Being There For Loved Ones


“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” Doe Zantamata

Hello Lovelies,

Our family is going through some big stuff right now. Being there for my family is taking almost all of my time, and pre-occupying all of my thoughts.

It’s a difficult time. It’s also in some ways, even in the midst of great pain, a luminously beautiful time as we all come together to support each other. It reminds us how love is a force in our lives, that binds us and brings out the best in us.

I may not be timely in turning up right now while my priorities are elsewhere. My posts may be short. You might find it hard to contact me.

I’m sorry for that, but right now my family need me and that’s where I need to be.

I know you’ll understand.

All my love, Nicole <3 xx

20 thoughts on “Being There For Loved Ones

  1. Putting an umbrella of Heart over your home and those of your dear ones. Wishing each of you strength, as you walk this path together.

  2. Hi Hine, thanks for your message! Yes, I do more than blog, and I do conduct readings for people. If you email my wonderful PA, Dana Hartnell at she’ll be able to give you all the information you need.

    I’m sorry this is short, but if you read today’s post I’m sure you’ll understand. My family is my first priority right now.

    Take care, much love, Nicole xx

  3. You need to be there for your family now.. I’m sure we all understand. But please remember to take care of you too.
    Much love and angel kisses to you and

  4. Bless you Nicole I actually can empathize I am going through the very same circumstances right now and am amazed how many people are there to help and also how many just don’t get it. We will be here when you return and our hearts are with you. Love

  5. Your priorities are in the right place! We love you and hope that everything works out. Take care of yourself.

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