Nicole xx

Image from techblogstop
Image from techblogstop
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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100 thoughts on “Getting Ready for 2014 – Will you join me?

  1. My wish for myself is to discover my true calling in life and my wish for the world is greater connection between human kind and nature. Blessings Nicole and hope you have a wonderful New Year xxx

  2. My wish for myself is for vibrant health, free from back pain so I can bring my gifts to the world with love, my wish for the world is for there to be a strong movement towards love through there being a groundswell of gratitude
    thanks Nicole
    all my love
    Suzie xx

  3. My wish for the world is for more compassion and love for one another so that each person can find a little peace in their world. My wish for myself is to forgive and release the hurt and rejection muck especially towards my mum that I’ve been carrying for way to long so it’ll make room and ill be open to all things loving caring and good to arrive. My wish for you is a year of love and good health 🙂 thank you and happiest of New Years to you and your family xx

  4. Hi Nicole, I’m probably too late but I hope the intention still counts. My wish for the world is for people to live more consciously aware of the energy they contribute to the world. I wish for me to find more balance in my life, between work family and time for me. Thanks and happy new year.

  5. My wish for me is success in all things money, health and relationships. My writing and inspiration in particular. My wish for the world is that oppression fizzles and true freedom slips under our guard, bringing joy.

  6. I wish for the world that we take action to protect our planet and I wish for myself that I can find a way to integrate all that I have learned so far and apply it to heal nungeentya (mother Earth)

  7. Dear Nicole,
    Thank you so very much for having this wonderful ceremony. Yes I would like to add my wishes.
    My wish for myself is to find and move into a loving, welcoming house/home where we can heal, grow and start living from our True Self in full abundance.
    My wish for the world is an understanding of and compassions, tolerance, love and kindness towards all that lives in and on this beautiful , loving planet.

    For you I wish continue health and happiness and love.
    Thank You for all your support.
    With love.

  8. I wish for the world that people can see their own magnificence.
    I wish for me romantic, exciting, spine tingling joyful love !
    And I wish for you Nicole, health and happiness 🙂

    With my all my gratitude xxxxxx

  9. My wish for myself is a body that continues to heal, and especially a head and neck that finally releases the pain it is holding and lets me fly free again.

    My wish for the world is that all beings realise how our actions impact on others. That we will increasingly use the power we hold for the collective good and the good of future generations.

    Thankyou Nicole.

  10. Hi Nicole,
    My wish for myself is financial abundance from a flourishing business.
    My wish for the world is kindness for all beings on the Earth.
    Thank you and big hugs!
    Louisa xoxo

  11. My wish for myself is to have a healthy happy body and continue to follow my heart.
    My wish for the world is for every baby born to be shown perfect love and happiness so that they may grow into beautiful loving adults. Xx

  12. My wish for myself is good health and vitality. My wish for the world is for people to become more caring and loving towards each other and to the Earth itself, xxx

  13. My wishes for the world are the same as I wish for myself…. and you dear Nik: peace, joy, love, abundance, courage, strength and healing. <3 <3 <3

  14. Many Thanks Nicole for this blessing and powerful opportunity.

    My wish to the world: is for widespread “light and healing energy” to ” renew and refresh ” all beings.
    My wish for myself is: a miraculous flow of great abundance and prosperity to support the highest and best for myself and others to whom I support.
    A special wish for you and also my own daughter Nicole: is for ” love , light and great universal strength” to eliminate and recover from the lyme disease in your bodies”
    Namaste and Much love

  15. thank you nicole <3

    my wish for myself is physical and mental health and wellbeing, less fear and more joy. My wish for the world is less fear, more love and motivation to make change for the betterment of society and our environment. <3

  16. Blessings and love to you Nicole and wishes for your good health and happiness in 2014.
    My wish for the world is a greater awareness, care and respect for the earth and all it’s inhabitants; greater love, peace, acceptance and compassion among all peoples.
    My wish for myself is to truly love, honour, nourish and take care of my whole SELF; to find the perfect home for myself, my son & pussycat where we can be relaxed and peaceful; to feel peace, calm and joy instead of the anxiety and overwhelm that I mostly experience; and to have a greater connection with my higher self, my higher power, spirit guides, angels, fairies, nature and all the elemental kingdom.
    Thank you and happy New Year xxx

  17. My wishes for myself and the world is the same: Deepening connection with my body, mother earth and the universe and growing my spiritual community, I wish this for our world, also.
    Thank you. Sending love to you.

  18. Dearest Nicole; thank you for always shining your real, authentic and full of love light for others; it gives me a beautiful feeling all over.

    For me I wish to surrender and trust myself unconditionally, to follow my path with love in my heart, my dancing shoes on and totally rocking to my own music. Yipeeeeee.

    My wish for the planet is that enough humans wake up to these big corporates who are all about greed and leave them in the dust and start focusing on companies that are about wellbeing for all. Let use our power to let them know they are no longer needed. Love Love love to you. Hugs Fee xxxx

  19. My wish for the world is that all beings visible and invisible find TRUE peace and TRUE happiness.

    My wish for myself is that I manifest abundance and balance into my life. That money and fulfilling opportunities come to me with ease and my wealth is multiplied from many sources giving me more time to be with my husband and 8 month old.

  20. Sorry, this is just a tad late but thank you in advance and blessings to you! This year will surely be a wonderful year of growth for everyone =)

    My wish for the world is for everyone to stop and think about being more kind, more understanding and more connected with one another.

    My wish for me is to continue to remember who I truly am so that I can confidently pursue my purpose in life

  21. What a loving gift to us and the universe, Nicole. You are a blessing.
    My wish for myself is to have the health, energy and strength to continue on this sacred journey called life and that my son be granted the same wish. My wish for the planet is that we find a way to love, honor and respect each other’s differences and learn to talk, rather than fight our way to community.

  22. My wish for the world is that anyone that has money give a donation to help feed, educate, and provide palatable water to anyone that is in NEED

    My wish for myself is that i regain self esteem

  23. Thanks so much Nicole for this offer.
    I wish for myself to be in my vulnerable heart if self love.
    I wish for the world collaboration of all people.
    Happy New Year
    May it be the best ever!

  24. My wish for me is… have more confidence in myself and open my heart.
    My wish for the world is… for the love that goes on every day to be broadcast and shared on our media more than the negative.

  25. Hi Nicole, My wish for myself is to remain focused. My wish for the world is love without judgement. My wish for you is health and strength. Blessings to you Beautiful Girl xxoo

  26. Most of my wishes have come true – namely being accepted into university to study my dream course. But my one, big wish, is to find love without having to compromise who I am and what I value. My wish for the world is – of course – peace, with a BIG kindness and compassion chaser. My wish for you (and me!) is an abundance of good health xoxo

  27. My wish for myself is to honour the creation of habits of healthy mind body and spirit. My wish for the world is to magnify the expression of peace in each and every one of us on this earth and beyond. Thank you so much Nicole. You are inspirational. Happy New Year to you.

  28. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you so much for doing this it is a beautiful and blessed thing. There are so many wishes but I’ve managed to sum it all up into one thing and I believe the universe will understand.
    My wish for myself is to find my tribe. The place where I truly belong. My wish for the world is tolerance and understanding of one another which I hope leads to love.

  29. Thank you Nicole. My wish for myself is that I continue to live from a space of “love over fear” with grace and ease and see the daily miracles; and see the same for my children and loved ones. For our planet I wish the same … our leaders come from a heart space so there’s peace and abundance for all. Best wishes to you and a year ahead of happiness, abundance and health. Dianne x

  30. Sorry I am being selfish I FORGOT my wish for this wonderful planet we live in LOL… I wish that every living creature on this planet has the basic essentials …water, food ,shelter and above all love . Plus prejudice be a thing of the past .
    Cherry x

  31. My wish this year is to learn to really love myself . All last year , with your help , I got to know myself ,then I cared for myself and began to understand myself a little . But next year is the big one . By 2015 I want to wonder why , for years I’ve not liked myself much , so I haven’t given anyone else the chance to get to know me . This is not a selfish thing ,Nicole, it’s a selfless thing .
    Happy New Year to you and yours .
    Cherry x

  32. Hi Nicole…my wish for myself is financial independence. My wish for the world is that everyone would realise that we have a great planet and work together to stop the horrible atrocities being done. That is to each other, animals, wildlife, sea life etc….
    Sending you love and hugs for a healthy and prosperous 2014.
    Cheers 🙂
    Wendy xxxxx

  33. Thank you Nicole. My wish for the world is that the oppressed and hungry are safe, stable and protected. My wish for myself is that I can practice my life purpose and be sustained by it on a permanent basis.

  34. My wish for myself is that I bring the highest expression of myself into the world, and my wish for the world is that we become aware as a collective the need to heal and respect our planet and everything that dwells upon it. Thank you so much for offering these wishes on our behalf Nicole xx

  35. Nicole my wish for myself is love, warmth, comfort and better health for my family. My wish for the world is that people stop and take the time for tenderness towards others and that all are afforded dignity no matter how sick, how seemingly silly, how old or infirm or poverty stricken..Happy New year Nicole to you and yours and wishing you an abundance of spoons (sincerely x).

  36. My wish for myself is to achieve great financial success in my new business and find the one to begin my own family.
    My wish for the world is for all to have peace, happiness, good health and abundance.

  37. Thank you. My wish for me: A solid and consistent connection to community, my tribe.
    My greater wish: An increase in compassion and understanding for others suffering. xxx

  38. My wish for the world id that people start living from their hearts , so there is more empathy and love in the world.
    My wish for myself is to be able to give up work and have the financial neans to follow ny passion
    Thank you Nicole. Love health and happiness
    to you for 2014 and forever xxx

  39. Thank you and bless you Nicole xxxx

    For myself I would love to find my home, my tribe, the best of all worlds of land, of sea, of spirit and beyond.

    For the world I wish green power for all…..

    Sent with love, sunshine and happiness.

    Lynette Higgs
    0487 302 876


  40. My wish for myself is to share my love and be in a relationship of true love with an amazing man; love, joy, expansion, companionship, stability and respect. My wish for the world is to drop into presence, love, respect for all the brothers and sisters. Xxx

  41. My wish for the world is more awareness and the ceasing of animal cruelty.

    My wish for me is to move forward fearlessly in my new career that I love and they love me.

    (I also wish for you a full recovery from your insidious Lyme disease). Cheers~~

  42. My wish for me is creating a quieter mind, a perfect place of residence for me so I can move out from my car totally. Deeper meditations. Abundance in all things. Total health.
    My wish for the world is all people be free from hunger, have perfect health, feel and know love.

  43. My wishes for me: That I will get back in touch with my spiritual side and that my husband can accept this as a positive step. My wishes for the world: Respect, peace, acceptance, light, laughter and lots and lots of love.

    Thank you Nicole! Love and light to you. X

  44. Please add my wishes for joy and prosperity to all those whose lives I may touch either directly or indirectly. I will likely kick up a healing and prosperity spell on. New Years Eve. Feel free to let me know if there is something you would like me to add for you as well.

  45. My wish for the world is… for there to be less greed and more gratitude for what we have.
    My wish for myself is …. to find the way and the means to move to live in the UK close to my grandsons.

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