Weird stuff I can’t explain…

“There are three things we cry about in life, things that are lost, things that are found, and things that are magnificent.” ~ Doug Copeland

I live and work as a psychic.  No secret there. And there are certain activities that come as part of the territory with that.  But even so, some things still make me shake my head in wonder, surprise or pure amazement.

One of those is disappearing and reappearing stuff, for want of a better technical term.

Let me give you some recent examples.

A few weeks ago while in Brisbane my husband and I went to dinner, and had quite a late night.  The next morning, when we went to head out for breakfast, Ben couldn’t find his wallet. We didn’t stress about it. We were running late to meet friends, so we decided to look for it when we came home. Then we promptly forgot all about it.  Later that morning Ben went to pick up a delivery of farm equipment with another friend and, still unable to find his wallet, declared that his mate could shout them both coffee.

We didn’t give it another thought until four o’clock the next morning as we packed the ute, ready to head home to the farm before peak hour traffic began. Just as we were out the door we did a final check – keys, phones, laptops, wallet… Wallet! Still no wallet.

We turned the house upside down.  After two hours of searching we decided that our only course of action was to wait until the restaurant we’d been in the night before re-opened so we could see if perhaps Ben had left it there or dropped it on his way out.  We were resigned to having to cancel credit cards, get him a new license etc, as it seemed a remote possibility that he’d actually misplaced it.  Both of us remembered him holding it on his way to the car after paying for our meal.

Just after 8am there was a knock at our door.  The friend who’d helped Ben with the farm equipment the day before stood there with a wallet in his hands.  Ben’s wallet… He’d found it on the floor of his car fifteen minutes earlier. The look on our friend’s face was priceless. He had NO idea how it had got there.  Neither did we.  We ended up leaving hours after our planned departure, but the rest of our day went smoothly.  And we never did work out how Ben’s wallet suddenly reappeared in Tony’s car.

While a girlfriend was staying with us a week later, we decided to go out for dinner.  But I couldn’t find my long grey coat anywhere, even though I’d last seen it hanging on a hangar from one of the wardrobe door handles earlier that morning.  I was holding everyone up, so I grabbed another jacket and off we went.

I forgot all about the coat until a few days later when I got out of my office chair to go make a cup of tea after I’d posted my blog at about six in the morning.  When I came back into the room the missing coat was draped over the arms of the chair in a way that made it impossible to miss.

“You found my coat!” I said to my husband.  “Where was it?”

“I didn’t find it,” he said.  “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

We decided my friend must have borrowed it, forgot to tell me, and had then snuck out of bed to put it on my chair.

Of course when she woke up a few hours later, she debunked that theory.  My coat had disappeared and then magically reappeared all by itself.

And then today, we had the case of the reappearing electric razor.  Ben has been asking me if I’ve seen it for weeks. Whenever we were in Brisbane we figured we must have left it at the farm.  Whenever we’ve been at the farm we’ve assumed it was back in Brisbane.

Ben came out of the bathroom a few minutes ago and said, “You found my razor!”

“What razor?” I said.

“My missing razor,” he explained, his eyebrows raised in that oh-no-not-again look he sometimes gives me.

Carly, Ben and I all rushed into the bathroom to investigate.  We’ve been in and out of that room for days, and the razor wasn’t there.  And then suddenly it was.

The reappearing electric razor, in all its glory on the farm’s veranda bathroom vanity…

I know it’s weird but that’s just how life is around here sometimes…

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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25 thoughts on “Weird stuff I can’t explain…

  1. Hi Nicole–Wacky stuff like this seems to happen to me when I call in extra angelic help. Once the key to our garage was taken out of the lock and placed under the doormat. Weird but a fun reminder of everything out there. Lots of love-Julie

  2. I’ve had weird stuff happen to me.Yesterday arvo went to Library to sit in on a talk about Louise Hay’s principles.To get home had to ring a taxi.That was fine until i went to pay and found sitting in my bag 2 business cards promoting the taxi service!How,they get there i don’t know .I didn’t pick them up,no one put them there.Weird! I kept saying to my son that morning i must get the phone no for a taxi as i was planning my day..Thank you to the universe!

  3. I’ve had this exact same conversation this week. Priding myself in NEVER losing anything I have recently accumulated a list of misplaced objects that is making a huge dent in my ego. I’m glad I’m a source of entertainment for faerie amusement.

  4. okay, can you make my missing library book appear so I do not have to buy it — kind of makes borrowing books from the library not a good idea if you lose the book and have to pay for it! negates the whole save money thing. as a psychic, can you do long distance reads?

  5. Nice to know that others also struggles with things suddenly disappears and appears on other places! When we just had moved to our apartment we lived in before this my watch disappeared. I promise you that we looked everywhere for days. After 6 weeks it appears on our table in the living room.;.) But that appartment had a lot of strange unvisible visitors 🙂 May sound strange but is absolutley true.
    Blessed Be

    1. LOL Jess – I am nodding and smiling here… I didn’t even include my constantly disappearing and reappearing jewelry, because that’s been happening for so long I don’t even count that as weird anymore. 😀
      Bless xx

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