Cycles and Seasons – Monday Oracle 30 March 2020

“The frost which kills the harvest of a year, saves the harvests of a century, by destroying the weevil or the locust. Wars, fires, plagues, break up immovable routine, clear the ground of rotten races and dens of distemper, and open a fair field to new men. There is a tendency in things to right themselves, and the war or revolution or bankruptcy that shatters a rotten system, allows things to take a new and natural order. The sharpest evils are bent into that periodicity which makes the errors of planets, and the fevers and distempers of men, self-limiting. Nature is upheld by antagonism. Passions, resistance, danger, are educators. We acquire the strength we have overcome. Without war, no soldier; without enemies, no hero.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello, Lovelies!

Here we are, in the last few days of March. March has been a month for creating space in your life, for breaking patterns and creating new ones, for inspired thinking and new directions. It’s also been a month where extreme self-care and deep rest may be needed.

Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that the oracle card REPETITION brings us this week. REPETITION is from the Sacred Earth Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams.


One of my favourite sayings is ‘This too shall pass’. REPETITION reminds us that all of life is built from cycles – endings and beginnings, rises and falls, dark and light. No matter what part of a cycle we are in, it is a cycle. Things will change. Life does not stand still for anyone.

There are two important messages from REPETITION for us. The first is that we can effect change in our own lives through repetition. This means doing something over and over again until it becomes a habit, or until the outcome is acheived.

Where will your life benefit from habit, repetition and routine right now?

It’s worth remembering that in times of chaos routine and repetition can anchor us, helping us to create a structure that will give meaning and reassurance in our lives (I’ll be blogging more about this tomorrow).

The second gift REPETITION brings us this week is to remember the power of cycles. We are part of this wild earth, and as much as we may like to think that our intellect and urbanisation have lifted us apart from the animal kingdom, REPETITION reminds us that we are still influenced by the cycles of the earth.

Feel into the world around you. What season is it? Where is the moon is the sky above you, and what phase is she in? How does that make your body feel? How can that positively influence your food choices, exercise, sleep cycles? How can you use the current season to reorient your body to the natural world and bring you comfort and connection to the earth?

Pay attention each day. Feel into your body as you notice the sun or the rain, the wind or the temperature. How can you flow better with this information? What can you do to become more in harmony with the world around you?

Although you may not be able to control much in the wider world right now, you can still control your connection to your body, and your connection to the earth. This will help reduce anxiety and stress, and will increase a sense of calm and intuitive flow.

Supportive crystals for the week ahead

Smoky Quartz keeps you grounded and connected, gifting inner strength and the ability to listen deeply. Rhyolite is a fantastic stone for times of change, helping to boost your self-belief and self-esteem, and anchoring energies of positive transformation. It will help you stay calm during turbulent life challenges, and will help you to focus on your goals. . Celestite is soothing to hold, and powerfully connects you to the Angelic realms, great when you feel the need for extra support. Red Jasper (pictured) is a handy stone for physical strength and stamina, for supporting tired adrenals, and for anchoring us securely in our bodies so that all our chakras are aligned. It is a reassuring and grounding stone that also alleviates all the base chakra stuff – worries around personal security, money, family issues, and safety needs.

Come join me for an online tea party!

I’m inviting you to join me for an online cup of tea, colouring and an old-fashioned chat.

We’ll all meet via a webinar, which I will host. It’s the next best thing to having you join me at my kitchen table. (We took my kitchen table outside under the trees in the photo below. Imagine that this is where we will be sitting when we meet for the webinar.)

Before the webinar begins I’ll have some downloadable colouring pages for you, and some for your children too. Or you can bring your own project.

During the webinar I’ll also teach you some simple energy and crystal work techniques.

This first webinar will be at 10am Brisbane time on Tuesday 31 March. We’ll then hold a Colour and Cuppa Session every fortnight. To support people in other time zones we will schedule future sessions at different times so you can find one that works for you.

It’s completely free to join us, and we’ll be holding this webinar via Zoom. All of the details and the link will be in our Facebook Group, The Journeymakers later on today.

If you’re not already a member you can join here:

Meanwhile, I’m off to plan my week ahead and water my vegetable garden. Much love to you, Nicole xx

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