Possum Attack!

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“The fear of burglars is not only the fear of being robbed, but also the fear of a sudden and unexpected clutch out of the darkness.” ~ Elias Canetti


I had hoped to be bringing you a Guided Meditation this morning, but no…

Instead I’m blogging about possums, because it’s their fault I’m not.

I’m staying in my city house right now, doing some psychic appointments and catching up with family. It’s just me and Bert the dog, and Bert has suddenly morphed into the most protective of hounds, especially at night.

Every little noise is worthy of investigation, which means we’ve had slightly interrupted sleep. Until last night, when the possums attacked. Then we got no sleep at all. 🙁


Possums use the power lines along our street as a form of rapid transit system. Which means they scurry past, right outside my bedroom window, from early evening until dawn.

And Bert’s had enough. He’s just not coping with them leaping into the trees outside the bedroom. What if they kept going and crashed through the window?

He’s not happy about them thumping along the roof, sounding more like huge burglars  than small marsupials.

2013-08-15 08.45.43

Every time a possum comes close Bert takes it upon himself to leap on top of me as I try to sleep, hackles raised as he protects me from possible attack. When it seems I am safe he leaps off again and runs around the house to check the perimeter. Bert has declared war on possums!

Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep last night.

But dawn is breaking and the last possum has made it home to bed, and that’s where I’m going now – to try and grab a little more shut-eye before my work day starts. I promise that tomorrow there will be a guided meditation. I might make a soothing one for Bert too! It’s very hard being the super-responsible senior dog of the family…

And tonight I shall shut all the windows, crank up the air-conditioning to drown out the noise of those pesky possums, and tuck myself under the covers, one arm reassuringly around big brave Bert.

2012-03-15 08.25.10

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11 thoughts on “Possum Attack!

  1. Poor Bert! Hopefully he will get used to the possums over time. They can be annoying though. I know because I have to put up with them constantly fighting and clambering on my roof too. Our dogs have gotten used to them, they usually don’t stir unless the possums are going absolutely crazy (which does happen every now and then). You could always try trapping and relocating them but you’d have to check what is legal in your state, and new ones would probably move in again fairly quickly anyway!

  2. I always tell Oscar that he has the most important job ever …protecting us from the baddies . Don’t discourage that little chap of yours he’s just doing what comes naturally lol
    Never seen a possum before…you have great wildlife in your country ,even if they do keep you up half the night .
    Cherry x

  3. Good job Bert you know the possums are secretly taking over the house but you must tip toe around mum so she can have some shut eye xxx

  4. Go Bert! Having just had a marvellous holiday in a home where the upper level was designed like a tree house, I’m on Bert’s team because the resident possum/s thumped me from slumber on more than one occasion and it took a few bug-eyed moments to slowly process the noise and its source. Possums are really cute in photos but I can well understand how their nocturnal antics could make a dog want to protect his loving mother. (Hugs for Bert and plenty of shut-eye for both of you)!

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