Please excuse me…

Arrivals at Heathrow Photo: Frantzesco Kangaris

Some of you might have read recently about my use of affirmations (My embarrassing affirmation confession), so you’ll know that one of my favourites is ‘Something wonderful will happen to me today…’

So that was exactly what I was affirming to myself this morning, from the comfort of my nice warm bed, around 4 am, when my phone announced that I had a message.

A friend from overseas had just landed at Brisbane Airport, and had  a few hours stopover before flying on to Sydney.  I was awake, the airport was close, so I jumped at the chance for a hug, a chat, and an early breakfast.

Something wonderful happened to me today.  Life’s crazy synchronicity enabled me to catch  up with someone I love.  Two people, right place, right time and an ability to say ‘yes’ to opportunity.

I’ll blog the thing I was going to blog tomorrow… But today I have given myself some time out.  And hey – I blogged this from my iPhone.  How awesome is that!!!

26 thoughts on “Please excuse me…

  1. John Edwin Childs
    on June 6, 2012 at 3:57 am said:
    Cows really show appreciation, even a tounge kiss sometimes. The hugs transfer the positive spiritual energy.each soul must share. We read your blog and are nourished.

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