10 Signs You are Experiencing a Psychic Awakening

Image from www.wall321.com
Image from www.wall321.com

“I suspect everybody has a degree of psychic ability, just as a everybody has a degree of athletic or artistic ability. Some people have special gifts; other people have a particular interest that leads them to develop their abilities. But the phenomenon itself is ordinary and widespread.” 
~ Michael Crichton, Travels


There’s a difference between ‘spiritual awareness’ and full on ‘psychic awakening’. Spiritual awareness happens when we begin to understand that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye. This may be commonly expressed by such things as asking the Angels to find you an excellent parking spot right out the front of a crowded supermarket. Psychic awakening is a crazy ride, where your psychic and intuitive awareness becomes hyper-stimulated and hyper-alert, and where you cannot control how or when that happens.

Spiritual awareness leads to an opening of our hearts and to a period of personal and spiritual growth.

Psychic awakening leads to a path of service.

It can be unbearably uncomfortable and scary. But it does get easier. Here are ten signs that what you’re experiencing is an awakening of your psychic abilities:

1. Crowds become overwhelming, distressing and make you feel psychically battered and energetically drained.

Image by Fernando Stankuns
Image by Fernando Stankuns

2. Your dreams become increasing vivid and seem to contain messages, information and symbols that go beyond what your normal subconscious would put on the nightly view-screen of the inside of your eyelids. You remember these dreams, and keep thinking about them during the day, trying to work out what they mean.

Image from Wilde Life
Image from Wilde Life

3. You become confused at what people tell you, when part of you knows that the words they are saying don’t match their emotions, inner thoughts or energy. You can’t put it into words, but you feel that conflict and find it disturbing. You have no way to prove what you feel.

Image from Finance Fox
Image from Finance Fox

4. You get feelings of heat in your palms and fingers, your feet, around your heart, on your forehead around your third eye chakra, or in the top of your head. You may also get a sensation of moving energy or tingling.

Image from Can Stock Photo
Image from Can Stock Photo

5. Your sleep becomes disturbed. You wake up at 2am, wide awake and waiting for something. But what? Weirdly, by about 4am you can get back to sleep again, and you don’t become tired from this crazy routine.

Image from dinfo
Image from dinfo

6. You become suddenly attracted to crystals, healing arts and metaphysical tools. You may feel energy in stones, places or people, or access impressions or information if you touch a person or an object.

Image from groupon
Image from groupon

7. You get a fullness or a choking sensation in your throat (or throat chakra) like something is stuck there, or you want to speak, but there isn’t anything you can think of to say.

Image from WattPad
Image from WattPad

8. Electro-magnetic energy, wi-fi and electrical fields make you feel fuzzy, off-balance or exhausted. You feel immediately better in nature, or out of cities.

Image from BiPlane
Image from BiPlane

9. Your sense of deja vu increases, and you experience moments of having been somewhere before, reliving a conversation or performing an activity again, even if it really is the first time you have experienced this thing.

Image from asusta2
Image from asusta2

10. You know things about people or situations that prove to be correct, even though there is no way you could have consciously known about those things.

Image from Flow Of My Soul
Image from Flow Of My Soul

If this sounds like you, please don’t feel that there is something wrong with you, or that you are going crazy. Intuitive ability and psychic awakening is a normal part of our soul’s development. Modern western culture may no longer recognise the path you are taking, but it is very real, and you are not alone in this journey.

Trust that your time is now, and that you are very much needed in the world. Know that there is a place for you here in my tribe, and that I value you and all you are experiencing.

Bless Nicole xoxo

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Image from imgfave
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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34 thoughts on “10 Signs You are Experiencing a Psychic Awakening

  1. Thanks so mich for this!! I was feeling scared I was going crazy… that I am living in a fantasy world or something!

  2. I need help understanding why I get exhausted when I attempt to get deeper into my gifts and I stop because it’s to “heavy”? For instance just filling out questions for groups to be approved I get exhausted. I can shuffle tarot, but once I attempt to apply meaning, I become fatigued. I sent an unconditional love message and became exhausted. I attempt to look deeper into natal charts and i get exhausted. Any help? Direction or anyone experience this?

  3. These are all true for the initial psychic awakening after you go thru the initial one you will randomly start experiencing them sporadically which are not frightening at all. Eventually you are able to notice the signs that your on the cusp of one. As for me the triple digit numbers start pouring in I’ll start noticing that lights are much much brighter and will start seeing flashes of lights in the sky. I believe we all receive signs from the universe informing us of what’s to come and it is different for each of us. All one needs to do to recognize these signs is to pay attention to the world around us and not allow oneself to be distracted by those things that have been put in place to keep our eyes shut😃

  4. Oh my. I had the most powerful deja vu today while in the middle of a job interview. The business owner asked me “so what brought you here …er, what brought you to apply for this job”? I started explaining and pow! I realized the tiny, dull office was some place I had totally envisioned about a year earlier when I decided I needed out of big corporations with all its hundreds of computers, servers, and wi-fi… i wanted a simple, part time job so I did some vision work and strangely envisioned the very place, a mom and pop Staffing business without all the corporate pollution and politics. This deja vu moment hit me so hard that it brought tears to my eyes, which is my body’s code for “this shit is for real girl.” It was at that moment I realized my psychic abilities were truly awakenened. I’ve been delving into shamanic journeying and Akashic Records work while unemployed, and have been doing sacred prayers asking simply to “see the truth, be the truth, live the truth, know the truth”… Anyhow here I was with teary eyes at the interview, apologizing and trying to explain deja vu to the husband and wife team that interviewed me. It was so strange. But the owner must have felt my conviction and gave it away that he wanted to hire me on the spot. However, his wife cut him off and reminded him they had another interview in the morning. I won’t be surprised if I get the job and go work there. It was what I envisioned to the T. If not, at least I know deja vu is a psychic premonition and I should keep doing what I’m doing to develop my psychic powers more and more.

  5. Hi everyone!

    My mom told me when I was younger that her family has psychics in it and that she had some psychic intuition too. I have always had deja vu, since I was about 5 or 6 and it becomes more frequent when I am in a stressful environment and I guess, I have had a lot of interesting experiences that have made me question myself to some extent. One clear experience for me was the time my mom had a heart attack (she’s alive and still worrying about me!), that day I had a horrible gut feeling that I needed to go with her to the store and she kept telling me that she was fine. I insist, but in the end I didn’t go because I thought that I was overreacting. When I found out, I was just shocked. Second time something weird happened, I was standing in line for food and all of a sudden I could hear someone’s conversation from the front of the line, mind you the line was in a cafeteria in a large school (I was closer to the end and they were in the front by the cash register). For some reason, I just knew it was the people in the front and I freaked a bit, but ignored the experience all together. Third time, I was talking to my grandmother about studying abroad and going away to Germany and I had wanted to do things with her prior to my travels and for some reason, all I could see in my minds eye was a black blank space. Usually, people can at least imagine doing things with others and hanging with them, but I could not get passed this black screen, like she wasn’t meant to be a part of that summer. Later on during my school year kept getting the same random phrase “she’s going to die” even as I was about to sleep. A month before my trip, she did. Fourth time, well this has been all my life but I have dreams where they tell a story and sometimes they play off of one another. I will have a dream that references my last dream or continues it, which I always thought as interesting. My final experience as of now, (I swear!) is my time in Germany, where I spent the month getting deja vu so frequently, that I was basically experiencing it 20 times a day. Funny enough, my psychology professor decided to go on a tangent on the topic and I told him and the rest of my class about my experience. I told them that I could tell what was about to happen next (and I even proved it a little by pointing out what someone did and told them I knew that you were going to do that) and my professor quietly told me that wasn’t deja vu. I quickly changed my statement and just said that I saw this all happen before.

    So, I truly don’t know what to make of all this, but any clarifications or ideas as to what is going on with me would help me with my future steps!

  6. I was wondering if I was psychic fir a while, mainly because of visions I’ve had in dreams for 11 to 12 years, but a lot of these signs fit what’s been happening to me in the past 4 to 5 months especially waking up between 2 and 4. I also have telepathy, though I don’t really want to say to what extent.

  7. Lately I have been on a really in-depth personal, spiritual journey. I’m a Scorpio and have actually always been told that I am more intuitive than most, by many psychics and spiritual “advisors.” This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions for me in my personal life, but I’ve been trying my hardest to pick myself up and move on, through learning about law of attraction, spirituality, and have spent a pretty penny on psychics this year as well, just to give me reassurance and confirmation that I’m not going crazy…

    I’ve had two very specific instances this year where I dreamed something one night (VERY VIVID detail) and then the next day it came true. Things that I never in a million years would’ve thought could happen. (Like dreaming that my ex who I hadn’t spoken to at all in 5 months broke up with his girlfriend and came back to me, and sure enough, the next day….)

    Anyway, all of these that you’ve listed hit so close to home… I get the tingling, and the gut feelings, and the deja vu, and the dreams, but the one that I’m just sitting here with my jaw on the floor over is #7. WOW. When I read that, I was like “Holy. Shit.”

    The last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed this feeling in my throat – feels like something is just stuck in there, like I have a lump in my throat. It doesn’t hurt to swallow, there’s no infection or anything, it just feels like there’s something there. One night I woke up from a deep sleep at 5am, feeling like I was choking. It scared so badly, I immediately made an appointment with my PCP and when I went to the doctor later that day, she told me she didn’t detect anything wrong… so I wasn’t able to get any answers. It comes and goes, the feeling, and I can’t process when it comes. I’ve been trying to notice if it’s around the time I ate something, or if I’m feeling stressed, etc. I’ve been googling and freaking myself out. But when I happened to just come across your website just now, wow… just wow….

    I was wondering – regarding the throat chakra and this specific feeling… what does it mean, exactly, in terms of signals, etc. Like… WHY am I experiencing this specific sensation? Does the universe (or something else) have a specific purpose for allowing me to feel this? Is it trying to tell me to speak up and communicate my feelings? (Am I feeling someone else’s feelings?)

    I would LOVE any additional insight as to #7 and what it means. Thank you SO much.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I’ll thrilled to hear about your psychic awakening. Don’t stress – it’s normal and natural for many people to experience this. I’ll do my best to answer your question about additional insights for point #7 in a future blog post. Much love, Nx

  8. What if someone’s special gifts are very strong and work against the person? How to tame them? I have all what you wrote here and even more…But they work against me. Just 3 examples:
    1. I had many dreams urging me to go to a certain little country that nobody speaks about (I never thought about that country in my life, nor felt any attraction) and when I finally went there, something really bad happened to me , something that affected my health and it’s still affecting me.
    2.Another example. I think : ” it’s so good that this happens” and then the opposite occurs.
    3. I like someone and I think ”I wish he comes to talk to me now” and the moment after he looks at me and go the opposite direction. Or I say ”I hope that one doesn’t talk to me” and the moment after that person comes straight to me and start talking…There are other examples much more serious and very disturbing , but I cannot write them here…
    Please answer me, I am in serious troubles because of this. Thank you

  9. I still feel very insane. I feel I am seeing signs everywhere. I feel as though everybody is speaking to me subliminally. Is this clairvoyance or insanity?

    1. Hi Black Millicent, the beginning of psychic awakening can be very messy and confusing and seem a lot like psychosis. BUT there are important differences. If the signs everywhere are somehow about messages meant only for you, if you feel chosen (even if you don’t want to be) if the whole world is in danger and only you understand something, if you feel drawn to self harm or hurting others, if the signs and messages produce fear or paranoia or anxiety, if you feel like catastrophe or something bad is just around the corner, if you feel that there is a conspiracy or that there is a battle between good and evil then THESE are symptoms of a breakdown or mental illness rather than a breakthrough. Our Guides, God and the Universe speak always in a language of love and kindness.

      I note that you also need much more sleep, that you are deficient in magnesium and selenium and that your thyroid levels aren’t what they could be. These things can also deeply affect sensitive people. Please get yourself checked out medically, use lots of good self-care like cutting out caffeine and sugar and eating a healthy diet of real food, cut down screen time, especially before bed, spend time in nature and in meditation, be with people who love you and can keep an eye on you, and reduce stress wherever you can.

      I do believe that you are highly sensitive and intuitive too. But get everything else attended to as well.

      I’m launching an online Spiritual Mentoring course in October this year that will help you to open up to your gifts safely and in a supervised way, with excellent peer support.

      I’ll add you to my daily prayers and healing meditations. Much love, Nicole xx

  10. i want to talk to someone so bad about this. i wanna know if i really am in a psychic awakening.
    i can’t seem to find anyone who wants to talk to me for free but i really need help. im lost.

    Thank you 💕

  11. I went to a church concert. I prayed for my brother who is illand my sister who has cancer. My mother in law who had a stroke, my dog who is dying, and the young girl who sat behind me who lost her hair from an illness. When i prsyed i felt as if i was in a different place ither than the concert. Felt peace. When the concert was over s crowd was coming up the steps and a lady shouted out to me saying God has listen to your prayer. She said it twuce and we had direct eye contact. I said thank you. What dies this mean?

  12. Thank you for this post!

    I have been trying to figure all of this out for the longest but this article made everything much clearer. I have experienced all of the following “symptoms” of psychic awakening and it has truly been a wild journey. I’m not sure what to do with it now that I have accepted that it’s an awakening and I’m not just going crazy.

  13. Recently I have been researching, thus discovering your web page and reading others forums.
    I were blessed from receiving a spiritual level of consciousness, after one blissful night when I were awoken by my soul. Revealing who I am!
    For many years I were shown the signs, of my intuitive abilities, though my powerful ego rejected them not wanting to know, As it never wanted to lose it’s control, striving in this human life to play the major role.
    Throughout my adult life, I felt and sensed my heart contained my soul, not understanding at the time, what I could feel was real, this caused great controversy in my life. By being unable for my spirit to be free. It took a tragedy for my ego, body, mind which relentlessly fought my soul, until this unfortunate lose to me, when they could no longer govern, making way for my soul to take control.
    For the first two years I experienced the sensation, that I stood outside this body. There were period where my awareness would have frightened me, if I hadn’t recieved clarity and wisdom, on that wonderful night.
    Your quotes I found verified, especially the state of dream realm, I have experienced consciousness within mine. Again quiet scary.
    These days my ego and soul share, a quality in the world we dwell.
    Before my awakening, I had only wrote my name and address.
    This is the only time I have ever wrote some!!!, of my sensational experience, to the public in the hope that others may find some peace, and aspiration in they’re life.
    Enjoy this wonderful exsistence we have chosen, way before we were born💋


  14. Hi wanna say thanks for the info helps a lil.. Ive been having exsperiences since I was a young child 8months old is when I first have memories my house was on fire I crawled outta crib for the first time and woke everybody up and saved family.. My ability started to dim around age 9 that’s also when I started drinking a lot to cope with what was going on with me but just recently around age 32 I got this gift back with a vengeance didn’t really know what to make of it just thought I was crazy after reading these posts some of that makes sense don’t know why they call it a gift because it is my worst nightmare I find myself never wanting to leave the house because I dont want to be around people I can feel their feelings as there feeling them which is a very uncomfortable for me because I don’t know how to separate other peoples stuff from mine even thow I know its not how I feel and its not mine … I did start going to church now it was nice everybody there is pretty positive but other than that this thing people call a gift don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it I just know it makes me feel very crazy and I never sleep at night crazy vivid dreams so realistic . When I go out and meet new people I feel like im just in a TV show.. Like I already know them and I already have done what im doing even thow I havent. I always feel like somebody is in the room with me and watching as if I can feel spirits too and my pictures r full of them. Wow !!!!well just venting I guess thanks you … Autumn

  15. Ive always known I’ve been intuitive and can relate to everything but recently i have been having issues with my throat chakra and waking up at odd hours.Also my deja vu is coming back.Not sure the fact my beloved father passed away or that i have been working more with enery healing but i’m glad i found your site.zi have been fluttering you fur a few years now and i thank you for your knowledge.

  16. (Enjoyed your essay. Lots of answers to questions I have had for a long time.) Dreams, visions, and precognition. These have been part of my life since I was 4 or 5 years old. School, organized religion, and even the military (I was in the Navy for a while) had less importance to me than the knowledge that someone/something wanted to keep in contact with me mind-to-mind. This year, about August 19-20, or the Autumnal Equinox about September 20-24, I am expecting something to happen about fulfillment of those dreams, visions, and precognitions. Am I frightened? No. Just weary of watching. Maybe someone will make a movie out of it someday.

  17. The first one had me in tears. … Nicole, is there any way for me to start seeing energy (such as auras)? I relate to these and others, its natural in me and always has been, but is also somewhat new in a way, too. … Also, I tried emailing your secretary, but did not hear back, … do you still do consults with people? Thank you and blessings to you.

  18. oh boy, this nails alot of it and there is more to these 10 but these are good basics. Thanks for making this so clear and concise. May I repost this linked back to you?

  19. I’m sure that I am not psychic but have always been sensitive and not one of the crowd . Some of the points are very similar to me but I think you have to be a special person who can cope with experiences …I get spooked easily I ‘d find it hard to cope with . But if I was blessed with the gift , like you Nicole , I would have no choice …I’m sure .

  20. These things all started happening just after I had learned about meditation and practised it on a regular basis. My intention was for a more calming state of being. But instead I started having dreams of the most vivid nature but a little on the confusing side just upon awaking. Even during the day when I was awake I would get these vividly clear images like my mind was a camera with a fast shutter speed lasting for a split second but oh so clear! Then within 2-3 days these “little movies” would actually happen. They were never happy events but more along the lines of traumatic events. It was very unsettling. Common sense told me I wasn’t creating these things to happen but it still made wonder what kind of crazy am I? I realize now, these dreams and visions were preparing me to take the quick and proper actions when they were needed most. At the time I had been the first aid attendant at my place of employment and we were experiencing a run of bad accidents in the workplace. I stopped meditating after that cause I was worried about seeing something too horrible, and would I be able to handle it?
    I also have to quite often ask myself if what Im feeling is my own emotions or are they somebody else’s. I prefer to spend a lot of my time alone when I can, just to keep my sanity it seems.
    I have a spiritual center not 5 min from my home, perhaps I will stop being such a scaredy cat and start attending on a regular basis to learn some coping skills, as I so enjoyed meditating.

  21. I have NO gift (as far as I can tell) but can attest to experiencing all the things you mentioned except #7. Some I’ve had for years, (grew up near power pylons, the energy used to make me ache) others are growing as I age, fascinating post!

  22. Thank you. Reading this and the comments helps me connect in even deeper with this community. I have been psychic since childhood. While reading this I was able to look back and see different times in my life when I must have been awakening to new levels. It’s nice to hear that about the sleep. I hadn’t made the connection. xo

  23. I just love this. It is aways nice to know you are not a lone wolf on a path but surrounded by guides, ancestors and living who know exactly what waking up feels like. Xx

  24. Thank you for this. I tick most of those boxes and number 1 really struck a chord. I attended the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Brisbane earlier this year. I went in feeling excited and energetic with my mum and aunty and came out absolutely exhausted and emotional while they had sore feet, but were otherwise fine. I was ready to leave within an hour, but told myself to suck it up. The overwhelmed feeling lasted for at least a week after leaving and I couldn’t understand why. Now it makes sense… 🙂

  25. Some of these have increased so much over recent time, while some I remember having as a small girl, then I became mistrustful of so much of it that I’ve ignored it. Baby steps in retrusting and allowing myself to feel/see/hear them back. Thanks for the reminder I’m not nuts xo <3

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