Soul Messages – The Gifts of Colour

Scroll down through the images and pick the one that speaks to you – the one you find the most vibrant or attractive.  Then go back and select the one you are least drawn to.

When you’ve made your choice, go further down the page and find out what messages your Soul has chosen for you.

Image one:

Image two:

Image three:

Image four:

Image five:

Image six:

Image seven:

Image eight:

Your Soul Message for today – find the message that corresponds to your flower. Trust that within that message is something useful for you.

Image one:

Take a stand for the things that you believe in.  Offer up your opinion and don’t be shy about speaking your truth.  You have so many good ideas and valid points of view, and the world is poorer if you never share them. Self-belief is strengthened through action! Whether it’s speaking, writing, having that conversation, applying for that job or course of study or seizing that opportunity – be bold and begin.

A good crystal for you today is Citrine.

Image two:

Trust in your dreams.  The idea you have is worth nurturing. In time it has the possibility to grow in to the thing that you hope for it to be.  Spend a little time each day with your idea. Tend it, work with it, and help it to grow. The Universe is saying Yes to you, and offering validation and encouragement for you to continue – taking your idea from mere thought into the beginnings of reality. Make a plan, put energy into it and you WILL be rewarded.

A good crystal for you today is Fluorite.

Image three:

Time to focus on your health. Embrace new forms of exercise that encourage flow and suppleness. Make changes to the way you eat so that you include more food with real life force, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink more water. Reduce the stresses in your life.  Find a support team to help you – whether it’s a personal trainer, yoga teacher, acupuncturist, psychologist, doctor, accountant or meditation teacher. Book in for a check-up, go see the dentist, attend to the things that have been quiet worries in the back of your mind.  It’s time for an overhaul, and by working on the physical body, your emotional and spiritual body will come back into balance too.

A good crystal for you today is Carnelian.

Image four:

Embrace your sensitivity. You have a heightened ability to tune into energy and the spiritual realms right now. Make healthy choices with your diet, cut down on sugar and caffeine and the things that clutter your energetic body.  Meditate and spend quiet time in spiritual reflection.  Try journalling and meditation. It’s time to learn how to use your gifts. Be open to messages, guidance and new possibilities.  Trust that the right information, books, courses and people will come your way.

A good crystal for you today is Amethyst.

Image five:

Open your heart. Love is right here on your doorstep, or in the taxi and on it’s way to you.  You are deserving of all that is good in life, and you have so much love to share. Trust that now is the time for entering or strengthening and renewing beautiful love relationships.  There’s no need to be stressed or needy around relationships. The Universe wants you to know that you are Loved, and that now is your time. Trust.  Be ready. If you are in a relationship already, look at it with new eyes. If you are currently alone, know that you will not remain so. Have fun with it.  Trust in good outcomes. Let yourself shine. Begin by falling in love with yourself a little. Do all that you can to look and feel your best.

A good stone for you today is Rose Quartz.

Image six:

Guides, Angels and Spiritual Messengers are all around you. Loved Ones are reaching out to you.  There is incredible love, support and help for you right now.  You will find your answers, you will get the help you need, you are being supported to stay strong and to keep going. This is such a powerful confirmation for you of one clear message – “Don’t give up!”  Expect signs and messages,  Expect breakthroughs. Know that you are stronger than you think, and deeply Loved.

A good crystal for you today is Clear Quartz.

Image seven:

Time to schedule some relaxation. Whether it’s a massage, a trip to the movies or something bigger like a holiday, you need some time out! Find time in your life for the things that bring you happiness.  Music is good. Travel is good. Food and friendship are good. Time to yourself, and time doing things that fill you back up again is what is most needed for you right now.  Commit to pampering yourself, to slowing down, and remember to stop and smell the roses.

A good crystal for you today is Tiger Eye.

Image eight:

You are experiencing Divine Grace.  Divine Grace is the benevolence of the Universe, an energy filled with Wisdom and Love. It heralds great change and great awakening.  You are moving from struggle back into flow. Better times are coming; new opportunities and possibilities. You will not long remain where you are.  Be ready to let go. Be ready to  say yes to what’s coming, and don’t worry if you can’t see too far ahead.  There is all manner of Synchronicity and Right Timing coming into your life. You’ll end up far from here, and be so glad of the journey, and the growth it afforded you. You are Guided and Protected. You are well Loved.

A good crystal for you today is Moonstone.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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49 thoughts on “Soul Messages – The Gifts of Colour

  1. Hi Nicole

    Thank YOU for this post. I was most drawn to Image 1, 6 and 8. When i read them all are very relevant to what is happening now. I am just impatient and would love it to show up NOW. I am aware of what is being created and the above images and information have confirmed them all. Gratitude for YOU and your contribution in my world.

    Love Jacqueline xx

  2. Smiling from ear-to-ear reading this blog post! My heart can’t help but jump for joy – I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Doing the ya ya yippee yippee ya ya dance! Boooo Yeah!!!! Your insights help to make parts of the journey that much lighter and brighter… Thank YOU!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 Both images I chose resonated with me. After reading the message attached to the picture I loved the most I thought ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know I need to do this’ – all ridiculously true, but kind of always just put that stuff off. BUT… the one that almost brought me to tears when I read it, was the message attached to the picture that really did nothing for me at all! I wouldn’t have looked twice at it. The thing I was LEAST attracted too was actually sending me the message that I SO need to hear atm. I would love more of these Nicole!! Thank you again <3
    PS All this universe stuff can get so confusing at times!! I thought we were supposed to be on the look out for stuff that we are naturally attracted to – kind of like the universe's guiding hand? WOW…so confused now.

  4. Just love the flower pics! Has been so nice to do this activity over the last couple of days.. The messages have been really accurate.. & the crystals felt so supportive and right to have with me for the day.. Blessingsxx

  5. I wasn’t surprised by the message from the one I felt most drawn to, which was a very timely message for me today, but the one I felt least drawn to had a very surprising message that I would never have anticipated. Curious!

  6. This is brilliant Nicole,
    I love your use of flowers to channel the messages and how No 6 was exactly what i need to hear this morning. After a night of broken sleep due to pain in my back, a walk on the beach was uplifting, then the pain returned so to read this post inspired me to ask my angels for help and i am now feeling so much more positive. image 4 was the one I like the least- I found a message there too with my fave crystal Namaste ♥♥♥

  7. so,image 6 i liked most.for the 1st time in my life i believe my mother and i,mainly my mother have gained a guide in life,its a strong feeling that i gained in the past week,what does number 6 start with”guides angels and spiritual messengers are all around you”!.also for the first time in years im back in my home town living with and surrounded by family and asking for a clear answer hence what else was said”loved ones are reaching out to help you and you will find your answers”!thank you.i also chose number 8 as least fav,i have been getting “devine defining moments”alot in my meditation in the last couple of weeks and bingo,what does number 8 start with”you are experiencing devine grace”!!tune to the moon x

  8. Thanks Nicole. I feel like I got five soul messages today. I was torn between five flowers and even though I narrowed it down to two as the exercise asked me to, I felt that there must have been a reason why it was so hard to do and that the other flowers that I was in conflict over had a message for me too. So I read those ones too. Guess what? I could immediately see or at least sense that they were relevant to me. I then read the ones that I wasn’t in conflict over and got nothing 😀

  9. great!! interestingly I think, I am taking rose quartz into work today to show the resident’s and have a wee talk about it. I showed a resident a piece last week and asked if she would like to learn a little more, she said she was excited to learn something new and thought the crystal very beautiful. Thank you again for the time you take to share love and light here with your www family

    1. it was a lovely group that gathered to hold the rose quartz I took in, a few pieces from raw to polished, a lot of heart sharing happened, one guy in his 80’s talked about his birth, another shared how he got his first pair of shoes at 14, depression era, it explained why he got so upset when comments were made about his shoes, (they are too big and stiff), he is grateful he has a pair!

  10. I’ve spent the past few days tumbling around with the ideas addressed in message/ image one…which was also the flower that reached out…I’ve already printed out images/messages one and eight, and will keep reflecting and trying to shift…or maybe allowing a shift?

  11. Loved waking up to these magnificent flower photos…it was so hard to pick a favorite as they are all beautiful. The one I finally settled on was so appropriate for me at the moment. Thank you again for your blog, it is always the most enjoyable start to my day. ❤❤❤ Sandy

  12. Thankyou gorgeous one. I made a really tough decision yesterday to step out of something that wasn’t working for me and had been a long time coming and to see your beautiful flower message with the flower I chose was absolute confirmation of the right choice and timing. Bless, bless, bless xxxxxx

  13. Beautiful way to receive a reading … Hilarious that for me it was the image that I least connected with that had the most potent message for me 🙂

  14. Hi Nicole!
    I have been ‘lurking’ around on your site for a few months now, but had to write today. The message I received simply blew me away, it was perfect for my current situation. Still got goose bumps..:)
    Thank you!!

  15. Nicole – you are amazing! I can think of no other word to describe hiw winderful these messages are today. I have been asking questions of my guides and the universe and you have brought the answers through for me…perhaps I simply wasn’t listening or seeing the signs, but this morning I said “OK, let’s do this and we’ll make it work fantastically”. Confirmation and answers in one. Thank you so much. Take care of you beautiful self. If I could hug you right now 🙂 Angel hugs and blessings Nicole.. x

    1. Susan, you are so welcome! The Universe truly does work in incredible ways, and if sometimes I get to be the Messenger, then I am humbled to be of service. So glad you got your answers. Bless xx

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