Trust Your Intuition! Monday Oracle 7 October 2019

Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.

Madeleine L’Engle

MOON, this week’s guiding card, is from the Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen. I choose a card every week, and use it intuitively and in a channelled space to bring you insights for the week ahead. To find out more about Laura, an Australian indigenous artist and educator, and her gorgeous work go here.

Hello, Lovelies!

October is a month for developing clear future vision and for believing in yourself and your dreams. You’ll be able to build on what you have already decided or created for yourself this year, aided by a deep knowing and intuition. Signs and messages are all around you, so trust your intuition! Keep October’s energy in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the card MOON brings us.

The Week Ahead

You might be feeling uncertain right now. The energies are a little turbulent still. That’s okay. At the core of your being, your wise self resides. And your wise self knows what you want, and what’s good for you. No matter what your mind tells you, no matter how much you rationalize, justify or validate to yourself, your wise inner self will know if you are lying to yourself. Or if there is something inside you that is bursting to get out.

This week MOON informs you that knowingness will burst forth in you. If something isn’t working for you, or if you’ve been ignoring a project or a calling, no matter how much you’ve told yourself it’s okay, your wise self will bring the truth to sit right in front of you, in a way you can’t ignore. You can’t keep secrets from yourself forever!

Listen to your wise self. It’s the voice of your soul, doing its best to steer you forward onto a path better suited to expressing your gifts, living your purpose and having your best shot at satisfaction, healing, contentment or whatever else is most needed in your life.

Your intuition is on overdrive this week, and that spiritual work, insights and creative flow will come easily to you. Signs and messages are everywhere.

MOON reminds you to reconnect with nature, to nurture your soul with things that inspire and soothe it this week too.

Supportive crystals this week?

Labradorite is a stone for deepening mystical connection, intuition and soul wisdom. It brings understanding and helps you to think deeply, boosting intellectual capacity. Chrysocolla helps you to release negative energy and old patterns, bringing love, light and healing into your world. It is a gently positive and reassuring stone that promotes self care.  Amethyst helps you to tune in to all forms of spiritual guidance and to make wise decisions. Fluorite taps you into your innate creativity, fires up your inspiration andhelps you to be honest, objective and innovative with your work. The picture below is of Labradorite (biggest stone) and Chrysocolla (the bluey-green one).

Helpful Essential Oils

Oils that connect us to our heart and intuitive energies are what’s needed this week.

Sokli and I have a lovely essential oil recipe for you called ‘Open to Receive’. This recipe stimulates your intuition and works with your Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras, allowing you to be open to inspiration, ideas and creative direction for your life. Use the recipe to create a heavenly diffuser scent OR use any of the individual oils on their own or in combination.

Open to Receive

  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Basil
  • 2 drops Wild Orange
  • 2 drops Lavender

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at

The month of October gifts you focus, and helps you to begin that important process of consciously manifesting a more satisfying and meaningful life for yourself. Feel into your intuition this week and then keep honing it all month. Let your intuition and Universal wisdom help to position you for a strong year in 2020.

Stay tuned as I share more tips here on the blog about how to work with your intuition, and how to navigate releasing old emotions and energies that are no longer serving you well.

If you’d like to dive deeper into emotional and energetic healing, my new online Rituals Course will help with that too.

My intention for you is that, in using these rituals, you will learn to come home to yourself, to know yourself better, and to evolve into a wiser, more secure, more intuitive, and happier version of yourself.

To find out more or to purchase the course and enjoy lifetime access to the materials, click here. This course is normally offered at $147, but for a limited time we are offering it at just $97. More details on the course below.

Wishing you a month of insights, clarity and inspiration!

All my love, Nicole xx

Rituals Course Details:

Would you like me to show you a way to heal your relationship with yourself so you can accept and love yourself, just as you are, right now?

Rituals for Healing Your Relationship With Yourself is a foundation course for creating gentle and restorative magic in your life. It will help you to embrace self-acceptance, and to feel more comfortable in your own skin. The course includes:

  • 8 unique rituals
  • 17 lessons
  • 9 instructional videos
  • 9 PDF downloads

(In a hurry to get started? Go here.)

You can come back to these rituals again and again, and they will always work for you. In fact, allowing room in your life for ritual enables you to reclaim more of your own mystical and intuitive self – which is your birthright, and an intrinsic part of who you are.

Coursework includes:

  • Bathtime Ritual – to help you to anchor gratitude, safety and self acceptance in your body
  • 20-minute Guided Healing Meditation – a meditation to practice any time that you experience pain, fear, illness, anxiety, discomfort or injury. It is a simple way to help promote healing and to reduce pain and inflammation. This meditation is also useful for you if you are exhausted or very stressed.
  • Emptying The Mind Ritual – a ritual to help you empty your mind, so that you can get your worries under control, and separate out the useful problem-solving thoughts from all of that negative and destructive chatter
  • Acceptance of Feelings Ritual – to help you to accept the feelings within your body so that they can be fully felt and released
  • Sowing Seeds Ritual – identify and magnetize yourself to the yearnings of your soul, so that you can make your dreams manifest in your life
  • Third Eye Activation Candle Ritual – a ritual to open your Third Eye and help you tap into your intuition and Soul Awareness
  • New Moon Manifesting Ritual – to draw abundance to you, get you back into flow with money, and create a path for your intentions so that they move from thought to reality
  • New Moon Grounding Ritual – this Ritual will ground you, as it opens you up to more of your own natural energetic and psychic ability; it is very comforting for people who spend most of their day indoors, or in front of a computer
  • Mother Moon Nurture Ritual – a ritual to help you to heal and replenish yourself on a soul level

My intention for you is that, in using these rituals, you will learn to come home to yourself, to know yourself better, and to evolve into a wiser, more secure, more intuitive, and happier version of yourself. Ready?  Go here.

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