Wednesday Blessings


“When people refer to ‘Back in the Day,’ it was a Wednesday. Just a little fun fact for you.” ~ Dane Cook

It’s been a rough ride this past week or so. That’s why I’ve decided to gift myself an ordinary Wednesday!

There’s a gentle rain falling, and I started my day by staying in bed, listening to the morning birdsong and the sound of rain on the tin roof.


Now I’m sipping lemon tea and blogging, before the day unfolds.

There will be writing this morning, early, at one of our favourite cafes in Bangalow.

2013-04-04 09.22.32

And then a morning of craft, catch-ups, cups of tea and friendship at my local CWA. (Country Women’s Association for those of you not in the know)  Lunch will be shared at the craft tables, and there will be plenty of laughter, chatting and moral support.

2012-05-09 09.58.28

Home for a nap and then some time in the garden, and tonight I’ll be cooking a lamb roast and a lemon delicious pudding for dinner, and inviting an elderly friend around, whose wife has recently gone into care.

I’ll finish off with a long soak in the bath, some meditation time, and then hopefully a restful night’s sleep.

For me it’s a day of rich blessings, of celebrating the ordinary, connecting with people I love, and taking some time just for me.  You can’t ask for more than that.

I hope you get to spend a little time doing things that fill you up too.  Much love, Nicole ♥ xx

2013-03-19 13.30.57

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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14 thoughts on “Wednesday Blessings

  1. Sooooo wonderful to hear you sound better…enjoy that lovely day. It’s raining here in Halesowen
    (England) it’s so refreshing, love the cafe …keep on trucking sweetheart

  2. What a beautiful way to spend your day and just reading your post made me feel relaxed. This is a great reminder, Nicole for us to embrace self-care and live purely in the moment – much love to you sista ♥

  3. I saw the two birds embrace,How peaceful and pleasant,It took me return to my childhood,birds song in beautiful trees , simple and kind villagers lived in peaceful village,all shows a warmth scene!

  4. What a beautiful day ahead. Enjoy 🙂 xo
    By the way, what is the name of those gorgeous pink flowers in the vase in the altar photo? They are divine!

    1. Fiona I know you asked about these flowers very long ago, but I could not resist! Don’t know whether you ever found out either, but they are dahlias! Very easy to grow!

  5. How funny, it’s raining here, too (East Coast USA). I, too, love the birdsong and rain on the roof. I took a relaxing bath after scraping up heaps of pollen off the road for the trash/yardwaste pile. And then the cat and I relaxed together awhile. 🙂 Blessings!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. Love the sound of rain on a tin roof. My day will be spent catchingbup on the chores I have let mount up. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Thank you for the lovely pictures, Nicole. I am glad that you are having a fun creative day with friends and relaxing and enjoying yourself! I sent you lots of gratitude and healing thoughts in a meditation we did in a yoga class this morning. Namaste’, Pamela

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