This Post Was Baked Yesterday But It Still Tastes Good


I would like to put some admirable quote here about time management, but those quotes were never written by people caring for others, people who have good days and bad days due to chronic illness or the illness of a loved one, the need to take into account Murphy’s Law, or the fact that life often throws you curve balls or glorious opportunities that you must find a way to fit into your already impossibly scheduled life. And I abhor hustle culture. Instead I will just say – do the best you can, be adaptable, and know when to throw in the towel and start again tomorrow.
– Nicole Cody

Hey, Lovelies.

This is today’s blog, written in bursts yesterday afternoon after a short nap, and before our guests arrived for dinner.

In between prepping the roast, setting the table, and making the apple pie I sat at my laptop and knocked out these words, sentence by sentence, until there was enough to satisfy me.

As you probably know, it had been a busy and stressful week, followed by a stressful night (little sleep and needing to support a client whose husband had a heart attack and died while having a shower early on Thursday evening) followed by that kind of a morning where you’re tired and cranky and nothing seems to flow, followed by a day that pretty much fell to pieces too.

This is what I posted as an update on my Facebook page yesterday mid-morning. If you’ve already seen it skip to the end of the italics section…

Murphy’s Law. I am running on minimal sleep after a stressful few days, (insomnia has been a thing for me all week) and had hoped to go back to bed this morning at 6am to catch up on a few more hours before commitments later today and this evening.
Dog vomits all over carpet, necessitating major cleanup job. (Thanks Rufie!) Then Ben informs me we have a tradie arriving at our place early this morning to install lights in other parts of the house and a Range-hood in the kitchen.
When we pull the old Range-hood out we discover that it was illegally installed and vents into a ceiling void that is now coated in 24 years worth of oil and grease and is a major fire hazard. Because we are a pole-house on the side of a hill and the kitchen is super-high off the ground this is now a major undertaking to install a proper venting system to the outside of the house, and there is no easy fix. Of course.
When I sat down at my desk for a moment I put my foot onto something squishy and wet, to find out Rufie had also chewed up a gecko and than spat it out and left it for me. Awesome!
But I did manage to make a dairy-free, gluten-free creamy caramelised onion dip at 7am this morning (because of course we also have people coming to dinner tonight and I needed a suitable pre-dinner offering), and I am happy to report that it is delicious.
I am now holding out for the roast to be in the oven, the vegies prepped, the apple pie prepped (it’s all easy food, thank goodness) and for me to be sitting down with my feet up and some kind of Friday night Happy-Hour drink in hand.
That should be about 6 hours from now. Actually, that’s not all that much time to get everything else done on my list for today. But I am not going to stress about that.
It’s Friday, and I live in a treehouse with its own bar. I have music. I have no work on the weekend. It’s all good.
To everyone else who is making the best of things, who is running on empty, who is is having one of those days – I see you, and I am sending love, hugs and positive Friday vibes. We’ve got this. 😘🌸🌈🥂❤️
So, all in all it was a huge stretch of a day, but a nap, some good food in the oven, and a tidy house helped me to feel ready for a low-key night with friends and yummy food. (I will post the Caramelised Onion Dip and Filo Pastry Apple Pie recipes next week.)
My plans for the weekend:
A sleep-in today. In fact I may stay in bed til lunchtime. I might not even get out of my pjs. I’m tired, tired, tired and I need some hermit time.
At some stage on the weekend (besides eating leftovers – hooray for roast lamb and baked vegetables) I am going to do a little writing, a little reading, some journalling and card-pulling, and I will find a good movie to watch. Of course there will be lots of time with Ben and the pupsters, which always fills my cup. Everything else can wait.
That’s about it. A slow-down sounds glorious.
I hope you get some quality time for yourself too this weekend.
Hugs and love, Nicole xx
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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