The Needs Of The Few

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A revered philosopher (Spock in Startreck II – Wrath of Khan) once said that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one, as Captain Kirk so handily pointed out.

So what does this have to do with today’s blog?

As I sat down to write this morning’s post, I heard a poignant yap. There came another, and then another.  Then a full-on howling tanty.

Out in the kitchen, young Harry, our new puppy sat forlorn and miserable.  Why wouldn’t anyone play with him?

So today, in defiance of logic and the good Mr Spock, I am putting the needs of the few first.  Or the one.

Because that’s what love does.

We’re off to play fetch and have a wrestle on the lawn…

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How about you?  Is there anyone in your life, furry or human, who might also need a little extra love and attention?

Spock is very wise.  But he also has a Vulcan heart. Human hearts have a different kind of wisdom.  We know that sometimes one is more important than the many…


*PS – Aaaah – my cover’s blown. My geekiness revealed. Star Trek? Yes, she whispers, I own all the boxed sets…

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24 thoughts on “The Needs Of The Few

  1. Oh good heavens. We’ve got plenty of furry (and feathery) creatures demanding our attention over here! 2 birds, 2 mice, one hamster, and one slightly evil rabbit, whose plans for world domination are only thwarted by her unfortunate lack of thumbs.

    By the time I get done taking care of all of them, I’m the one who needs a little extra attention. Or at least a nap! 🙂

  2. closet trekkie? well we have something in common! did you see the last star trek movie? it’s like they reset the whole show, it’s great! if not, i think an evening with pjs, popcorn and your geek friends might be in order! remember to wear thick black frames for that! haha! sx

  3. Good to see you’re taking your own advise and taking time out to ‘rest’ – well IF Mr Harry will let you!! He is such a sweetheart – and I think quite wise in amongst all the Tigger-ness!! Hope you both had a great wrestle sesh… XXX

  4. I have to laugh….I just saw William Shatner in “Shatner’s World” here in Atlanta. This is his one man 2 hour show. He is amazing! 81 years old, and it was just him on the stage…. and he had the entire audience on their feet.

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