The Lady Who Walked Out of My Past

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“I sustain myself with the love of family.” 
~ Maya Angelou

One late afternoon in April this year, the dusky sunset was shimmery and luminous.  A light rain fell, misting the cold air and making us hurry to light a fire and get inside where it was warm.

That evening the moon rose brightly amid patchy clouds, but the light stayed this eery silvery-blue colour.  All night I was covered in goosebumps, and the dogs were watchful and alert.  The owls came and sat in the trees and on the fences around our little farmhouse, and I wondered what might be afoot.

Whenever owls arrive, things seem to happen.  And our farm seems densely habited by owls. I’ve been being visited by owls since I was a girl.  Significant things have happened when owls have turned up in my life.  Owls heralded a massive leap in my psychic abilities when I was living in the Kimberley.  The night after my grandmother (my mother’s mother) died, an owl arrived in the tree outside my window and stayed there watching me for three days.

A year ago I found an owl feather and wove it into a Dream Catcher to place above my bed. And shortly after that the Orchard Man showed up.

At first I saw him from a distance, in broad daylight, standing on a ladder trimming the fruit trees in our orchard.  When I went to investigate there was no-one there.

Another time he walked past me holding a galvanised bucket and heading in the direction of our old dairy bales.  The dogs saw him too. But by now I had realised that he wasn’t ‘real’.  I wondered if he was a ghost, or a soul caught between dimensions.  I wasn’t really sure, and I never seemed to be able to get close enough to ask him.

Then, on this April night the Orchard Man was back, swinging his lantern around in the cold. Once again he headed up to the Orchard, and I lost sight of him amidst the trees.

I found it hard to sleep that night.  I was herxing badly from my lyme drugs – all achy and itchy and out of sorts. I lay in bed, tossing and turning, long after my husband had surrendered to sleep. At some stage I must have dozed off and when I woke again the bedroom was filled with a strange silvery-blue light.  A lady stood at the foot of my bed.  I instantly recognised her.  She was the spirit lady who’d visited and comforted my little sister when Simone was so ill as a child.

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Her name is Alice, and she’s from my ancestral line on my mother’s side. She’s come into my life because it’s time.  Time for me to keep a promise I made many lifetimes ago. A promise tied up with owls and fairies and family. A promise that has run through generation after generation of bloodlines.

So who is the Orchard Man? He isn’t here for me.  He’s here for Alice. He loved her once, and lost her, before they could be married. Ever since that life he’s been looking for her, waiting to meet up with her again.

He found her through the owls.  He found her through me.  He knew she’d come to find me, and so he waited for her in the orchard.  He’s looked for her, waited for her, through time and space. Now, after patient toiling, that April night he found her, as he knew he would. He saw her. She felt him. But she came for me.

Image by Jeff Carter
Image by Jeff Carter

I know that they will meet again.  I know that while I am here at this farm I have given them a window where they can be together.

Me? I feel the energy of my family stretching out across the generations and wrapping me in its love. I feel the weight of a great responsibility.  I feel the sparkle of a profound magic.

I see the owls.

There are so many stories in me.  And now is the time for them to be told…

Daniela Drescher, 'In the Land of Fairies'
Daniela Drescher, ‘In the Land of Fairies’
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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45 thoughts on “The Lady Who Walked Out of My Past

  1. Nicole, this is an amazingly beautiful story shared by you and I too look forward to hearing more. I had an owl experience about 10-years ago which I have never forgotten but it wasn’t until I read your account and some of the comments that I realised it had a greater significance. I will need to meditate upon this to discover more.

  2. I love your stories that relate to experiences you’ve had because of your amazing psychic gifts…please keep them coming!! I’m in awe when I read them. Jx

  3. Awww….what a treasure I have found in you & your words. As I took in the ringing of the singing bowl tonight at dusk an owl flew across my view out the window. I am in gratitude for you both. Namaste, Debe

  4. Gosh what an amazing lady you are . You have a wonderful gift and we are blessed that you share it with us…I adore owls can’t wait to hear more about them.
    Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
    Cherry xxx

  5. Nicole – it seems as though you wrote this post just for me….I adore owls…they are my mascots and everywhere in my house….the love of owls was a gift given to me by my childhood best friend’s mother who passed on…..

    and the quote in the beginning….I am working to regain trust and love of my family…..the quote truly resonated with me….thank you, Nicole….

  6. I love owls. This was a fabulous story. I totally believe there’s some connection with not just owls but birds and psychic, otherworldly things. I don’t see many owls but I have experienced some odd things with other birds so in reading your story it was nice to know I wasn’t imagining things.

  7. Thank you… So wonderful to have shared this story. I remember the night you were talking about as you said that dogs were restless and there was something brewing in the orchard, you said. ‘ not much sleep to night ‘ the last four nights before my Mother passed over, an owl called every night and it got closer each night. The last night it was outside my window and I knew she would leave next morning! I love owls! Much love and gratitude. Xxxxx

  8. Thankyou Nicole for twlling us about the owls and Alice and the Orchard man. How inspiring you are. and what beautiful charaacters, to be involved with and for us to know about. love Robin xxx

  9. What a wonderful post, with the alluring promise of more to come. Your magical stories and the eloquent way you tell them, have us captivated and eagerly awaiting more! Thank you for sharing your magic Nicole xo

  10. Lovely! I’ve got a lost man waiting on me too, but he’s not far away. He’s been seen many times by me and others. Similar story, I think. Oh, and once I tracked an owl psychically through the forest for my birder boyfriend. He still talks about that one. I hope you’re feeling better now! <3

  11. Thank you Nicole…………….your blogs always hit home and always at exactly the right time. Is it hard to be patient and wait for the pieces of insight to fit together? I had a wierd dream the other night, followed by a very clear vision and instructions involving a White Owl. I hope it becomes clear soon. Your trust of owls has strengthened my trust. This is all so new for me…well the conscious me. Love and light always xxx

  12. Nicole – you are a treasure – an inspiration. Words cannot express how I feel (as happens so often when I read your stories) Huge hugs XXX

  13. Loved it under the covers snuggling my hot water bottle! Nicole…the day I got back from Paris for my Ex-hubbies funeral…that night when I got home with my daughter and there as I drove into the garage was a big owl. My daughter immediately’s Doug Mum, he’s here to look after you. We got out of the car, talked to ‘him’…she took photos and we went upstairs. In my 9yrs of living here I have never seen an owl before. Also 2days later under the house on the path to my car was what looked like a marsuipal tail of sorts and 2 field mice..dead of course. Is this an offering from the owl? I also just adore the image of the little girl & the Owl…much love to U sweet Sis….much love…and good health….XXXX

  14. i got thrill bumps reading your story! you are blessed to be visited by the owls! one of my favorite owl spiritual teaching stories are the “Sara” series by Abraham-Hicks. maybe some time you could find them in the library. your illustrations to accompany your stories are exquisite and urge me to pick up my paint brush again. much love, pamela

    1. I’d be very happy to think that in some way we might encourage you to go back to your art, Pamela. I feel you have so much to say through that paint brush of yours.

      I will investigate the ‘Sara’ series too. Thank you.
      Bless xx

  15. So special Nicole. Your magic thrills me – what little I’ve read – it’s so outside my experience. Yet I feel drawn to it. I think only the very strong mentally and emotionally could cope with seeing as you do. I wonder if it’s something you can open up to experience or if it’s a world only for those who’ve here before ( if that’s what happens to us?) or just a gift or talent that some people have. Quite a responsibilty x

    1. I wish I had all the answers for you, Gabriella. To be truthful, I am sure that all of us are intuitive – it’s just the degree that differs, as in so many other things like athletic ability or the ability to do complex math in your head. 🙂

      I am also blessed (?) to have a very strong psychic connection through my family line, which does make things a little different for me. But it’s been hard. For a long time I actively fought against this and wished to be someone or something different to who I am.

      It is a big responsibility, and I’m stepping up to that duty with an open heart and a fervent wish to do my best.
      Much love to you,

  16. I read that and instantly got goose bumps!! Is Alice here to help you through your time with the lyme? Has the orchard man made contact with you since Alice appeared? oh, I have way too many questions!! Love your work Nicole, have a beautiful day…… arohanui

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