Harry Dog Update

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” 

Will Rogers

Hey, Lovelies!
We got our latest vet report yesterday for our Blue Cattle Dog Harry, who has recently undergone cruciate ligament surgery – a pretty major deal.

Things are healing well, but not as fast as we had hoped, so he needs another quiet two weeks before we can let him go back to being 100% crazy, and racing around the farm like a mad thing. No easy task when his little brother Rufie keeps trying to sneak him out of the house and into trouble! (That’s Rufous the Red Cattle Dog below, sitting beside his brother – looking the picture of innocence – but don’t be fooled.)

It’s so good to have Harry out of pain, and heading towards being his lively self again. The trick now will be to keep him relatively quiet just a little longer.

Isn’t it funny how a dog can just steal your heart? Don’t know where we would be without the love of dogs in our lives.

So that’s another two weeks of him sitting on my feet while I work, being the bad co-worker whose silent lethal farts can kill. Lucky I love him!!!

We might get a bit more quiet sunbathing in too. Hope you and your loved ones are all doing okay. We recommend sun, hugs and naps as universal good medicines.

Hugs from all of us xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Harry Dog Update

  1. Love to Harry and a happy, healthy, hearty healing, Sir Blue Dog of the Cattle. Rufous the Red – keep watch, my friend. (and dude – stop leading Harry astray! Keep your eye on the long game, my friend!) My WFH colleague, Mister Darcy Dog is doing an excellent job of keeping me safe and in fine company. Sadly, my other fabulous feline colleague, Miss Madison, is not well and stayed a the vet overnight – I’ll find out what the story is today (fingers crossed).
    Thank you Nicole for your amazing blog – I sometimes share – but ALWAYS enjoy reading the fun, the joys, the heartache – you are the most authentic person I know. Thank you for being you. I do hope you’re doing well. (do you need us to send you a gas mask to combat your colleague emissions?)
    Sending you all lots of love xoxoxo

  2. What a job keeping a cattle dog quiet in such a beautiful spot to race & roam, plus Rufus scratching to have his buddie out an about with him….lethal farts..can do with them! Blessings of Love…XOXO

  3. Love this it’s fun, hope Harry the mad is much better soon, we have a beautiful big beloved toxic farthing doggo too….and how much do we love him…well as you might say to a child as your arms are spread wider than wide…..we love him that much…or just about to the moon and back….this was a lovely read…enjoy that coffee..oops that’s in the next post..,enjoy anyway.,am loving the posts thank you Nicole..rest well and often you too..isn’t it really now like Dickens ..wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, etc……xxx

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