Finding Your Power Zones!

The greatest weariness comes from work not done.

Eric Hoffer

Hey, Lovelies!

Do you know what your Power Zones are? Power Zones are times of the day where you have strong energy – either mental or physical. You might have a peak period for creativity first thing in the morning, but find that mathematics or tax or editing is best tackled in the afternoon. Maybe your best time for exercise is mid-morning, but stretching and yoga is a better early evening activity.

Start paying attention to your body and you’ll soon start to see what activities best suit certain times of the day.

Not sure, or really stuck about how to work this out? Think back to when you were younger, or healthier, or less stressed. When did you make art, or journal? When did you exercise? Our natural rhythms don’t change much. Look for the clues – they’ll be there!

When you figure out your Power Zones you can start scheduling tasks at the times that will allow you to make the most of peak energy periods.

This knowledge is especially useful if you suffer from chronic fatigue or illness, because it will allow you to use your precious reserves of energy more wisely. My best time of the day for writing and creating is early morning, so I have learned not to put work before 10AM so I can maximise that creative space.

Try it. I know it can make a positive difference for you too.

Love and hugs, Nicole xx

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