Which One Will You Choose?

Image from yamstamps.com
Image from yamstamps.com

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”
~ Deepak Chopra


I’m working on some new oracles for you right now. Images from which you can select, that have a channelled message attached.

You may have seen some of my oracles in the past, like these ones:

Tree Oracle Reading For Embracing Change

Magical Owl Oracle

Nature Oracle

So my question to you is this – which of the new oracles would you like first?

Look at the following images and then select your answer in the poll. The oracle  with the most votes will be posted next week.

Water Oracle

Indian River Lagoon by Gunner VV
Indian River Lagoon by Gunner VV

Dragon Oracle

Image by dawndelver
Image by dawndelver

Tasty Treats Oracle

Image from Flickr.com
Image from Flickr.com

Fairy Oracle

Image from imgkid.com
Image from imgkid.com

Now, vote for your favourite! I’ll post the most popular oracle next Friday.



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17 thoughts on “Which One Will You Choose?

  1. I’m late I’m late for a very important date ( the mad hatter Alice in wonderland ). I have been a bit mad of late sorry . I choose the water oracle because I am only happy around water .

  2. Water, Fire, Earth, Air….. whichever you choose, Nicole, I know it will be, as always, just perfect! (It never ceases to amaze me that the message is always EXACTLY what I needed to hear at just that moment – miraculous!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful thoughts with all of us. You remind us of the incredible beauty to be found in the mundane, of how God speaks to us in subtle whispers like fragrance wafting on a summer breeze, and of the power within each of us to choose how we live our lives regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Bless you dear Nicole – you are wrapped in a circle of Love!

  3. I so love the oracle posts, I always look forward to them! I’m thinking due to all the different thoughts and emotions running amuck these days, the water oracle would be a good choice! But then again, the others look like so much fun! Hmmmmm…. eeny, meeny, miny, moe, perhaps I’ll catch a Dragon by the toe.

  4. . . .and, perhaps, keep the less-voted-for categories for another month’s or year’s oracle?
    They each are delightful and are just waiting to be played with in my humble opinion.
    They have their own language, every one, as do we in a way. — smiles

    1. Yay 👯 I love your oracles Nicole. So knowing there’s more to come {even after the winner of this poll} is a bit faboo.

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