We’re on Retreat!

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“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”
~ Albert Camus


Hello Lovelies!

We’re on Retreat at Sangsurya in Byron Bay for the next six days, as I teach a group of delightful souls how to reconnect with their intuition, and to use that intuition as a guiding force in their lives.

Ben has the ute nearly packed (for our second trip!) with singing bowls, journals, crystals and all manner of other delicious metaphysical tools.

Now for a cup of tea, and to remember to change out of my pyjamas before we go!

The astrological line-up right now makes this a powerful time for connecting to and working with your own intuition, so make some quiet time in the next few days, tune in, and then trust! It’s a great time for insights, breakthroughs and revelations.


I’ll be posting each day as normal, because I have lots to share about these current energies. And don’t feel too sad that you couldn’t be with us. My wonderful team are filming the whole show, and we’ll be turning it into a self-paced online study course for you next year.

In fact I have a few new courses coming up – online, home study, some awesome long retreats and some short mini-courses and events in Brisbane (including one for kids and big kids who love fairies!) – as well as our usual Soul Sanctuary retreat at Byron Bay at the end of this year. I’ll make sure to post something about them all in the next few days.

Okay, I must get on with it or I’ll never leave the farm and there will be no-one to run the Retreat.

Much love, Nicole xx

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  1. Enjoy Sweetheart…I’ll definitely be tuning in & especially as I go into a meditation retreat of my own. Looking forward to your new offerings both online and on retreat. Much Love to one and ALL…XOXO

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