Talking to Dragons

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“Always speak politely to an enraged dragon.”
~ Steven Brust, Jhereg


It’s after 3am. An odd time to be posting a blog. Still. I’m wide awake.

I might as well stay up now so that I can do my morning meditate soon, as is my daily practice.

It’s been one of those nights. The kind of night I’ve not had for a while. I guess Lyme wanted to remind me…

So I’ve lain awake all night, staring at the ceiling, roaming the house, trying whatever remedies I have to tame this pain beast. My body aches. Electricity arches down my limbs, and stabs behind my eyes. It feels as if someone has lodged an ice-pick in my skull and is twisting it violently. Random pain assails me. But it’s okay. I am becoming quite skilled as a Lyme Dragon Whisperer.

I’ve not quite got the dosage right on my latest drugs and herbs yet. Which include, of course, the dreaded Drug Number Four. Once again it’s giving me grief, and yet I know that the pain is bacteria dying, so I’m celebrating even as I want to scream. (I won’t though – too dramatic and it will wake Ben and the dogs!)

I’m hoping to slip back to bed after my meditation. I’m hoping that the meditation will take enough of an edge off, and combined with my massive exhaustion I’ll just fall right asleep.

Fingers crossed, hey?

Meanwhile I’m going to fly the night sky, and send you all some healing. I might as well be useful for something. Anyway, when I’m in that meditation place I am free of my body and its limitations. The pain is gone. It gives delicious respite.

Okay. I’m ready now.

I’ll see you in your dreams. Know that you are loved. xoxo

Image by Mike Rae
Image by Mike Rae
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15 thoughts on “Talking to Dragons

  1. Oscar my gorgeous King Charles Spaniel always gives me wet sloppy kisses, if I up at night and need a little support, so a little late I know , sending you some over …did you get them lol

  2. I hope you had a peaceful sleep when you went back to bed, Nothing like pain to keep you walking the floors in the small hours although mine is nothing compared to what you go through. I read your posts and think how blessed I am for the minimum health issues I have. Thank you for the healing and also once again my beautiful gift filled with so much energy (it feels like my wrist is heating up when I put it on!) Enjoy a beautiful Byron Bay Christmas with Ben and your fur babies, I hope you are surrounded with love and beautiful friends to share it with too xxoxx

  3. That quote about the enraged dragon made me laugh. I have an angry and depressed parrot at the moment and he reminds me of a little dragon when he’s in one of those moods.
    I hope the pain subsides and you find your happy place.

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