Yesterday, I made everything different


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
― Rumi

Hey, Lovelies!

Yesterday something came over me. I can’t quite say what, except that I felt calm and sure. And happy.

In my office I ripped down all my old motivational quotes and business shit and put self-love stuff, poetry and artsy things on the walls instead. I replaced boxes of work files with art supplies and books I want to read.

I mosaiced my calendar for the year ahead. (Want to find out more? Watch my webinar replay. It’s free, available for a limited time, and super-useful about the energies of 2023 – details at the bottom of this post.)

I did a little colouring-in.

I talked to the dogs and went for a swim.

I played with my tarot and oracle cards.

I delegated stuff to my newest team member, and we played around with graphic design together. I worked, but in a leisurely way.

And it felt good.

Can you feel the shift too?

2023 has fantastic energies for healing, creativity, spiritual journeying and personal growth. It is anti-hustle, and it’s going to need a whole new approach.

Want to hear all about 2023 energies? Sign up for my free Journeymaker’s Planner Foundations course – then go to the Webinar Replay lesson. There’s a free guided meditation for you to download too. But be quick – I’m only keeping it available for a limited time.
Go here to get access to the Webinar.

You can also find out about the energies of 2023 – for the year and then for each Quarter and Month – by using my Journeymaker’s Planner 2023 as your companion for the year. To access the Planner as a digital or hard copy go here.

Love, hugs and a very relaxed vibe, Nicole xx
PS – Isn’t Harry Dog gorgeous! He always has to watch over us when we swim to make sure we are safe. ❤🐾😊


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