Up all night, talking to Ghosts

Image from Soul Service

Image from Soul Service

“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.” 
Salman RushdieThe Satanic Verses


I’m late blogging today, but I have an excuse. I was up all night, talking to ghosts. Well, one ghost actually.

This morning I was shaken, fragile and exhausted.

And then his mother rang me…

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  Right now I need to ground myself in this world, and in the comfort of hugs, mugs of tea, and playtime with my dogs. I need a quiet moment to let this all settle.

Much love to you, Nicole xx

6 thoughts on “Up all night, talking to Ghosts

  1. You go through so much Nicole. Enjoy your hugs, tea and cuddles with your beautiful dogs. I’m sorry it takes so much out of you. But I’m so looking forward to hearing all about it. Is that wrong of me to look forward to the shivers your stories give me xox

  2. You are the only person I know that would spend all night talking to ghosts . You have a rare and special gift and you are a rare and special person . I am sure this must lead to helping someone in need ,really looking forward to tomorrow , and the outcome .
    Have a good rest you deserve it .

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