Wishing for Good Veins

“I have druggie veins. After so much intubation they are scarred and flat and tired and difficult to handle. It’s an odd thing to confess but the truth is all I notice is people’s hands and their veins these days. I have as much vein envy as any junkie. Oh, I think. Look how fat and juicy that vein is. I could get a cannula into that myself!” ~ Nicole Cody


It’s IV day for me. A regular practice, and one that keeps me upright and functioning. These IVs have kept my immune system boosted, they’ve helped me overcome life-threatening infections on more than one occasion, and they allow me to stay functional despite having chronic late-stage Lyme disease. Right now I’m battling an ongoing sinus infection left over from my horror flu earlier this year. It’s slowly wearing me down and I need to get on top of it. Hence the IV.

As much as I put on my happy face, I don’t enjoy them. With each year it has become that little bit more difficult to get an easy insertion or a bruise-free/trauma-free spot after the previous session. My doctor is a dream – so clever and patient, and he and his team work marvels. I know today will be a good day. But still, I’m always anxious until the needle is in the vein, and the fluids are flowing, and everything is proceeding well.

Afterwards, I’ll call my friend Carly, who also has recalcitrant veins (both of us have experienced the joys of having multiple attempts that resulted in nothing but bruises or the inglorious humiliation of having to have your IV line go through a vein in your foot – like all the best druggies who have destroyed all their other useable spots). Carls understands, and we unpack our latest experiences and share notes and support. Two friends with chronic illness finding solace in having someone else who has walked a similar path.

Wish me luck! See it all happening easily and well for me. Thanks a million,

Nicole ❤ xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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18 thoughts on “Wishing for Good Veins

  1. Correction-Though you might have tried every trick up your sleeve … little short on sleep these days… Apologies…

  2. Dearest Nicole,

    Hope your sinus infection has gotten out of the way or mellowed down. Like you, I m also constantly plagued by sinus problens, so I tend to get wary around yogurt and anything cold. Though you might have tried every trick up yourself, just letting you know fron my side,using a vaporizer with carom seeds seems to lessen the headache for a while. And yes, if I’m at the hospital, I despise needles cos it’s going to take a very rare expert to get my blood.

    Loads of love and hugs

  3. Oh, I do know about that. I am still traumatised by the experiences I had with my third (and I certainly hope last) joint replacement. But the last one my GP (she’s has an anaesthesiology specialty, so she does them herself for me) went really well. She said she wanted me to make sure I was warm, and I figured that could also mean warmed up, so I made sure to get my blood moving with a brisk walk and general warming up moves. It worked a treat. One would have to be fairly mobile to accomplish that though. I do hope it went well, Nicole. Big hugs.

  4. Sending love, Nicole. I’m glad your medical team are so lovely. (It makes a difference when your veins aren’t fat and plump)

  5. You poor thing. I have had a procedure today and have nice juicy veins. I wish I could lend you them for the day
    Thinking of you and hope it all goes well

  6. Hi Nicole
    Can your lovely doctor use the feet this year and rest the arms?
    We won’t ever judge you on the junky veins.

    All the best,
    Kate xxx

  7. Wishing you ALL the luck. So sorry you have to go through that procedure, but here’s hoping the meds do their thing. Here are 2 lame puns/jokes for you: 1) ‘Two blood cells met and fell in love; but, alas, it was all in vein. 2) Doctor to patient: “These aren’t the biggest veins I’ve ever seen, but they are varicose.”

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