Questions To Ask Yourself As You Are Re-Adjusting


One of the most difficult things to remember is to remember to remember. We forget that we live in a body with senses and feelings and thoughts and emotions and ideas. We get caught up in rumination and fantasy, isolating us from the world of colors, shapes, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations constantly bombarding our input sensors. To stop and pay attention to the moment is one way of snapping out of these mindscapes, and is a definition of meditation. This awareness is a process of deepening self-acceptance. Whatever it observes, it embraces. There is nothing unworthy of acceptance.
― Stephen Batchelor

Hi, Lovelies.

As I explained in yesterday’s post, we’re going through a period of energetic shift right now.

With shift comes adjustment and readjustment.

It can be a very powerful time for tuning in and knowing ourselves better. It can be a very powerful time for tuning in and understanding new things about ourselves – because what used to work for you may no longer be in alignment with the person you are becoming.

Don’t panic if you feel like you don’t know yourself anymore. Maybe you are simply the caterpillar who has woven her cocoon, and right now you are busy transforming into a butterfly. Of course that would feel strange and unsettling. But oh, imagine the wings you will have once you are through this process of growth and change.

So, as you go through your day, pay attention. Pay attention to how much energy you have when you wake up, and what kind of mood you are in. Pay attention as you put food and beverages into your body. How do they taste? How do they make you feel in the moment? How do you feel an hour later? Is that substance enhancing your wellbeing, or is it something that is no longer supportive?

As you go through the day what are you drawn to? What bothers you? What ideas and thoughts are coming up for you? How are your energy levels?

Find some quiet time and pay attention to your inner word and your outer world. Trust! Know that as you are shifting, so will your energy, your preferences and your self-awareness. Use that to your advantage.

As you change it is important to embrace and support that shift, and being aware of the way you are walking through the world will help you to do that. Above all, remember to leave time for rest and integration.
Love, and a garden bench under a shady old tree, Nicole xx


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