A Fairy Update

I believe in everything until it’s disproved.

So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons.

It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. 
― John Lennon

Hey, Lovelies!

In a recent comment, one of our readers, Sally, asked: May we have a Sokli update? Do fairies move with you or do they remain in their original habitats?

Hi, Sally. What a great question. Usually, fairies are geographically specific, which means that they live in one location and don’t move around. Sokli, my fairy friend, used to live in a patch of native scrub across the road from a home where I spent part of my childhood and early adulthood. I never interacted with her at that time. Eventually development caught up with that suburb and the place where Sokli lived was bulldozed and replaced by a road and a concrete culvert and stormwater drain. Her beautiful home ceased to exist. I met her soon afterwards.

Sokli lives with me now, and she has come with me when I have moved. In fact, she has even travelled with me on holidays a few times, which was marvelous. Here at the Treehouse Sokli has been quite the social fairy, and has made herself known to all the local fairies around our home, and to all of the animals too. It has helped us to settle well into our new location, and to feel an understanding for the land around us. She has told us all about the snakes that live in the stone wall, and the ones that live under the concrete slab, and who the pythons are. She regales us with stories of the echidnas and the birds, the personalities of the lizards, and the misfortunes of the scrub turkeys who live at the bottom of the garden.

Sokli continues to share information and help with me, and also with some of my clients and our membership group, particularly in relation to matters of health and anything to do with our fur families. I cherish her insights, and feel so blessed to count her as a friend. I am sure that if it were not for her I would no longer be alive! I love her sense of humour too. She makes us laugh all the time.

This is what she wants to say to all of you:

Dear peoples, please remember to drink more water because water is really good for you and hardly anyone drinks enough. Also, sunshine and moonlight and starlight are good for you too so please remember to go outside sometimes. Also, be nice and kind to yourself because being mean to yourself is no good and only makes life sad and awful and life can already be hard and awful sometimes and you are lovely so please be a good friend to yourself, and also be kind to people and animals and plants because everyone is connected even if you can’t see the magic that is in everything. Magic is actually real and you are magical too. Also the last thing is to remember to have fun.

We both send our love to you, Nicole and Sokli xoxo


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