I was going to blog, but America!

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

 Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Everyone,

Sometimes history unfolds before your eyes in the most important of ways. Oh, America!

I can’t look away…

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

Thinking of all my American friends. Stay safe.
All my love, Nicole xx

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15 thoughts on “I was going to blog, but America!

  1. The heartache and stress of what happened has added heaviness to my heart….I grieve for our nation…thank you for thinking of us here in this madness.

  2. I so wish I weren’t an American right now! This is beyond frightening, but I hope in the end this shines a light on so much that has been ignored. I just hope this is not all in vain and that we don’t have to live with weeks, months, or years of violence from these domestic terrorists. I’ve been sending energy to our senators and congress members today, hoping they will take action to protect this country and bring unity to a horribly fractured country. Still can’t believe this has happened to us! Thanks for the thoughts, Nicole!

    1. I live in Colorado USA I am heartbroken to see what is happening here. I keep thinking how can this be happening…how did our country become so divided. I kept watching it on the news and then realized I needed to make sure to protect my energy. I am empathic and I have learned I need to clear my energy to protect myself, but I still feel compassion and pray for everyone involved. I am new to this group. I purchased the Journey maker planner and ended up getting so much more. Sending blessing and love to you all and to all in my country…we seem to have lost our way.

  3. Thank you Nicole and all the other commenters, for all your support. We need all the best wishes and prayers anyone can spare today. I’ve been weeping for my country today along with trying to figure a way out. I just feel done.

  4. If it weren’t for your post, I would not know what the actual hell was happening today in the ongoing sh*tshow of ‘Murrica where I happen to live. Every time I think it might be okay to crawl out from under my rock, turns out I am incorrect.

  5. Nicole and others, THANK YOU. It is like living in a horror film. With all that is happening at our Capital and around the nation/world with COVID your thoughts and prayers are a comfort.

  6. OMG….I don’t watch the news…but I just checked in. My heart weeps for the USA, a country so divided and with a leader who is igniting the disharmony. History indeed. I feel for my family in Oregon and California. What can we do individually?

  7. Thank you for thinking of us Nicole.
    I am watching things unfold on the TV and feel like I am watching a weird version of 9/11 happening all over again. The fear, the uncertainty….all the feels.

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