Working With The Unknown Angels

“You want help? Ask for help. You want love? Ask for love. If you want anything from the universe, anything from yourself, you must first ask.”

Kamand Kojouri

Hello, Lovelies,

Do you ever forget that you know something? Something that would be helpful if only you actually did it?

There is something I teach in many of my retreats and workshops, and with many of my individual clients. It’s about how to call for help from the Angelic realms.

There is so much energetic help available to us when we ask.

But you have to ask first.


You have to ask.

Maybe you already do that. Maybe you call on your Guides or Angels, maybe you call on God, or your Ancestors or on Universal Energy.

Anthony William, who writes the Medical Medium series, was the first person I’ve ever heard refer to the Angels I work with as the Unknown Angels. I’ve always known them as the Angels without names – the Unnamed Angels. These angels are not Guardian angels or Archangels. They are angelic beings, here to be of service, who have no specific name or delegation, except to bring love help where it is needed. They are Angels I have talked to and called upon since I was a very small child.

I’m sure they won’t mind what we call them – what matters is that they are there for us to call on. Their role is one of providing support, assistance and synchronicity in our lives.

How do you call on the Unnamed Angels? Here’s my three-step process:

  1. The most important thing is your intention. You need to come from a place of open-heartedness, you need to be willing to ask, and you need to be willing to allow that help, you need to be willing to receive the energies that will begin flowing to you.
  2. You need to speak their names and your request out loud. When it’s in your head it’s just a thought, indistinguisable from other thoughts. When you speak your request aloud you give it form and power. You make your request real, and your request cannot be ignored. A whisper counts. But it must be a spoken request.
  3. You need to be open to however your help shows up. Keep your heart open. Be open-minded. Have faith. Help doesn’t always come in the form that you expect, or in the timeframe you expect (I’ve often found it’s quicker that I had expected!) but trust you will be heard. also understand that everything done must be for the Highest Good of All, including, but not limited to, you.

Your request can be as simple as, ‘Unnamed Angels, please send me help for my current situation.’ Or you can be specific, ‘Unnamed Angels, please help me find a practitioner who can help with my health issue.’

I was struggling with a technical problem on the weekend. It was late at night, and I had been working on this thing for days. Suddenly, I remembered. The Angels!

I asked the Unnamed Angels for assistance, and then I gave up and went to bed. As I was putting on my pyjamas I got an email from a business friend in America – someone I hadn’t heard from in maybe two years. I sat on the bed and read their message. And in that message was my answer.

Lesson learned. None of us is here alone, and we don’t have to do it all on our own. As we move toward the collaborative energies of 2020 and beyond it’s time to stop struggling and to remember to ask for help. It’s something I still need to work on, even after all these years. How about you?

Much love, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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8 thoughts on “Working With The Unknown Angels

  1. Have you ever heard of Lorna Beirne from Ireland?? She sees Angels all the time. Her books are very good. I love her book messages of Hope.
    I even got to see her in real life and she is not from this world. But I LOVE her message on angels and how to call them and ask for help.

  2. Hi Nicole – I love Anthony William the Medical Medium and his work and advice has been invaluable. I am glad to hear that you too, with all your connectedness- still needs the reminder to remember to ask for help. As always the perfect topic on the perfect day. xo

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