Are You Having A Slow Start To The Year?


Give me a quiet life, give me trees, the wind through them, give me a sea and the song it sings. Give me heartbeats shared with those I love, give me peace and a long deep sleep.

– Tyler Knott Gregson

Hello, Lovelies!

Here we are at the start of 2023, and for me it has been a slow start.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been working on a new project, which I will share in the next few days, but I had the bones of it all done by early on January 1, and after the Christmas rush and the need to get our Planner up and out into the world, the stress of family illnesses and hospitalisations, and the packaging and sending of many physical orders, client readings at an intense pace, and getting prepped for Christmas Lunch at our house, and several other social engagements that required I cook, suddenly I reached into myself and realised how tired I was.

So I stopped.

As you probably noticed, I didn’t blog.

I slept in. I went for swims in the pool and afternoon naps. I did my card spreads for the year ahead and wrote in my Planner. I started my 2022 Review. I snacked and didn’t cook a single meal more elaborate than a grazing platter. I went to bed one night at 6pm and one night at 7pm.

This morning I woke partially restored. There is still a deep fatigue in me, as I am sure there is in many of you.

Most of us did not start the year with a full battery. We limped into this year with the warning lights blinking.
Then add to that some solar flares and an impending big full moon and celestial energy in the skies above us draining our batteries even more.

But that’s okay because this first three months of 2023 requires slow.

The astrological and celestial energies support slow.

Slow is restorative.

Slow lets good things brew inside us – healing, innovations, ideas and Divine Guidance.

Slow lets us catch our breath and become renewed again.

Please, if you’re like me and literally DRAGGED yourself into 2023, be gentle with yourself right now and give yourself permission to do January slow, and maybe February and March too. It’s okay if the things you would normally do to start your year get delayed or postponed.

Feel in, and give yourself what you need. Rest first. I promise, it might feel weird and strange and uncomfortable after years of hustle and push, but it will be worth it.

2023 is the kind of year that needs you to do things differently. You’re intuitive. I’m sure you sense that. It’s something I will be talking about a lot this year.
Okay, I am glad I touched base with you again. Normal blogging will now resume 😊 It’s not quite 6am here at the Treehouse as I write this. I’ll get this all tidied up and published and then I think a slow beach walk and an early ocean swim is in order to start my day.
Much love to you all, and Happy New Year, Nicole xx

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2 thoughts on “Are You Having A Slow Start To The Year?

  1. Resting a little, grand babes for a few days enjoying the new pup a kelpie x. Instead of a quiet farm it was rumble in the jungle. Lots of fun I knew I was alive. Three days then quiet again. Rock and Roll NYE. Happiness

  2. This is a tricky one for me…I cancelled an event that I just didn’t feel like going to. I’d had a bad day, felt drained and the thought of mingling didn’t feel appealing. But when I cancelled I felt bad for not going, letting people down. It was just more guilt on top of everything else I am already dealing with. I am quite tired of playing by everyone else’s rules but dealing with the fall out is also tiring.

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