Rest, Retreat, Revelations – Monday Oracle 3 April 2023


Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.
― Mark Buchanan



Hello, Lovelies!

This Quarter I am using Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, with artwork by Lily Moses, for my weekly oracle readings.

Our card to guide us for the week ahead is WINTER – Take Care Of Your Needs. 


2023 is a year for change, creating solid foundations, and for spiritual journeying. It’s a year for personal growth, and for clarifying who you are, what you want, and why you are here.

WINTER – Take Care Of Your Needs.

What you need most right now is to get quiet and go within. This is a groundbreaking week for busting through old limiting beliefs and obstacles, so that you can make strong decisions about your future. Expect heightened intuition this week. Expect clarity around the problems and issues that have been playing on your mind. But to do that you need solitude and time to think.

Focus on your truth – on how you really feel, on what you need, on what needs to change.

If you’re tired right now, rest.

Pushing through won’t fix it. Hustling and struggling and fighting your fatigue will only amplify your exhaustion.

So, rest.


Go to bed early.

Sleep in.

And know that sometimes resting looks like taking a bath, digging in the garden, listening to music, doing your art, baking bread or watching a movie.

As you take care of your own needs expect that insights will keep coming about what you need to change to make your life one that is better aligned to your energies, gifts and dreams.

In these times of stress and change, looking after yourself may mean you’ll need more downtime. That’s not being lazy. That’s self-care.


My Top Tip For The Week Ahead: 

Do a check-in with yourself this week. What’s happening in your physical body? How’s your mental health? What about your emotional wellbeing?

If you are out of balance in any of those areas recognise that and to begin putting things in place to maintain or come back to a place of health.

This week is a great week for creating change around health and well being. Expect to find resources, people and information that can help you turn your health around. You know your body better than anyone else so if you know there is a problem and you are not being listened to or believed then seek a second opinion and find a health practitioner who supports you on your journey.

Stuck with creating a satisfying life for yourself or understanding your best direction forward? Maybe you need a session with me to bring some extra clarity and direction. Details here

Crystals to support you this week – Clear Quartz, Ametrine, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Labradorite


After my cardiologist came and sat on my bed a fortnight ago, held my hand and gently suggested that I need to ‘radically and completely change my current life’, I did something sensible.

I said to myself Hmmm, I’ll think about that in April.

Life changes, big ones, need thought.

They need rest.

They need time.

So, this month has been designated my ‘thinking month’.

Last Friday was the 31st of March. I had promised myself I would work through to the end of the month, and then I would stop, take time, and figure things out.

When I finished my last client session, when I uploaded my last files, when my membership portal was filled with a new month’s activities it was late afternoon. I sat at my desk and cried. With exhaustion. With relief. I had made it. I got through the month. I knew I could settle in to some serious rest, writing and recharge. 

Then I sat in meditation at 6pm and 8pm that night, a healing circle for my Inner Circle where we can all give and receive healing. I had planned to write on the weekend, between meditations, but instead I napped, baked cakes, drank tea with loved ones, and worked on creating a physical Healing Circle in the garden.

Today I’ll tidy my desk, write some notes, and probably have another nap. I’ll keep meditating too. Part of me feels like I could sleep all month, and maybe that’s what I need. 

Anyway, I’m listening to my doctors, I’m paying attention. I’m changing my life. When I know what that’s going to look like I’ll let you know.
Love, clean sheets, feather pillows, and a cloud of relaxing essential oils, Nicole xx











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  1. Aaaah Breathe out more slowly than you breathe in, was the message I heard after reading your post and it felt good💚🕊️🌿xxx

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