I Have A Present For You!

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“Self-care is how you take your power back.”
~ Lalah Delia

Hello, Lovelies.

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or completely over it all?

Congratulations! I’ve just gifted you a Free Pass. You might want to cut this out and store it in your wallet. You may also want to share this with someone else who would benefit from it.

This is a magical ticket. It allows you to decline a usual activity or responsibility, so that you may replace it with one of your choosing. Used responsibly, this magical ticket has been found to have restorative properties for Body, Mind and Spirit.

I’m using my own ticket this afternoon. I had planned a mass of admin work; catching up on emails, phone calls and filing. But I’m tired so I’m going back to bed for a nice big sleep after lunch. When I wake up I’ll decide how to spend the rest of my day. So far I’m leaning towards a bubble bath, soup and a good book.

PS – this ticket renews itself, so tuck it away after you’ve used it. Just knowing it’s in your wallet is often enough to get you through a rough patch. And when you really need it, it will be there for you.  Enjoy! ♥ xx

Are You Honouring Your Need To Cocoon?

“Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.” ~ Mark Buchanan

The energies of June, and more specifically of this week, call on us to make rest a priority.

For many of us, the start of 2018 has been busy. For some, it has been incredibly demanding.

So now what is needed is to rest, to relax, to regroup.

There will be time for busy-busy later. But for now, honour that need you to withdraw for an hour or a day.

Rest is vital. Withdrawing from the energy of others so that your own can be restored is essential.

Don’t see it as a weakness. See it as something to look forward to. Something to sink into. Something to help you recover your zest for life, your sense of self, your way forward again.

Tune in to yourself and your energy levels this week and honour that need for self-time and self-care. You’re worth it, and by honouring that need to cocoon you’ll be able to put your best foot forward as we move into the next phase of the year when things start to become busy again.

Thinking of you and sending so much love, Nicole ❤ xx

The Week Ahead – Oracle Reading for Monday 19 September 2016

never ending story colette baron reid

“Stay out of the court of self-judgment, for there is no presumption of innocence.”
~ Robert Brault


Hello Lovelies,

Here’s this week’s oracle card and my take on the energetic outlook for the days ahead.

‘Never-ending Story’, from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck is the card I have chosen for this week.

Do you remember what I said about the energies of September, earlier this month? Let me refresh your memories:

This month we see things from a higher perspective. Old relationships, trials, failures and obstacles lose their sting, and we see how many of these things have helped us to become who we are and to develop a depth and wisdom we would not otherwise have had.

We can put down the guilt or resentment.

We start to see the learnings instead of just the pain.

Our energy can flow again after all of that stuckness.


So, in the week ahead, we are being energetically supported to act upon this. Among other things, we are being asked to become deeply aware of our own voice in our heads.

How do we speak to ourselves? Is it from a place of meanness and judgement? Are we endlessly critical or complaining? Are we stuck in our story – and does that story harm us and hold us back?

Many of our limitations arise from this faulty thinking that makes us and our capabilities diminished in our own eyes.

This week, a little awareness can go a long way. When we find ourselves listening to a negative inner voice, we can consciously choose to think differently:

  • I can choose this
  • I can learn to do that
  • I can do this
  • I can ask for help
  • I can choose something different
  • I am changing
  • I’ve got this
  • I’m doing better
  • Things can be different
  • Things are changing for me
  • I’ll find another way
  • I’ll find someone to help me
  • Something wonderful will happen to me today (one of my all-time favourite mantras)

Often we tell a story about our limitations or stay stuck in a pity-party long after an event or relationship has passed our horizon. Where can you lighten your load this week by letting go of that tired old news?

When we stop telling the old stories, we create space for a new story to take shape.

Don’t have a new story yet? Take time for dreaming, imagining and goal setting. Making a dream board this week is an excellent activity too, which is bound to fire up new ideas and possibilities for you to aim for. (instructions below)

Make time for your dreams – even fifteen minutes a day, or a couple of hours one night or on the weekend can get you heading in the right direction, and feeling less frustrated and resentful with yourself or the world.

Dream Board/ Vision Board
A Dream Board or Vision Board is a visual representation for your dream home, life, career or whatever else makes you tick. Start by getting a whole pile of magazines.  (You can often get them from newsagents for free with the covers ripped off if you let them know you are using them for an art project.)
Without thinking about it too much, flick through the magazines and pull out the pictures that appeal to you. If words ‘jump out’ at you and make you feel good, cut those out too!
I had a client once who thought she wanted to live on a farm, but she’d never been able to manifest one.  When she did this activity every picture she pulled out was of a waterfront apartment surrounded by boats and restaurants and high end shops.  Guess where she lives now?
When you’re done cut your pictures out and glue them to a large sheet of cardboard, or peg them to a corkboard and place it somewhere where you can see it. Look at it often, to remind yourself what the elements of your new story are, and how you want to shape your life.
Relationship Stories
relationship advice

Image from Aymen256 at www.fivesquid.com

It’s also a week for examining the relationships around us.

We often get into the habit of living from a story, rather than being in the moment in our relationships. We think in generalisations or judgements, which frame our thoughts and actions before we even begin an interaction with the other person:

He’s never going to go for that. My brother thinks I’m stupid. My mother-in-law hates me. She’s the boss’s favourite, not me. None of them like me. She’s so stuck up.

This week, how about starting over in your challenging relationships? Allow that just as you can change, so can the other person, and in fact they may already have changed but you are still stuck in the old story.

Approach your relationship with the other person as though they have changed, and things are different between you. Treat them as though things are already good. Look for a positive story between you, no matter how small a step you take. Look for positive things about the other person, as well as about yourself. Speak these positive things where you can. Practice kindness. Acknowledge the good and the talent in others. I have seen this technique bring about huge changes in families and love relationships over time. It may well take patience, but the rewards will be worth it.

You’ll also soon see where you efforts are wasted and it would be better to step back or minimise contact with people who put you down and judge you harshly. If they stay stuck in their story, that’s their problem, not yours.


If you need a little encouragement this week, I think the words of Max Erhmann’s great poem Desiderata may speak to you…


Thinking of you, and sending all my love and encouragement for a week of kindness towards yourself and others, and for emerging possibilities and healing,

Nicole <3 xoxo

PS: I’m through all my surgery now, and am healing well. I’ve had a slight complication with infection – having picked up a nasty superbug along the way – but I’m being well taken care of, getting lots of rest, and there is ample time for meditation, thinking about my memoir and dreaming a little of how good life will be once I’m up and about again. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and well wishes and healing energy sent my way. You’ve really lifted me up and through some very tough days, my friends, and I thank you with all my heart.

Life Lucky Dips – Why You Need Them!


“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.”
~ Henry Clay


In Australia we have a quaint custom called a Lucky Dip. It is often found at fairs and school fetes. A box full of mystery gifts from which we can choose. Every gift is a prize, and part of the novelty is that the gift will be a surprise.

When I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure several years ago, and given a short life expectancy, I decided to make it a point to choose a ‘Lucky Dip’ for myself each week. I would gift myself a small action or adventure, or perhaps even a physical thing – the equivalent of stopping to smell life’s roses – so that if I died, I could know that I had been truly living in the midst of all of that time of uncertainty, and so that I could say that I had done my best to make the most of my life and known pleasure and emotional satisfaction. My list included things I could do ever if I was unwell, or had no money in my pocket. I was careful to honour my Lucky Dip every week. They proved a wonderful strategy for self-love and for developing gratitude and positive optimism in the face of adversity.

Last year I lost three friends to early deaths. As I sat on one friend’s bed in a palliative care unit, Angela sobbed in my arms about how she would never get to try the new restaurant she’d wanted to go to, or read all of those books, how she’d never again meet us for fish and chips and to take our dogs for a walk on the beach, or eat coconut gelati, or bushwalk or picnic, or sit around a bonfire on a crisp winter’s night. So many things she’d planned to do or thought about doing, and never got around to, because like most of us, Angela always presumed there would be plenty of time after the work was done, and the study, and the chores.

But we never know how long we’ve got. And the work is never done.

When I created my Year of ME Planner (ME stands for Manifesting Energies!) I made sure to incorporate the concept of a weekly (yep, every week) Lucky Dip, so that everyone working with the Planner would be able to smell life’s roses too.

My Planner is still available, and it’s the perfect tool for organising your days and your life into a meaningful and satisfying shape. It’s not too late for you to make the most of 2016!

If you’d like more information you can go here or straight to my shop.

Regardless, the idea of a regular Lucky Dip for your week is a nourishing self-care action. Here are some of my favourite ideas for Lucky Dips. Please feel free to share your own ideas in the comments section below, or over on our facebook page. Use the hashtag #luckydipme if you’re sharing on social media, so we can all find your ideas and pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest.

2015-11-20 15.03.46-2

  • Go for a walk on the beach or somewhere in nature
  • Take myself for a picnic
  • Spend time in a cafe with my favourite hot beverage and a good book or magazine
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Go to a market or fair
  • See a new movie
  • Have an afternoon nap after a relaxing bath
  • Pedicure, manicure or facial – in a salon or at home
  • Eat out with friends
  • Take a ferry ride
  • Talk to a travel agent about holiday ideas
  • Buy myself a bunch of flowers
  • Go to the library and choose new books
  • Wander a stationery or craft store
  • Browse a book store
  • Cruise the weekend garage sales
  • Lie on the couch with my eyes closed and listen to my favourite CD
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Go to the movies
  • Time for me to craft
  • A baking afternoon
  • Visit an old friend
  • Visit my family
  • Host a barbeque
  • Play games online or on my iPad without any guilt
  • Curl up with a  good book, some chocolate and a pot of tea
  • Invite friends over to play board games
  • Travel my city like a tourist
  • Wander through a park or garden
  • Visit a plant nursery
  • Spend time in my own garden
  • Take my dog for a long walk
  • Go shopping for a new outfit
  • Watch my favourite DVD
  • Prepare my favourite childhood food
  • Have a writing date with friends
  • Go to an art class
  • Take a yoga class
  • Make myself a piece of jewellery
  • Visit a fabric store
  • Lie on the bed and read cookbooks
  • Bake or make something from a cookbook
  • Lie on the grass and bust clouds
  • Sit in the sun with a cold drink or an icecream
  • Watch the waves at the beach
  • Fly a kite
  • Make or rearrange an altar in my home or in nature
  • Play with my runes or oracle cards
  • Make a crystal grid
  • Go on a photo walk and take pictures of textures, colour and interesting things
  • Take a train ride
  • Sunday afternoon drinks with the neighbours
  • Meet friends for coffee
  • Finger-painting or playdough modelling with my friends’ kids
  • Visit a quirky suburb or town
  • Go for a drive somewhere new
  • Work on a project that’s dear to me
  • Plant some flowers
  • Visit the farmers markets
  • Spend time colouring, alone or with friends
  • Visit a shrine, temple or old church – light a candle or some incense and say a prayer for all my loved ones. Sit in the energy for a while
  • Look through old photos and letters
  • Do something new with my hair
  • Make a mandala
  • Visit a look-out and enjoy the view



10 Easy Steps For Self Care During Troubled Times

“They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself.”
~ Te’ V. Smith


It’s simple enough to be well-intentioned and kind to yourself when life is going smoothly. Or if you are on holidays. Or in a really good head space.

But when we are hard up against it – when we have crushing deadlines, or horrible dramas, or the people around us are treating us badly, when we’re ill, depressed or in pain – that’s the time where we most need good self-care, and it is usually the time where we are least inclined to give it to ourselves.

After years of illness, and in my line of work (as a psychic and a support for many people going through their own hardships) where there is no ‘off-switch’, I’ve learned the hard way that self-care is essential. Always. Fortunately I’ve also discovered that it isn’t such a difficult ask of ourselves, and that a little self-awareness and kindness towards ourselves goes a long way towards keeping us resilient and coping in the most troubled of times.

Here are my top ten tips for getting yourself through whatever you might be facing right now:

1. Drink enough water. When we are well hydrated our body is less acidic, we can flush toxins and stress hormones from our system better, we sleep more deeply and our brains work more clearly.

2. Have a shower, wash your hair and put on some clean clothes. For an additional touch of self-love use a perfume, scented moisturiser, aftershave or essential oil whose fragrance lifts your spirits or reminds you of someone you love. If washing your hair is just too hard, pull it back neatly, plait it, or tuck it under a scarf or cap. When I was at my most ill, I’d make myself bathe and put clean pyjamas on. It helped. A lot. And it was always worth the effort, even when I was exhausted. Clean sheets can do wonders for the soul too!

3. Find five minutes for meditation. Meditation calms and centres us, and helps us find our way back to ourselves, our soul and to Spirit. Try any of these simple techniques: Easy Five Minute Meditation, Three Minute Essential Oil Meditation, Taking Energy From Trees, Eating The Sun Meditation.

4. Dance. To one uplifting song. Sing along, and let your body move to the beat. Dance in your lounge room. Dance in the car. Of if you’re confined to bed, sway, tap your hands, draw that music deep into your body and belt out the lyrics.

5. Have a plan, and then work the plan. Choose a time when you can sit down for ten minutes with a cup of tea or a cold drink and your diary. Think of something you want to get done and then break it down into steps and assign those steps to the coming days, weeks or months. Allow more time than you need – because in troubled times we need to allow ourselves extra flexibility. No need to give yourself more pressure when you’re already under the pump. Plans enacted help us to take control back in our lives, and give us something to work towards. It’s okay if your plan is for completing something small. Every time we act instead of procrastinate something strengthens within  us.

6. Go for a walk in nature. Can’t walk? Then try to simply earth yourself instead. If you’re confined to bed or unable to get outside sit by an open window or door. Use your eyes and ears. Use your skin. Let your mind wander outside even if your body can’t.

Image from funnystack.com

Image from funnystack.com

7. Eat something healthy that will nurture and strengthen your body. Choose foods that you know support you. Food gives us energy and helps our bodies work  better. Eating irregular meals and junk food slows us down and makes us feel worse instead of better. Sometimes poor food choices are all we will have. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t sit in guilt. Eating is better than not eating. Decide to make a better choice or plan to bring healthy food tomorrow.

8. Hugs and the company of friends can be healing. In hard times we often feel that the only way to cope is to withdraw. But in that space of social isolation life becomes even more difficult. While it is important to take time to be on your own, you need emotional support too. You can get this from online groups, phone calls, coffee or meal dates, craft dates, pets, good friends and supportive family. Reaching out to others can make a world of difference when life is filled with difficulty.

Image from atozlibrary.com

Image from atozlibrary.com

9. Learn something new, or escape for a time into another world. A book, a movie, a newspaper, a short course. A trip to a new part of town. Stay curious. When we’re in something for the long haul we create emotional space and better coping capacity for ourselves by having something new or interesting to think about that takes us away from our troubles.

10. Get enough sleep. Sleep is a healing balm that restores the best parts of us. Shut yourself away for an early night, or spend the weekend in bed catching up on your rest. An epsom salts bath, some lavender essential oil or a relaxing herbal tea at night will all help get you into that restful space.

Will You Join Us For The 2015 Soul Sanctuary Retreat?

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”
~ Pema Chödrön


I’m holding a residential retreat from November 28 to December 5, in beautiful Byron Bay. It’s a perfect way to see out the energies of 2015, and prepare for 2016. Perhaps you’d like to join us for a week of nurture and inspiration?

If I was to sum up the energies of 2016 in one word, that word would be LAUNCH. It will be a year for expressing yourself in the world, taking new directions and finding new ways of being, for starting and growing life-changing projects, for truly becoming more of who you are. A year that demands honesty and space for being yourself, sharing your gifts and moving into the flow of creativity and abundance.

But we can’t take full advantage of this prosperous energy if we come to the new year with a flat battery. We can’t take full advantage of this gift if we don’t know how to create space for ourselves and our dreams, even as we are taking care of everyone else and needing to be present to the demands of our everyday lives. We can’t thrive if we keep pleasing others while disappointing ourselves and putting ourselves second, or even last…

2015’s Soul Sanctuary Retreat will give you the tools for extreme self-care, for personal and life management, and for being able to put plans on the page that are actionable and realistic, with just the right amount of daring.

Image from yourtango.com

Image from yourtango.com

The Soul Sanctuary Retreat is for women only. It’s a week of pamper, nurture and time for yourself. A perfect opportunity for you to rest and rejuvenate, indulge in some self-care, find friendship and emotional support, and make the focus all about YOU!

Highlights of this week-long retreat:

  • We will learn some simple meditation techniques to help us connect into Universal Energy for healing and guidance, including some of the new work Nicole has channeled in for healing self and others
  • We will give ourselves space to relax and renew
  • We will learn some simple strategies for rebalancing and energizing our bodies
  • We will harness the shamanic power of plants to transform ourselves and our emotions. We will also learn how to make simple skincare and self-nurture products using recipes that combine crystals, essential oils and flowers.
  • We will learn about the Akashic Records and find out what strengths and talents we have come here to work with in this lifetime. This will help us to decide which dreams to follow, and how to best make our life meaningful and satisfying
  • We’ll identify the stories we keep telling ourselves and re-enacting – negative and positive – that are holding us back from growth and success
  • We will create our own Power Essence – a fragrance that will allow us to focus deeply on our dreams and opportunities for 2016
  • We will learn how to use the Akashic Records to travel along our own personal timeline – past, present and future
  • We will learn how to create space in each day, and each week, for ourselves and our own needs
  • We will determine our One Big Thing, and from that we’ll develop our own personal Best Daily Habits, Weekly Planning Session Strategies and a Brilliant Year Flow Plan
  • We will create our own programmed-crystal wearable art to support and strengthen our 2016 Soul Energy and One Big Thing
  • We’ll learn how to make our lives and our success more sustainable and enjoyable

There will be plenty of restful time for naps, swims, contemplation, friendship and personal projects. There will be time for meditation, and lots of channeled goodness with Nicole’s beautiful team. There will be time for healing, journaling, relaxing, spiritual goodness and lots of yummy organic food, lovingly created by our own personal chef.

We’ll also be working with the energies of the waning gibbous moon in Cancer, which is perfect for focusing on our own needs and plans, and for nurturing and mothering ourselves in order to give birth to our bigger and wiser dreams.

pink pom pom

Now that we are firmly in the flow of this new era of awakening, and the energy of 2012 and the preceding energetic era is firmly behind us, everything is happening more easily and faster. Let’s learn how to consciously evolve using this quickening energy.

I’m so excited about this course, and we still have a few places left.

If you’d like more information please contact Dana, my wonderful PA, at nicolecodyinfo@gmail.com

Or drop us a note below or on our facebook page and we’ll send the details through to you.

Lots of love 🙂 Nicole xoxo


Advice For Overwhelmed Empaths and Psychics

Overwhelmed - by Elena Covalciuc Vieriu

Overwhelmed – by Elena Covalciuc Vieriu

“Every time you make a commitment to your own self-care, self-love and self-respect and then follow through, you build trust in yourself.”
~ Miranda J. Barrett


The difficult thing about being empathic or psychic is that most of us can’t turn it off.

Some days that’s fine. We feel strong, and we can roll with it. You know what I’m talking about. When you are well centred and emotionally strong, when your energy is high and you’re feeling great, then it is easy enough to cope with difficult situations, troubled relationships, needy people. Things roll off you. You don’t take life personally. You don’t bring it in under your skin.

But sometimes as empaths or psychics our energetic skin becomes so thin that everything affects us. Maybe we haven’t had enough sleep. Perhaps we’ve had a shock or an upset. Or we’ve simply had so long immersed in the mega-sensory space that our lives entail, that we’ve reached sensory overload.

When that happens, emergency measures are needed. We need to redefine boundaries and self-care.

Image sourced from healthyplace.com

Image sourced from healthyplace.com

Here are my top ten tips for protecting yourself from further burden, and allowing yourself to come back to balance again. I’ve learned all of this the hard way, and I know that it works.

  1. Don’t watch the news on television, or news clips on you-tube, facebook or other social media. Don’t listen to it on the radio. When you’re already fragile, any kind of trauma can put you over the edge.
  2. Avoid movies or television that portray violence, aggression, struggle or pain. You’re an open wound. You’ll take this in too, and feel and process it as though it’s your own. Turn it all off. Don’t go there.
  3. Don’t answer the phone. If the thought of talking to that person makes you uneasy or if you feel you need to force yourself to pick up, then don’t do it. Don’t put yourself in that position while you’re vulnerable. Speak to them when your boundaries are strong again. Now, it will only make things worse. You know it. Don’t do it.
  4. Avoid crowded and noisy places. You’re a raw nerve, friend. What you need is sanctuary, not stimulation.
  5. Turn down the invitation. Don’t go out of duty. Spend some quiet time at home. When you’re overwhelmed everything is harder. You may well put yourself further down the hole in an effort not to let others down. This time, put yourself first.
  6. Rest. Read a book, watch a gentle movie, spend time lying on the bed or sitting in the sun. Cuddle loved ones and pets. Nap often. Lavender essential oil on your temples, back of neck, and soles of feet,
  7. Sip warm tea, and eat simple warm foods. Cold and raw are harder for the body to digest. Warm soothes shock. It nurtures and comforts. If it’s furiously hot weather, drink fluids at room temperature, or sip tea anyway. A little sweetener is fine, and often helps.
  8. Let go of plans and commitments for a few days. Empty or reschedule your calendar. Simplify everything. You need space and time for this energy to clear, and to become strong again.
  9. Ground yourself. Crystals are fabulous for this, and one of my favourite is black tourmaline. Followed by rose quartz for nurture. Some good suggestions for grounding stones here.
  10. Epsom Salts Baths. This gets magnesium into our central nervous system fast, soothing our frazzled body and clearing our aura. Details about how to make your own epsom salts bath here.

Meditation is also a good tool for self-care. Here are some of my favourites:

Remember, being psychic and empathic is normal! Don’t ever feel bad for being this way. Instead, learn to manage yourself and your sensitivity. Be kind to yourself.

Sending lots of love your way, <3 Nicole xoxo

Image sourced from spiritualnetworks.com

Image sourced from spiritualnetworks.com

Cafe Dog’s Advice For The Day

2012-12-21 07.34.27

“Do stuff. be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. stay eager.”
~ Susan Sontag


Cafe Dog, or Harry, as others know him, has been logging up early morning cafe-time since he was just a pup.

Even though he’s a farm dog at heart he also loves his cafe runs. We go to a cafe most mornings.

2014-08-05 08.26.42

We have a favourite haunt near our post box in Brisbane for city coffee, and a couple of local cafes near the farm, all of which welcome dogs.

Harry has more friends at these places than we do. Dogs that say hello. People that come up for pats. Children that come for hugs and licks and playful games.

But this morning we hadn’t planned to go. Ben and I are tired. We’d hoped to sleep in. Or at least that was the plan.

We’ve been pre-occupied the last few days with family in hospital. It’s taken most of our time and all of our thoughts.

Truth is though, neither of us were asleep when a little dog leapt onto the bed and sat between us staring down. The only one in the whole house still asleep was Nurse Bert, who was snoring loudly.

Gently Harry shook my shoulder with his paw. Wake up, Mum. He moved over to Ben and patted his chest. Wake up, Dad.

‘Not this morning, mate,’ Ben said.

Harry jumped back up on the bed and nudged us both, smiling. Then he bounced down and stood by the door, squeaking with excitement. Cafe time.

Ben and I looked at each other.

‘Need a coffee?’ Ben asked.

‘Sure, why not?’ I said. As I said it I realised that I’d hardly eaten the day before. I was starving!

So, we find ourselves at our local cafe, and it feels good to be up so early and connecting with people.

The coffee tastes good too. Friends drop by and sit with us. A social, happy time. A bright point in our day. Good plan, Cafe Dog!

2015-03-12 07.44.48


Cafe Dog was right. It’s a little space in the day just for us. Soon enough all our time will be taken again and the day will creep away. But right now we have this bright fresh morning, some breakfast, the newspapers and friends to laugh and share with.

Life can often bring unexpected stress. Or maybe right now your life is just one rolling journey of stresses.

Taking a little time for yourself is a very good plan. And time at the start of your day charges your batteries and gets you off to a positive start.

Soul nourishment. That’s what our cafe time is all about.

The snacks and good coffee are just a bonus!

Cafe Dog and I hope you take a little time for yourself today too.

Sending lots of love your way, Nicole <3 xx

2015-01-14 07.08.28

Colour Me Calm

Image from Sodahead.com

Image from Sodahead.com

“Give crayons. Adults are disturbingly impoverished of these magical dream sticks.” ~ Dr. SunWolf


I’ve found a wonderful new form of meditation.

It’s colouring.

To give myself a calming break in a busy day, I take five or ten minutes just for me. I sit quietly with my tube of pretty pencils and my fairy book (thanks, Thanh – loveliest present ever), happily choosing colours which I then apply to the page.

2015-03-10 07.41.08

It’s a joyful and reflective process. Often my colour choices are quick and completely intuitive. Sometimes they require me to sit and gaze restfully at the page until I am drawn to a particular pencil.

It doesn’t matter if I only shade one or two tiny feathers, or make a few spots of detail here or there. It’s the process that is calming.

It’s the losing myself to the picture and the forming colours that is relaxing.

2015-03-10 08.02.01

I never thought that, as an adult, I would take up colouring books again. I’m not confident with drawing. I have never thought of myself as particularly artistic. But to have an outline on a page, and to use my imagination to bring that page to life? It’s a delightful activity.

If you can’t find a colouring book you like, do a quick google search of colouring pages for adults or colouring mandalas for adults. You’ll find plenty of beautiful images to download and print, ready for you to work your own colourful magic.

For stress reduction, nurture and reconnection, colouring is a simple activity that I highly recommend!

2015-03-10 19.59.58

Filling Up The Well

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
~ Eleanor Brownn


This past week I’ve given all I had and then some. I was glad to do it, and grateful to be well enough to be able to sustain a high level of service and support for others. I’ve had days and long nights of being on call. High stress. Just a few hours sleep.

There were two spaces I lived in. The one where I was being strong for everyone else, providing guidance and love, messages and psychic insights, and endless support. There was the other space. The private space where I retreated late at night or early in the morning to rage and grieve and process all of my own emotions. After which I’d gather myself back together and start again. Crazy. Intense. Demanding.

No-one can work like that all the time.

Why do I know that? I used to try, and of course it always ended with me crashing and burning. Eventually. Or sooner.

I’d love to say that it’s all about balance. But I’ve found that life is rarely so organised. Sometimes it does demand all that we have and then some. Sometimes we’re twiddling our thumbs with time on our hands.

I’ve also found that making the time for self-care sometimes demands more courage than to keep driving the bus, crazy-eyed with exhaustion and white-knuckled from the effort it takes to hang on to that damned steering wheel.

When I’m in that place now, I pull over.

Image from apollo.tvnet.lv

Image from apollo.tvnet.lv

I’ve learned to be present when I’m needed, and to step back when it’s all over, making myself unavailable to others so that I can fill my tank back up again. I do that with rest, meditation, good food, time on my own, lots of hugs, and things that give me nurture and inspiration – music, books, movies, writing in quiet morning cafes. I do it with clear boundaries, and an awesome husband and PA (Thanks Ben and Dana!) who are able to maintain those boundaries – which sometimes includes them telling me to step away and rest! 🙂 I also do it by giving myself time to feel my emotions. To cry or be angry or sad or bereft or awestruck or whatever else is going on for me.

I no longer try to pretend to myself or the ones closest to me that things are okay. I no longer push through it. I no longer plaster on my happy face if I cannot do that. (Sometimes I can, and it is what is needed for that moment.)

Self-care is an antidote to burn-out. It’s the solution to relationship, job or care-induced resentment. It’s the magical tonic that puts the spring back in your step, the smile back on your face and the music back in your heart.

If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, cranky, short-tempered or lacking in joy, maybe you’d benefit from creating some space to unplug for a while, so that you can focus on your own needs instead of the needs of everyone else.

Filling the emptying well so that you can draw from it again is the only way you can ever truly be your best, and give your best to others.

What fills you back up?

Do some of that this week, or plan to do it as soon as you possibly can. You’re worth it. And your life will begin to change in unexpected and wonderful ways when you value yourself.

I’m holding you in my prayers and meditations, and sending you so much love, Nicole xx